Makeup is an art!

Most importantly: there are no strict restrictions on the choice of dresses and wedding makeup. Anything that can emphasize the beauty of the bride is welcome! However, to become the most compelling, you need to think through your image to the smallest detail..

Everything should be in harmony: the style of the wedding, the image of the bride and even the groom. 'Cause you deserve the best!

Remember, this is your wedding and it is you who will be in the spotlight all day, it is with your smile that the best frames of the photographer will be decorated, everything else is secondary (except for the groom).

So, there are no strict restrictions, but there are makeup rules.

Rule one: wedding makeup should not only match the type and face of the bride, but also the style and color of her dress; everything should be harmonious.

Rule two: make-up should be sufficiently persistent and brighter than the usual day, even if your chosen dress is white or light colors. Remember, you are the queen of this holiday and the photographer is after you.

Rule three: you yourself should like the created image and makeup.

Gone are the days when the bride was in white and only in white. Fashion dictates its conditions and offers its solutions even for such a conservative celebration as a wedding. The bride these days can afford to appear in a dress of any color and style. The dress can be blue, red, pink and generally any. How to choose the perfect make-up for the appropriate color and type of dress and color of the bride? - Following the rules of makeup, of course.

Four color types are distinguished: winter, spring, summer and autumn.

The summer type includes owners of brown hair, pale skin and gray eyes. The owner of milky white or pinkish skin, freckles, blond or reddish hair, gray-green or gray-blue eyes - this is a spring girl. If your hair is brown or dark red, and your eyes are brown, then belong to the autumn type. Winter Girl - with white, dark blond, black hair and cool pink or olive skin color.

Now choose a make-up according to the tone of the dress and the color type of the bride.

If the bride’s wedding dress is cream or champagne, then the softness of this color should be emphasized by the naturalness of the makeup, which would match your color type. If you belong to the spring or autumn type, warm tones of beige, brown and pink shades will suit you; for the winter or summer type, brown and pink, but already colder. The main rule of makeup with this choice of dress is naturalness and transparency; tenderness should blow from you.

For dresses in blue or blue (more suitable for the summer and winter type) also does not need excessive brightness in the makeup. This dress itself is quite spectacular. Melt the ice of your dress with the gentle warmth of makeup. With this choice, the rules of makeup are quite universal for any color type: golden, reddish, sandy shades, pink blush, not too bright lipstick. Blue and blue shades are acceptable, but should not prevail, they in a small amount can only emphasize the depth of your blue eyes.

The gray, “silver” dress also more closely matches the summer (bluish tones) and winter (lilac tones) type. The gray color itself is almost neutral, the point is in its shade and the nuances of the makeup that you choose. Here the rules of makeup are more loyal, and the choice of colors for makeup is much wider. Unleash your imagination, make the makeup truly festive, interesting bright. It offers blue, gray, pink, beige and lilac shades. But remember that the bride’s makeup can still be on natural cosmetics.

The dress is red or burgundy - these are dresses for autumn and winter color types. Dresses of such tones have already absorbed all the brightness of the color and your makeup should be neutral in colors and bright in lines, the emphasis should be placed on the eyes. Your look should be expressive, black or brown eyeliner will help in this, the corresponding color of the shadows should deepen it. The rules of make-up also dictate an even skin tone and lipstick of a neutral color or exactly the same shade as the dress. And to make up not dull - add a golden sheen.

You decided to be at the celebration in a pink dress. If the color of the dress is cold, it is more suitable for the summer type, if the dress is warm shades - for the spring. Makeup is very similar to makeup when choosing a Champagne or cream dress. The rules of makeup here advise one thing: a cold shade of pink - make-up should be kept in cool shades of pink and soften a little with a silvery sheen; a dress of warm pink shades - makeup of more delicate and warm pink tones, shaded by a golden sheen. The main thing is that there shouldn’t be too much pink, alternate it with shine, and if you still chose the pink tone of lipstick - it should perfectly match the color of the dress.

On the wedding day, the bride should be the most beautiful and unusual and we wish you this with all our hearts!