Features of wedding makeup - the basic rules and recommendations for applying with a photo


One of the key points that gives the finishing touch to the image of the bride is the make-up. In addition to fashion trends, appearance color types, there are some features of wedding makeup that must be considered when choosing it. It is used to correct the face with cosmetics. Makes an impeccable appearance in the photo, gives expressiveness to the eyes and attractiveness of the lips, emphasizes the beauty of the newlywed.

Wedding Makeup Rules

First you need to determine the image of the newlywed, starting from personal preferences, the outfit of the girl. If the bride’s style carries shocking notes, makeup should be appropriate. For a delicate look, a less catchy make-up, made in pastel colors using evening makeup elements, is suitable. Before applying make-up, you need to make sure that it complies with some rules:

  • It looks equally attractive in any light: outdoors, indoors, in photography.
  • Persistent. Use high-quality cosmetics of famous brands or a professional series.
  • Emphasizes the freshness of the newlywed face.
  • Harmoniously combined with other elements of the outfit.
  • Season appropriate.
  • Wedding makeup should not attract special attention to the bride’s face, be neutral, but at the same time look interesting. To do this, choose satin or shimmer shades of shades of nude tones, emphasizing the eyes with arrows, false eyelashes. This creates a combination of moderation of daytime makeup and expressiveness of the evening, giving elegance to the bride and groom.

    Wedding make-up

    Wedding Makeup Tips

    When creating a make-up, it is important to consider the fact that the wedding day is eventful: buyback, registry office, walk, photo shoot, banquet. For this, in addition to high-quality cosmetics and professional hands, it is necessary to observe some tricks for applying cosmetics:

  • To look at the photo more effectively, make the correction of skin imperfections with a concealer, even out the complexion with a foundation, and emphasize the cheekbones with a bronzer or powder of a darker shade.
  • Consider the availability of video and photo shooting. The camera has the ability «eat» Makeup brightness, making face contours flat. Therefore, you need to choose a high-quality foundation to create a flawless skin tone, and feel confident when shooting close-ups.
  • Wedding makeup is done in the morning, and worn all day without a significant correction. Therefore, an important role is played by the quality of the selected cosmetic products. It is advisable to use professional brands. Their tonal means have a denser consistency, and the shadows have an excellent color palette, good color reproduction.
  • To make up go better, take care of the skin condition in advance. Eliminate too greasy and junk food a few weeks before the celebration, this will provide the skin a healthier look. Peeling, face cleansing is best done in 7-14 days, and immediately in the evening before a significant day, make a fortified or moisturizing mask. Drink a course of vitamins, especially groups B and C, or fish oil. These drugs perfectly affect the appearance of the skin, minimize the effects of stress caused by debilitating preparation for the event..
  • Facial skin cleansing

    This is an important step in preparing the bride's skin for wedding makeup. Wash your skin with the usual remedy suitable for your skin type. Massage in light circular motions, rinse with cool water. Use a tonic that closes pores. As an alternative, wipe your face with an ice cube of herbal decoctions. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes, if there is a slight swelling, then it is better to use an ice cube, «dark circles» removes lightening cream, and with dry skin moisturizing gel will help. Apply cream under the eyes and on the whole face with a thin layer.

    Face cleansing before applying bridal makeup

    Perfect tone and blush

    Alignment of skin color is the first stage of applying wedding makeup. To begin with, a base is applied that improves adhesion to the foundation. At the same time, the face does not look overloaded, and the make-up lasts all day. If necessary, makeup is used basics aimed at correcting certain skin imperfections: «grouting», matting, silicone, smoothing surface, other.

    Selection of foundation for the bride

    During the application of makeup, the tone of the foundation is selected as close as possible to the skin tone and applied by hand, brush or special sponge. Some makeup artists use airbrushes. These are devices spraying tonal products with a thin layer on the face, neck. After masking the corrector for problem areas, powder the skin with a light layer of clear powder. «Apples» on cheeks refresh with blush, cheekbones highlight bronzer. Use a highlighter, it will give a healthy effect «radiance» skin.

    Eyebrow correction

    Eyebrow shaping is an important stage in makeup, they highlight the eyes, giving expressiveness. Before this, they must be plucked, giving the desired shape. To correct and add density, a pencil, shadow or mascara for eyebrows is suitable. In no case do not use black, even if you are a burning brunette, eyebrows are made lighter than the color of the hair by a tone or two. In the end, fix them with a transparent gel so that they always have the desired shape.

    Eyebrow Make-up in Wedding Makeup

    Make-up eye

    It will become a feature of your wedding makeup. Start by applying a foundation that keeps the shadows on hold all day. Choose satin or matte, they look noble. The shade of the shadows should be contrasting with the color of the eyes (blue with brown, brown with purple). Mascara and eyeliner is preferable to use classic black or brown colors. To give the look depth and expressiveness, use medium eyelashes.

    The choice of shadows for the wedding make-up

    Lip decoration

    Persistent lipstick is the best decision for the evening, because even after passionate kisses during the shooting and the banquet, she will remain on her lips. As an alternative, paint your lips with a pencil, apply lipstick on top, so it will last longer. You can use shine for greater expressiveness, but remember the main rule of makeup: emphasis should be on the eyes or lips, but not at the same time. If the selected shadows are bright, then paint your lips with a lighter lipstick.

    Makeup lips of the bride

    Wedding Makeup Options

    There are some win-win makeup combinations for the bride, which always look good. A duet of silver, cream eyeshadows and bright pink lipstick will suit both blondes and brunettes, and it looks amazing on tanned skin. Highlight your eyes with boundary arrows, false eyelashes and makeup is ready. With such a make-up, it is better to remove hair from the face, making the hairstyle taller.

    A feature of wedding makeup can be retro styling. Audrey Hepburn’s make-up make-up, which visually enlarges the eyes, is ideal in this case. Draw sharp arrows using a pencil-kayal or gel eyeliner, add neutral shadows and false eyelashes, and for the lips choose lipstick a tone lighter than your natural color.

    Wedding Makeup Options

    The combination of porcelain skin tone and bright lipstick creates a bride's make-up in style «Moulin rouge». The image is bright, characterized by extravagance. Lipstick is best combined with decorative elements in the outfit or hairstyle of the bride. Try this makeup in advance, evaluate whether it will fit well with your dress. Do not be afraid to experiment and be extraordinary.

    Do I need to do trial makeup before the wedding

    To make-up to meet all of the above requirements and better fit the bride, make a rehearsal of its application. If the newlywed decided to resort to the services of a make-up artist to perform wedding makeup, this will help to pre-evaluate his skill, the quality of the cosmetics used, as well as understand his professionalism and choose a color scheme. Self-applying makeup on the wedding and even more so requires rehearsal. On such an important day, you must clearly think about your visage to make it good..

    Photo of beautiful bride wedding makeup

    To be a bright, festive, attractive bride, you need to choose a makeup that should ideally fit, emphasize the girl’s natural beauty, her personality. Remember that different makeups do not always look the same on different women. To look attractive, you need to try on several images in advance and choose the most successful.

    Wedding makeup pictures for brides