Cosmetic arsenal of a modern bride


One cannot but agree that the wedding day is the most responsible and exciting moment in the life of absolutely all the girls. We want, at least on this day, to be a princess, to cause enthusiastic exclamations in our address, to attract the attention of everyone who gets in the way. Perfect bridal makeup will help you become the most.

The wedding portal will tell you how to choose the right makeup for your wedding and make your look flawless..

What should be the wedding makeup?

Professional make-up artists assure that the perfect wedding make-up is natural and light. This means that it is necessary to create an even complexion that will maximize the natural skin color. It is best to focus either on the lips or on the eyes. Brightness both here and there is simply inappropriate.

Wedding make-up

Timely preparation

Cosmetics that help you achieve the creation of perfect makeup are best purchased and checked in advance. Only use cosmetics from trusted brands that you are sure of. If you want to buy something new, then test this product in advance. Make sure that this cosmetics does not cause you allergies. You can buy cosmetics for wedding makeup in specialized stores or you can buy everything in one place by contacting the online cosmetics store.

Consider also the fact that you can cry at the most touching moment, and that you have a long day. In this regard, use waterproof makeup for wedding makeup, with which you can be sure of your perfect appearance.

The color scheme of wedding makeup

Remember that the bride’s makeup is created taking into account the general style and color of the wedding, dress, bouquet, type of your skin, hair color, etc. This means that the makeup of a traditional wedding and themed will be significantly different. This also applies to the wedding ceremony..

Focus on the eyes

We choose decorative cosmetics


As mentioned earlier, the tone of the face should match your natural skin color as much as possible. You can choose the right tonal remedy by applying a small amount of foundation cream to the neckline. If its tone matches the skin tone on the face, then this is a suitable option. Properly selected foundation will not create unnecessary problems.


When buying shadows, stylists advise taking into account the color type of a person. Preference is given to pearlescent shades of golden and silver shades that give the eyes expressiveness and shine. But, despite this, such shadows can cause the opposite effect, in the case of convex eyes and overhanging eyelids. Therefore, when choosing certain shadows, be especially careful. And do not forget about what exactly you want to emphasize in your makeup.

Natural makeup bride


If you are not going to emphasize the lips, then choose a lipstick of more delicate shades, corresponding to the natural color of the lips. In this case, the lipstick can be supplemented with a transparent shine. If you prefer only lip glosses, then choose the gloss that will refresh and give expressiveness to the lips.

Blush and powder

There are no strict rules regarding the choice of blush. However, blush should not stand out much, moreover, resemble febrile spots. Their main task is to maintain and complement the color balance of all makeup. To properly apply blush, smile more often, this will help you correctly select the cheekbone line.

Select cheekbones

As for the powder, it should be mineral powder. An ideal option that does not spoil the tone of the face and skin texture when taking photos and videos.

Impeccability in everything

To shine and fight on the spot with its dazzling appearance, beauty must be traced in everything. Start monitoring yourself in advance. Pay attention not only to the face, but also to the body and hair. Follow cosmetic procedures for cleaning and exfoliating the skin of the face, go to the solarium to give the skin a beautiful tan, properly care for your hair. Timely care for your appearance will be a success on the way to creating an impeccable image of the bride, the site believes.

Impeccability in the details

And finally, I want to remind you that no matter what high-quality and proven cosmetics are, take a small bag or cosmetic bag with you where you can put everything you need, if, suddenly, you need to correct your makeup.