Hairstyle of the bride on medium hair - options, photo


On the wedding day, the bride should have everything beautiful, from the mood to the appearance. Impeccable outfit and a neat hairstyle - this is what you need on such a day! Suitable styling will emphasize facial features, as well as make them more expressive. The bride's hairstyle for medium hair is selected as easily as possible, because with such a length of strands, the girl manages to experiment with styling. What styling do the bride with an average hair length for the wedding ceremony?

Hairstyles for medium hair with a veil

The veil is an integral attribute of the image of the bride. It blends perfectly with voluminous curls, hairdo «Malvinka», other styling, which include loose strands. But stylists suggest replacing the veil with other hair accessories, such as a diadem, veil, fresh and artificial flowers. Also, sometimes you have to completely abandon jewelry in favor of a voluminous wedding hairstyle. Consider the options for hairstyles depending on the accessory that will adorn the head:

No veil

If you decide to abandon the veil, you need to consider styling more carefully, because the hair of an average length of the bride will be completely visible to others. Experiment with high tiered hairstyles such as «Bow», «Babette», high tail and others. A Greek hairstyle with a rim will be appropriate for the wedding ceremony. Do not forget about hair jewelry - rhinestones, beads and ribbons. High styling without veil will open the bride’s shoulders and neck, showing their beauty and elegance..

Photo: Wedding styling with a diadem

With diadem

Decorating the head with a diadem is the trend of this fashion season, because thanks to her, the bride will feel like a princess. The diadem looks good with medium hair. The bride's hairstyle for medium flowing hair is combined with a diadem and curled locks - such a hairstyle will create a romantic image for the bride. The braid of the original weaving from medium strands will also fit the diadem. It is attached with a comb, so it is not recommended to combine too curly hairstyles with a diadem.

With flowers

Medium-length strands decorated with flowers will look great. When making curls with fresh flowers, it is recommended to dissolve them, curl them into light waves - this will emphasize your femininity and naturalness. Also a good option is to create a wreath of fresh flowers. For high hairstyles, there are many accessories with decorative artificial flowers: hairpins, headbands, elastic bands. The only condition is that the flowers should be white or cream.

With a veil

An elegant veil will create a flirty and laid-back look on medium-length locks. So, if you want to decorate your head with a veil, you need to choose hairstyles where the middle strands will be collected. Low beam, «Shell», «Babette» - they all fit under a veil. The hairstyle should be fixed with varnish, and the accessory itself should be securely fastened to the top with hairpins, because if the veil is displaced, then the whole hairstyle will deteriorate.

Beautiful hairstyles of the bride with bangs

Any hairdresser will say that the bride’s hairstyle with bangs on medium hair is selected based on the shape of the face. In addition, if you have a bang, then it is worth considering the choice of hairstyles for medium-length hair with special attention. Let's get acquainted with the options for wedding hairstyles for locks of medium length, depending on the shape of the face.

For a full face

Wedding hairstyle for a full face should be voluminous. It is advisable to imitate the effect of rebellious hair. It is not worth collecting hair of medium length in the tail - this will only focus on the fullness of the face. Wind the volumetric waves, make a side part, decorate them with a hairpin. Choose a large hair clip so that it does not get lost in your voluminous hairstyle. The parting, decorated with brilliant stones, will distract attention from the fullness of the face, and the curled waves will beautifully lie along the face, visually stretching it.

Hairstyles for owners of a square, full, round face

For chubby

The bride's hairstyle on medium flowing hair should visually stretch her face to soften too round shapes. Owners of a round face should do a side parting, because it significantly lengthens the face. The ends of the hair must be curled in exquisite curls, and the strands on the top of the hair should be left smooth. Nice bride hairstyle for medium thick hair - a high bun with broken strands along the face.

If the face is square

The square shape of the face goes well with medium length strands, so you can curl large curls for the wedding ceremony. Hair must be divided into a side parting - so you can smooth out the square shapes of the chin and protruding jaw. Also for a square face, high hairstyles, for example, «bow» or «babette». The bangs should be aligned with an iron and sprinkled with varnish to fix, so that it does not fray.

For girls with an oval face

Almost all wedding hairstyles are suitable for brides with an oval face and medium hair, because the oval shape of the face is considered universal. So, multilayer lush styling, such as «shell», «babette», «bow». A suitable bride's hairstyle for medium hair is romantic waves. Hair is best divided into a straight parting - this emphasizes the beautiful shape of the face.

With an oval shape of the face, do not be afraid to experiment with hair accessories: they will not only attract attention, but also make the image more saturated. If high styling is provided, get a small elegant hat that should be fixed in the crown area. For loose hair, rhinestones, pearls, beads, ribbons, other jewelry are suitable. With the help of such decorative elements you will be able to create an original and unusual image.

Evening styling for the bride on medium hair

The average length of hair is considered universal, so from such strands it is possible to create many different hairstyles. But for the wedding, it is worth choosing exclusively intricate styling that will amaze the guests present. Consider the original hairstyles, as well as step-by-step instructions for creating them:

Hair bow

Hairstyle «bow» will help the bride to look stylish, romantic. Step-by-step instructions will make it possible to create it on half-grown hair of medium length independently:

  • Carefully comb your comb with sparse combs. Separate your hair horizontally.
  • Fix the part of the hair that is in the nape of the neck with a clip, and secure the upper head with an elastic.
  • Form a bunch of ponytails, which is located on the top of the head. Divide this bundle into two symmetrical parts, apply the rest of the tail in the middle of the bundle. Secure the resulting bow with hairpins.
  • The hair of the lower part is recommended to curl into curls with a curling iron to give a hairstyle «bow» romance.
  • Add some decorative elements to the finished hairstyle: a white bandage or a hair clip in the shape of a flower will look appropriate in the image.

