Unusual wedding makeup: original ideas with photos


The bride’s face is a canvas on which you can draw any image you like. Eccentric girls preparing for the wedding come up with original incarnations, realizing them with the help of unusual makeup. If you pay a lot of attention to eyes, lips and eyelids, this will help the newlywed to transform beyond recognition, creating a stunning effect without expensive wedding attire and expensive jewelry.

Features of unusual wedding makeup

Due to the usual set of brushes and ordinary cosmetics, some newlyweds are able to turn their face into an original masterpiece. In this case, makeup does not improve the appearance, but becomes an art from which you can not take your eyes off. The basis of unusual makeup for the wedding is:

  • lipstick palette;
  • contrasting shadows;
  • false eyelashes;
  • rhinestones;
  • feathers;
  • various drawings;
  • body art.

When creating creative wedding images, there are no requirements or rules, but only the wishes of the bride and the imagination of the master. The most daring girls stick feathers, small shells or metal decor on their faces. A wedding photo shoot looks very nice when a newlywed face is decorated with flowers, curls or makeup under a cat's face.

Fancy bridal makeup

Options for unusual bride makeup

Gone are the days when all the brides in the wedding photos looked the same. Modern newlyweds try to stand out and distinguish themselves with the help of an unusual image that requires special makeup. The lightest version of the original idea is glued artificial eyelashes of a bright unusual color, densely summed up with white or silver cosmetics. Such makeup will go well with the classic white outfit of the bride and groom, will not shock relatives, but will distinguish the bride from the crowd of newlyweds with traditional makeup.

If you want to surprise everyone with eccentricity and eccentricity, then with the help of eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, you can recreate any idea for centuries: romantic or humorous pictures, frames from cartoons or comics, landscapes or pictures dedicated to any holiday. Unusual wedding ideas spill over into images when not makeup is matched to the bride’s dress, but vice versa. For example, the bride wants to make expressive eyes in the style of a vamp woman, and in the end she buys a red or black wedding dress instead of the traditional white or cream.

With body art elements on the face.

Using a picture on the face, it is easy to mask any flaw - a scar, a mole or an inappropriate pimple. Makeup artists will draw absolutely any image at the request of the bride: flowers, patterns, bracelets, sakura blossoming branch or angel wings. The most easily accessible options for body painting on the face are glitter tattoo and bio-tattoo. These types of painting are applied using a stencil or manually:

  • Bio-tattoo is a henna painting that can last up to two weeks. With the help of dried and then powdered henna, a special Indian pattern is made on the face, which also has a sacred meaning: it is believed that the drawing carries love in marriage.
  • Glitter tattoo is done using colored powder and a special hypoallergenic glue. This painting also lasts for 10-14 days, but unlike henna, it can be removed with acetone at any time..

Wedding body painting - an unusual make-up for the bride

Wedding makeup with rhinestones and sparkles

A wedding is the most successful event in order to stand out with sparkles or rhinestones on the face. If the bride’s dress is also studded with shiny elements, then an additional unusual decor on the face will not be superfluous. As a rule, pebbles adorn the eye area, but do not glue them on the upper eyelid - this will prevent the eye from opening, and the rhinestone will quickly fall off at the most inopportune moment.

The most successful places for applying rhinestones and sparkles are:

  • Lower eyelid. Since it is motionless, rhinestones will last longer. But when peeling off the decor, discomfort can occur, because the skin in this place is very thin and sensitive.
  • Eyeliner line around the outer edge of the eye.
  • The inner edge near the bridge of the nose.
  • Eyelashes. In order not to damage the real ones, makeup artists advise rhinestones to be glued only on false eyelashes.
  • Small rhinestones on the face for a wedding make-up

    Makeup with bright eyeliner and rich shadows

    The easiest way to make a bright wedding make-up with color eyeliner and rich shadows. This makeup looks very advantageous at a wedding photo shoot, so it is popular among brides who are not yet ready for body painting or rhinestones on their faces, but want an unusual make-up. In any case, the selected shadows should match the shade of the wedding dress or the colors of the celebration, if it is held in certain colors.

    The success of the image of the bride lies in correctly placed accents: for example, if the eyes are brightly set and painted with saturated shadows, then the lips should be a pastel shade. Do not experiment with bright lipstick or rhinestones on your lips - it will look vulgar. The newlywed should know that the perfect me-up begins with a tone for the face, which is applied in several shades for the wedding.

