Wedding manicure - how to choose, photo 2020


Wedding is a significant event in the life of a girl. She dreams of being irresistible that day. An important role in the appearance of the bride is played by a manicure for the wedding, which should ideally combine with the girl's dress, hairstyle and makeup. What are the trends of wedding manicure in 2015, and how to choose your own manicure?

We offer an overview of fashion trends in 2015 in a wedding manicure. Also watch videos and photos with new wedding manicure ideas..

Length and shape of nails

This year, the bride’s long nails are no longer in fashion, the average length and short nails come to the fore. The natural shape of the nail and gentle, pastel manicure are in fashion. However, the amygdala shape of the nail and the “spatula” remained relevant..

Color varnish

The color of the manicure should be combined with the bride’s dress, as well as with a shade of her skin and a bouquet. If the bride has a light skin tone, then the color of the nail art should be light beige, milky or pale pink. Bright, rich colors will suit brides with dark skin. Actual last year, pearlescent color is no longer in vogue, matte tones have replaced it. Maroon, coral, gold and silver colors are popular now. Red lacquer gives a special femininity.

Wedding manicure - with different color of varnish

Nail Art Volume

Girls like decor, nail decoration, patterns, flowers. However, this is no longer relevant and has fallen into the background. In 2015, sequins and rhinestones are popular. They are suitable for any length and shape of nails. True, such a manicure lasts only a couple of days.

Wedding manicure - the volume of nail art

Artificial nails for wedding manicure

Nail extensions are a thing of the past. No matter how professionally the acrylic extension was made, acrylic nails still look unnatural. Also acrylic spoils the nail plate.

Wedding manicure shilak

It is beneficial to do manicure with shellac gel. Shellac stays on the nails for about a month, and you don’t have to adjust your manicure while on a honeymoon during your honeymoon. The nails will remain natural, beautiful and, most importantly, healthy..

Wedding manicure shilak

French manicure for the bride for the wedding (with photo)

French manicure (French) is a classic. He will fit any image of the bride. This year, French-based and lacy manicure with glitter has become fashionable. Previously, white varnish was used in French manicure, but now different bright colors are relevant. The color is matched to the color of the dress or any accessory of the bride.

French manicure for a bride for a wedding

Nude Manicure

This is a gentle, natural manicure. It uses light, transparent varnishes. It is important that this type of manicure is done professionally, with special care..

Nude Manicure

Wedding manicure for short nails

Wedding Fashion 2015 offers a large selection of manicure designs for short nails. Short nails with acrylic molding look very nice, and the decoration with rhinestones gives the bride's fingers a graceful look. But do not overdo it and overload the manicure on short nails with such decorations.

Wedding manicure for short nails

Dark polish manicure

Many brides choose a manicure with a dark finish, often you can even see black polish. But it does not always look beautiful. After all, the main task of the bride is to be gentle. Too dark and flashy tones, on the contrary, will make her style aggressive.

The secrets of a perfect wedding manicure

  • In order for the wedding manicure to look perfect, it is necessary first of all to strengthen the nails. And it is advisable to transgress to their strengthening 2 weeks before the wedding. An excellent firming procedure for nails are baths with sea salt. Hold your hands for 10-15 minutes in a bowl of warm water and sea salt. Repeat this procedure three times a week. This will strengthen your nails and make them more beautiful..
  • Do not cut the cuticle. Lubricate it with vegetable oil for two weeks before bedtime. Ideal for avocado oil cuticle care. It gently cares for the cuticle, making it gentle and neat..
  • Choose your gentle tones of varnish. At the wedding, it is important that the nails are well-groomed, not screaming. The more gentle the manicure will be, the more beautiful the bride will look.
  • Not only should the nails look perfect, but the skin of the hands needs care. To do this, be sure to apply a nourishing hand cream every night.

DIY wedding manicure

DIY wedding manicure

In order to make a wedding manicure, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon. After all, it is possible to make your nails beautiful yourself. This requires knowledge of basic techniques.

It is advisable to have a set for dry manicure, but if it is not, a regular set is quite suitable. Before applying a manicure, make a bath for nails to make them easier to handle.

  • Dip your hands in warm water for 5 minutes..
  • Carefully process the cuticle. It will be ideal if you remove it with a special emollient with an orange stick.
  • Then treat the nails with a nail file. File the edge of the nail in a straight line, rounding sharp corners.
  • Having received the desired shape, proceed to the processing of the nail plate. Before applying color, cover the nail with a special smoothing and strengthening base.
  • Choose a color scheme in accordance with the dress, hairstyle and makeup, so that your image is harmonious. For best results, apply the varnish in two layers..
  • Let the varnish dry well or use a quick-drying agent.
  • For best results, decorate the top of the nail with rhinestones..

DIY wedding manicure

Whatever the trend of the year, and no matter what new technologies are offered, first of all, choose a wedding manicure to suit your image and character. So you keep your personality and femininity. Share photos of your wedding manicure in the comments or tell us what kind of manicure for the wedding you would do yourself.