Wedding hairstyles 2020 with veil and flowers, with curls and curls


Wearing an elegant short or long veil is an ancient tradition. Previously, a veil was not only a symbol of innocence, purity of a girl, but was considered a talisman from evil forces. In the modern world, people are not so prone to prejudice, however, brides from year to year choose this accessory for their wedding image. A variety of wedding hairstyles 2015 with a veil pleasing to the eye and give the field for beautiful experiments.

How to choose a veil to the type of face and hairstyle

This year, designers presented many ideas for original, beautiful hairstyles, where this element of the outfit is present. Curls, high styling, curls, and bunches were especially popular. Other unusual trends - styling in the spirit of the eighties, Hollywood waves, retro. To look amazing at the wedding, you must not only follow the recommendations of stylists and designers, but also remember the combination of face type, styling itself and accessories:

  • Short smooth veil, high hairstyle will visually make chubby girls graceful.
  • Volumetric styling, the length of the accessory to the shoulders or elbows will give the square face softness.
  • Owners «oval» or «the triangle» you don’t need to limit yourself in your choice, but it’s better to choose a hairstyle that doesn’t make your face look heavier.

Watch a video compilation to determine which style is closest to you: 2015 wedding hairstyles with veil.

Do not forget that the ideal veil should fit the dress, the elements of its decor (pearls, rhinestones, lace) must be selected based on the decoration of the entire outfit.

Veil with her hair

In order for the bride, who plans to put on this headdress and loose her hair, to have an impeccable appearance, she needs to take care of the health and beauty of her hair. Let the hairdresser refresh the color on the eve, make lamination, cut the ends. It remains only to choose the styling - neat curls, flirty curls, elegant straightened strands. In any of these cases, the accessory should generally be longer than the hair.

Useful advice: so that the hair is not electrified, not tousled during the celebration, they should not be just washed.

Veil, loose hair - the trend of the year

With collected

Any veil is suitable for such styling - a laconic single-layer, multi-layer. For a single layer, fluffy options, bouffant suits well, for a two-layer - simple elegant hairstyles, but for a multi-layer come up with something interesting - intricate curls, hairpieces.

As a rule, when the styling is rich, pretentious - the veil is mounted on the nape below it, if simple, neat - on the crown. Wedding hairstyles of 2015 with an elegant veil noticeably adorn the image, showing general trends.

Veil, collected hair: fashion options

Hairstyle with a long veil

Long wedding decoration allows any options - pigtails, weaving, smooth styling. Only curvy is to be avoided, «heavy» high options.

This Year's Wedding Hairstyles: Long Veil

Short veil

The short accessory is suitable for girls choosing a bright, romantic look. Careless curly curls, smooth hair will look stylish, where several strands frame the face, «aerial» easy options.

Wedding hairstyles 2015: short veil

With a bang

Girls wearing bangs can afford any length, color, volume of hair. Gather them in a high hairstyle, lay your bangs to one side, curl your hair or make a graceful «malvinka» - your imagination, experience of the master will help you achieve an excellent result.

Wedding styling: bangs and veil

With colored veil

Gone are the days when the only acceptable color for a wedding accessory on a head was considered white. Most brides continue to give him preference, but many girls try to choose the shade of the outfit under their hair. Ash beauties will suit the cold range, reddish ones - cream, beige or other warm colors, chestnut ones - light brown, mustard, lilac. Blondes may prefer lemon, light pink tones. Wedding hairstyles 2015 with colored veils are increasingly popular.

Wedding hairstyles 2015: color veil


Exquisite high styling options at the top of the fashion. A high beam, babette, curls will help to create a stylish modern look. You can smooth your hair completely, leave several strands knocking out, create additional volume.

Wedding high hairstyles 2015 with veil

With veil and flowers

For tender, romantic girls, this option is more suitable than others. One large live flower is perfect for short haircuts, and popular wreaths for long haircuts.

Wedding hairstyles 2015 with flowers and veil

With curls

Gentle curls this year won the hearts of many brides. A voluminous mop of hair laid in this style creates a majestic elegant image. For such styling, choose a high-quality varnish so that the curls do not shine, do not look cheap.

Wedding hairstyles 2015 with curls and veil

Hollywood curls

Bright, seductive, neat Hollywood curls look amazing. They should seem flexible, light. Avoid rebellious knocking strands, effect «stiff» hairstyles.

Hollywood curls, veil: wedding styling

Braided hairstyles

All kinds of weaving, lace braids, baskets never go out of style. They look gentle, elegant, charming..

Wicker wedding styling, veil


Bundles are suitable for girls who have straight and curly hair. They can be neat, smooth or vice versa - free, lush. A comb for combing will help in creating volume, a few romantic locks will make the image more romantic.

Bundles and veils in wedding trends

Stacking «cold wave»

The twenties of the last century gave the world many interesting details of the image, but styling is considered one of the most popular. «cold wave». Elegant, sleek hairstyle will give the bride a retro chic look. Look at the photo:

Cold waves and veil - wedding option

Using accessories

Many accessories are involved in creating the solemn image framed by the veil: bows, ribbons, tiaras will make the princess out of the bride, flowers will complete the natural image. Hairpins, hairpins, combs will not only help to fix the garment on the head, but will also create harmony if they are decorated with elements present on the bride’s dress. The main thing in the selection of accessories is to keep laconic, because the main accessory of a wedding hairstyle is a veil.

Wedding Veil Decoration

The veil must be carefully chosen for the dress, face, hair of the bride. To create the perfect wedding hairstyle of 2015 with a veil, you need to take into account the features of different models of this accessory.

Do you like the styling options with a veil? Are you going to wear this accessory for a celebration? Tell us in the comments.