Where and how to do makeup?

If you cannot make this important choice in any way, we recommend that you consider all the pros and cons of both options, evaluate your capabilities and abilities.

Turning to a professional will save you from thinking about how to do bridal makeup, and many troubles. A good result is guaranteed by the degree of abilities and skills of the stylist. Therefore, when choosing a master to whom you will entrust your face, take an interest in his length of service in this field and where he studied. Diplomas of foreign courses significantly increase the status of a specialist, since training there is much more effective. Such a specialist probably owns new technologies, and you can not worry about the result of his work. You can find the coordinates of beauty salons on our wedding portal.

Any makeup artist should be able to:

  • determine the color scheme that suits you,
  • choose makeup that will look profitable, both "live" and in the photo,
  • know how to make makeup steady for the whole day.

We decided to do it yourself?

If you are confident in your abilities and abilities and know exactly what suits you and what doesn’t, then go ahead and design your wedding makeup yourself.

First, decide on the style of makeup that suits you: summer or winter, bright or natural, glamorous or romantic - it all depends on the image you create.

Secondly, you must follow the rules of the technology of applying makeup.

  • Before doing makeup, cleanse your face and apply a basic tone. It should match the skin tone or be a little lighter. It “smoothes” the face and makes it fresher.
  • Powder is preferably friable. It is applied with a wide brush on the face, not forgetting about the neck and neckline, if the wedding dress is open.
  • You should not choose a black eyeliner, replace it with brown or choose the color of the eyeshadow.
  • Shiny shadows and powder can give glare in the photo, and will look like a greasy skin gloss. Given this, stock up on matte makeup before doing makeup..
  • Eyelashes can be made expressive by twisting them and applying make-up in one layer..
  • Blush should look as natural as possible. To do this, rub the apples of the cheeks until a slight reddening and pick up the same blush. You should not choose blush with brilliance, it is better to choose matte and apply them with movements from bottom to top. The place of application is determined by retracting the cheeks.
  • Lipstick is suitable for lips in combination with a contour pencil.
  • Before applying lipstick, peeling is not bad. Using a toothbrush, with gentle movements exfoliate the upper layer of skin.
  • Not strong redness of the eyes can be prevented with the help of drops, drip them before doing makeup. In case you have already made up your eyes, that is one not tricky technique: to color the inner corner of the eye with a white pencil.

And yet, the most important element of makeup is a happy smile on the bride's face!