Wedding hairstyles for long flowing hair - review, photos, video


Long hair has always been considered an attribute of femininity, so if the bride decided to loose her long hair for the wedding ceremony, this will only add romance to her image. But they need to be prepared for the event, otherwise they will look unattractive. What hairstyle to do for loose long hair?

Types of hairstyles with her hair with a photo

Loose long hair is the best option for a wedding hairstyle, but to make them look harmonious, they need to be styled correctly. There are several types of wedding hairstyles for loose hair: curls, «bow», greek, «babette», others. In this article we will look at popular types of hairstyles, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating them..

Bride with long hair


Romantic large loose curls will never go out of style, especially as a hairstyle is made for a ceremony. Volumetric curls falling on the back and shoulders of the bride will be in perfect harmony with the dress. Consider the technique of creating them for a wedding at home:

  • Divide the hair into two parts along the parting.
  • Next, use the thick nozzle of forceps to create curls. It is important that the width of the lock for the curl reaches at least 1 centimeter.
  • Start wrapping strands from the roots, so the loose curls will turn out to be voluminous, large.
  • By night, braid them in two tight pigtails (parted), fasten them to the crown. In the morning, gently comb the hair, and fix the hair in the desired position with varnish.
  • Elegant curls go well with a veil, and look great without it. If you do not plan to combine a veil with them, do not forget to decorate your hairstyle with original decorative elements - beads, feathers, ribbons.


    «Bow» gained great popularity due to its style and grace. It is perfect for both a wedding ceremony and a wedding. This hairstyle involves loose hair on the back of the head, as well as the presence of an impromptu bow from them on the crown or slightly lower.

    Wedding hairstyles for long flowing hair - review, photos, video

    Step-by-step instructions will help you create this masterpiece yourself:

  • Fix the long hair on the crown of the head with a rubber band. Part of the hair in the back of the head should be loose.
  • Divide the tail into three parts. Comb the right and left strands and lay in the shape of a bow. Fasten the strands with hairpins.
  • The remaining strand in the middle will form the central part of the bow. To do this, throw the strand back, fix it with invisible hairpins.
  • The rest of the neck is recommended to wind, creating curls.
  • It’s worth a little effort to «Bow» it turned out as if it were done in a beauty salon. For clarity, watch a video tutorial on how to make a wedding «Bow» independently:

    With weaving

    There are many styles that include weaving on long hair. For example, a beautiful pigtail «fish tail» Looks great with a wedding dress, and also opens the neck and shoulders of the bride, in addition, the form «fish tail» allows you to decorate your head with an elegant veil or hat. How to do «fish tail» for loose hair?

  • Comb your hair back, separate two strands from the right and left parts of the temporal zones. Their width should reach two centimeters.
  • Cross the right lock over the left. Hold them.
  • Select two strands again, only cross the left curl over the right. Continue to braid, alternately crossing strands of long hair.
  • When the strands end, fix the braid with an elastic.
  • If you plan to decorate the head with a rim, tuck the braid inward, and then fix it with the help of hairpins. So on your head you get a kind of «nest», which is convenient for attaching decorative hoops with artificial flower buds.
  • Try to do «fish tail» asymmetric - this will give the pigtail a special look. Also considered a good wedding hairstyle «spikelet»: you can experiment with this hairstyle.

    After watching this video, you will learn how to make a romantic hairstyle «fish tail»:


    Greek hairstyle suitable for brides who have an oval face shape. In addition, a long-haired girl will probably be comfortable with such a hairstyle, because it provides for the removed strands. Consider how to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage yourself:

  • Comb your hair by dividing it. Choose a beautiful white bandage decorated with pearls and beads.
  • From the temporal part, select two strands, twist them into bundles. Dress the harnesses in a bandage.
  • Next, create harnesses and dress them in a bandage. When you get to the middle, braid the remaining strands into a pigtail, also tuck them into the bandage for a few turns. Fasten the hairstyle with hairpins.
  • Greek hairstyle will create an unforgettable romantic look.

    Greek hairstyle - step by step instructions

    With a bang

    Owners of straight straight bangs boldly experiment with wedding hairstyles. According to stylists, corrugated hair is perfectly combined with bangs. Create hairstyle «corrugation» simple: for this you need to get a special ironing. Applying a hot iron to the strands for 30 seconds, you will achieve the desired effect, but the bangs should remain straight. Do not forget to fix the resulting corrugation with hairspray.