    Hairstyle of the bride on medium hair - options, photo

    In greek style

    The Greek hairstyle of the bride for medium thick hair is perfect, because she will open the girl's shoulders and emphasize her exciting chest. It is necessary to choose an elegant bandage to create a hairstyle, because it is done on the occasion of a bright event - a wedding. How to create a styling in the Greek style from medium hair will tell you the following instructions:

  • Divide the middle hair in a middle part, and put on a headband.
  • Separate one strand from the left and right sides of the temporal zone, dress them in a bandage.
  • In turn, select the strands from the left and right sides and tuck them further into the bandage.
  • When you reach the middle of the nape, braid the braid from the remaining hair and also tuck it into a bandage.
  • Fasten with hairpins and fix with hairspray.
  • Decorating a Greek hairstyle with fresh flowers, you emphasize the grace and originality of your image.

    Bouffant Hairstyle

    Bouffant hair of medium length does not lose relevance, because it gives volume to the strands. Bouffant as an evening hairstyle is used by many Hollywood stars and domestic celebrities, so you should familiarize yourself with the method of creating it:

  • Comb the hair with a comb with rare teeth, otherwise the hair structure will subsequently be damaged.
  • Leaving two loose strands on each side, separate the head at the top of the head..
  • Comb it from the inside with a flat comb. Treat each lock individually, spraying it with hairspray. In this case, the hairstyle will be stable.
  • Secure the fleece with a clip. Sprinkle with a persistent varnish so that it does not break up..
  • The remaining hair should be collected in a tail, or curled into curls.
  • Bouffant on medium hair

    Decorating the fleece with a beautiful hairpin with large brilliant stones, fresh flowers or rhinestones, you will give your image an irresistible charm during the wedding.

    With weaving and braids

    Unusual patterns of weaving on strands of medium length are appropriate for the wedding ceremony. This year's trends include original hairstyles for a special occasion, which include a wedding. Scythe «fish tail» It is famous for its extraordinary, moreover, it will suit the wedding outfit. Consider how to weave such a braid on medium hair:

  • Comb your hair thoroughly, and comb it a little at the roots. This will give the styling the volume that should be present in the hairstyle for a special occasion..
  • From the temples, take two identical strands. Cross the right lock over the left.
  • Holding two interlocking strands, separate two more curls from the temples. Cross them again, but already the left strand on top of the right.
  • Continue weaving the braid as described above. It is important that the strands are symmetrical, otherwise «fish tail» get uneven.
  • Fix the obtained pigtail with a beautiful elastic.
  • The modern dress code provides for decorating the head with a variety of hair accessories, such as a diadem, veil, veil. After all, the scythe itself «fish tail» does not look solemn enough for such an event.

    Laying hair on its side

    Middle hair, laid on its side, always looks spectacular, so such a hairstyle will be appropriate at the wedding ceremony. But so that she does not look too simple, you should curl the bride’s locks into curls or light waves. If hair of medium length is not enough to create a spectacular look, use special overlays with which you can make the hair much thicker, longer. They are easily attached to the root of the hair, and can be removed without much difficulty..

    Retro style

    Retro hairstyles such as «shell» or «babette». Many stop at «babette», because it’s easy to create it yourself. Consider a step-by-step instruction, thanks to which you can make this hairstyle from medium hair yourself:

  • We comb the hair, and divide it into two horizontal parts. The lower part should be stabbed with a clamp.
  • We work with the upper part of the hair: from the inside, do a comb and fix it with varnish.
  • From the bottom, form a kind of roller, which should be under a pile in the upper part.
  • Cover the roller with a pile and fix the hair with hairpins, invisible hairpins.
  • Hairstyle

    As a decoration for «Babette» white ribbons are suitable, which must be twisted around the resulting mound. With such a convenient styling, you will succeed in all wedding photos and videos that you want to review again and again.

    Options hairstyles for curly, thin, straight hair

    Wedding hairstyle must be selected depending on the structure of medium-length hair. So, if you have curly curls, the ideal option would be a Greek hairstyle. Knocking out curls will make such styling lush, touching. As for thin hair of medium length, they should add volume. «Babette», «shell» Or the usual pile will hide the thinness of the curls and make your hair more voluminous. Unusual types of weaving suitable for thin hair.

    Owners of straight strands were most lucky, because they have the opportunity to experiment with almost all wedding hairstyles. So, straight hair should be curled into curls, or make romantic waves. The straightest way to create a hairstyle «bow», since they are obedient. Finally, medium length straight hair allows you to braid, such as «spikelet» or «fish tail».

    For light, dark, red

    Owners of light medium hair should get acquainted with all kinds of original weaves, patterns, pigtails. Unusual weaving patterns fit light locks. But dark, pigtails will not work, because weaving will be lost in a deep dark shade. Instead, it is better to emphasize the brilliance and depth of color. Hair styling for medium hair will help to do this, providing for smooth hair: combing, retro hairstyles - «shell», «babette» other.

    Wedding styling for light, dark, red hair

    Strands of a fiery shade are preferably curled into curls. Any diameter is possible: from small curls to large volumetric curls. A romantic image will create light waves. If you want to bare your neck and shoulders, then make a ponytail with a pile - this hairstyle goes well with red strands.

    Video: DIY bride hairstyle step by step at home

    Actual ideas of 2015 photo

    Compositions with a veil

    Hairpins for wedding hairstyle

    Photo: hairstyles of the bride on medium hair with a veil

    Fashionable styling options with curls

    It is not necessary to follow fashion to look unrivaled. Turn on the fantasy, experiment, imagine a picture of the future hairstyle - and you will get the best wedding styling!

    Do you know more wedding hairstyles for medium length hair? Leave your ideas in the comments to the article.!