    The success of unusual makeup in correctly placed accents

    Unusual effect with glued feathers on the face

    Patience and imagination of the newlywed will allow her to transform into absolutely any character. You can create an unusual image using false eyelashes with bird feathers and black eyeliner arrows, which will make an ordinary girl a forest nymph. And if you buy a wedding dress of an unusual turquoise or blue color, which is close in color to a fabulous theme, the bride will stun the guests with the originality of her thinking and the successful use of eccentric ideas.

    Feathers of exotic birds have become a trend in wedding fashion. They decorate not only the outfits of the newlyweds, but also the banquet hall and the motorcade. Peacock feathers decorate the bride’s hairstyle, accessories: handbag, shoes, earrings, gloves, pendants and even the groom’s boutonniere. A colorful peacock feather in the bride’s make-up is decorated with shades of saturated purple and green..

    Feathers of birds - a creative find for wedding makeup

    Bright leopard pattern

    A fashionable wedding theme is leopard makeup that repeats the skin of these beautiful animals. Fashionistas like to make such an unusual make-up for their wedding to amaze others. Using brown, black, golden shades of shadows, brides seem to emphasize their predatory disposition and natural grace, characteristic of the cat family.

    Leopard make-up does not require any special cosmetics or craftsmanship. It is only about eye makeup, when the paint is applied to the movable upper eyelid and the area of ​​the eyebrow. Some more extravagant brides apply leopard coloring on cheekbones and cheeks. The most common wedding makeup is the restrained style of a wild cat, in which a contrasting leopard spot is applied only to the upper eyelid.

    Leopard make-up for eccentric brides

    Makeup with huge false eyelashes

    It’s not difficult for any bride at her wedding to completely do without false eyelashes, but with them any image comes out more expressive and spectacular. Some girls, in order to attract attention, do bridal makeup with huge false eyelashes of an unusual shape. For non-standard eyelashes, it is better to choose soft tones of make-up, focusing on the pronounced eyes of the newlywed.

    So, wedding makeup with huge false eyelashes involves the use of the following options for eye shadow:

    • pearl beige, which will give the look expressiveness;
    • shiny white, overlaid on green or dark gray shades, visually rejuvenate the bride;
    • silver-gray, favorably shading eyes of any color, as well as allowing the additional use of rhinestones or sparkles.

    Long false eyelashes will make makeup more elegant

    Unusual DIY makeup - master class

    It is not difficult to do an unusual make-up for a wedding yourself; the main thing is to know what you want. We offer bright makeup in purple tones that will suit any wedding dress, whether it is pearl white or color. So, a wedding makeup workshop «Purple moon»:

  • First, with facial cleansing and foundation, you need to achieve perfectly smooth skin.
  • Next, the first purple shadows are applied to the moving eyelid.
  • Using black liquid eyeliner, two elegant lines are drawn..
  • On the outer corner of the eye, a moon shape is drawn.
  • The branch third line is drawn from the bottom arrow with an eyeliner..
  • The inside of the moon fills with pink shadows.
  • The lower eyelid is being developed in the same shade..
  • Between two black lines, a space is filled with white.
  • Light purple shadows overlap inside the arrow.
  • False eyelashes and silver rhinestones are glued using special glue.
  • To make the arrows brighter, go through them again with eyeliner - and our unusual make-up for the wedding is ready!
  • Original DIY wedding makeup

    Fancy lace makeup

    The lace on the bride’s face looks unusual and very beautiful. For the first time, the creative director of Christian DIOR Galliano, who in his collections relies on tenderness, femininity, sexuality, first proposed this idea to the world. In the spring season of 2015, Galliano brought these qualities to the makeup of a woman using lace, which immediately pleased fashionistas and creative brides.

    The technique of applying a lace make-up is not very complicated, so any girl can do it at home. Openwork pattern is applied using special stickers or ordinary lace on different areas of the face..

    Photo of brides with unusual wedding make-up

    Wedding make-up is, first of all, an ideal person who will not forgive a single miss, therefore it is better to entrust it to professional makeup artists. Although the most natural face still remains popular among brides, every year there are more and more girls who make an unusual make-up for their wedding. Check out our selection of photos of beautiful and bold wedding makeup.

    Unusual makeup for the bride