    Babette on long flowing hair

    Hairstyle «babette» or «shell» formed on the top and is a small mound. «Babette» came to us in the 60s of the last century and still remains a favorite of fashionistas. A step-by-step instruction will tell you how to make this retro hairstyle on her straight long hair:

  • Separate the upper part from the occipital, fixing the ponytail in the back.
  • A pile is made on the inside of the upper part of the head, which is subsequently sprayed with varnish to fix it..
  • The resulting bundle is bound with an elastic band and fixed on the head with invisible hair clips.
  • The strands remaining in the temporal zone should be ironed and attached to the bundle with hairpins..
  • The hair on the back of the head should be transformed into curls with the help of large curlers.
  • «Babette» it is recommended to decorate with accessories so that the hairstyle is original.

    With straight hair

    If the bride does not want to curl her hair, then it is quite possible to leave them straight. But in order for the hairstyle to look interesting on the wedding day, you need to decorate it with any accessories. Straightened strands look great with special rhinestones: they are strung on a strong fishing line and are attached to the base of the strand using silicone fasteners. Rhinestones will create a flickering effect, so your image will be filled with mystery.

    With diadem

    The bride should feel like a princess and a wedding hairstyle with a diadem will help her in this. The diadem should be fixed with a comb based on such hairstyles as «Babette», «Bow», as well as lush and large curls. It will be possible to combine it with a veil, which is mounted in the neck.

    With veil

    A veil is an integral part of a girl’s romantic outfit, so many brides prefer to combine a veil with a festive hairstyle. But the hairstyle «Malvina» It is considered to be the most suitable for the hair to which the veil will be attached. Here is a step-by-step instruction for creating this hairstyle:

  • Select two strands from the temporal zone and tie them into a knot with an elastic band.
  • Divide the knot into two symmetrical parts and fix them with invisible hairpins.
  • Lift the free end of the tail, which turned out from the knot, and cover them with the middle of the resulting bow. Fasten it with studs.
  • Wrap the remaining hair in the back of the head with an iron or curler.
  • This hairstyle will add romance and elegance to your look..

    Options of loose hairstyles with veil

    With flowers

    Hairstyles with flowers rightfully bear the title of the original. For decoration, you can use both artificial and natural flowers. If you want to use artificial flowers as a decorative element, then you can use all kinds of hair accessories with decorative flowers: it can be hairpins, elastic bands, headbands and so on.

    Unusual and extravagance to your styling will add fresh flowers: they are attached to a multi-tiered hairstyle using silicone rubber bands. If the hairstyle is not distinguished by splendor, you should create a whole wreath of fresh flowers - this will make the hairstyle more original. Do not forget that the composition of the flowers should be in harmony with the outfit. For a wedding ceremony, it is better to choose flowers of white and cream shades.

    Loose hair on one side

    Loose long hair looks great if it is laid on its side, and it is desirable to curl it in large or small curls. To fix the hairstyle in this position is necessary with the help of hairpins and hairspray. A good option is a scythe «fish tail», woven on its side, but other methods of weaving with an unusual pattern are suitable for the wedding ceremony. It is advisable to decorate such a styling with flowers or rhinestones..

    For options for wedding hairstyles for long hair, see this video:

    Side barrette

    Long shiny hair flowing to the back, as well as the girl’s shoulders, adorn the image of the bride. But just her hair is not suitable for the wedding ceremony, because this is an unoriginal hairstyle. But if you divide it into a side parting, and then draw one side with a beautiful hair clip, you will get a cute image. It is advisable to select earrings to match the design of the hair clips, then they favorably emphasize the hair and oval of the face.

    Now trendy styling is considered «spikelet» or «fish tail». These hairstyles look great with a wedding outfit and jewelry. In addition, the braid «fish tail» exposes the bride’s shoulders and neck, demonstrating their splendor. Many women doubt that they will be able to create such weaving on their own, although «spikelet» weaves easily.

    You can easily learn the technique of creating pigtails «fish tail» in the classic version.

    Photo hairstyles

    The bride’s wedding hairstyle should be selected based on the structure, color, and length of the hair. The owners of long hair are most lucky - they are suitable for almost all hair styles. Loose hair is perfect for a wedding ceremony, but it is best to curl it in large curls that add an image of romance.

    Wet effect also does not lose its position. To create it, use varnish, cream-mousse with strong fixation, as well as curlers of large diameter (about 4 cm). By night, locks must be wound on curlers, then fix them with mousse. The next morning, the hair should be sprinkled with varnish to fix it, then comb.

    Bride with veil

    Hair jewelry plays an important role in creating hairstyles. Beads, rhinestones, whole bouquets of small flowers - artificial or living, are considered decorative elements for the wedding ceremony. A white veil will add a special charm to your look..

    Turn on imagination and imagination: experiment, play with shapes, styles - and you will create an irresistible image for the wedding!

    Do you have any ideas for creating original wedding hairstyles? Share them in the comments below..