Wedding hairstyles with a crown - based on cobwebs and braids, with a veil, photo


Hairstyles with a crown for a wedding

Creating a hairstyle for a festive wedding day is an important task for every girl. Proper styling should ideally fit into the image invented by the bride, emphasize the dignity of the face, and sometimes even help in its visual modeling. In addition, it is necessary to choose suitable accessories that decorate the hair. For those girls who want to feel like royal blood during the celebration, a wedding hairstyle with a crown is suitable. This magnificent accessory comes in many forms - every bride will find the right option.

Options for Wedding Hairstyles with Crown and Veil

The crown as a hair ornament has been known since ancient times; it was usually worn by representatives of royal families. Only in the last century this accessory has gained great popularity and has become available to ordinary girls - the perception of such an attribute has changed, the materials from which the crown is made, and as a result, its price. A variety of details can be used as decorative materials for a beautiful tiara - these are sea pearls, bead beads, shining rhinestones, semiprecious and precious stones, jewelry made of multi-colored metals.

It is necessary to choose the type of accessory depending on the shape of the face, type of hairstyle, presence of a veil. Different versions of crowns will suit this ancient attribute of a wedding celebration, however, the richer the diadem, the more magnificent and elegant the veil - the more concise the hairstyle should be. Forms of crowns:

  • Classical crown. Allows the bride to create a truly majestic, royal image. Girls with such a crown should give preference to an elegant collected hairstyle.

Classic crown

  • Little diadem. Such an accessory looks cute, innocent and interesting, it is perfect for short flowing hair - curled in curls or smoothly styled, although long-haired brides look amazing with it.

Stylish little diadem

  • In the form of a rim - this is a vintage version of the festive look, it looks good with hairstyles and a veil, where the hair is collected in a bun, malvinka or curled in stylish large curls.

Beautiful rim diadem

  • East. A beautiful crown will suit a mysterious, romantic girlish look, this accessory will look great with loose, neatly styled hair, a little shabby curls or a smooth high hairstyle and veil. Worn on the forehead or in the form of a drop-down «brooches» therefore, brides need to carefully select this option for wedding decorations.

Oriental look accessory

  • A diadem on an elastic band. This accessory is convenient, it looks nice and elegant at the same time. This crown can be thin or wide - it all depends on the preferences of the hero of the occasion, and it’s easy to fix a beautiful white veil on the back of this jewelry. How it looks, look at the photo:

Accessory with a veil on an elastic band

Spider Web Hairstyle

A cobweb hairstyle is a type of styling when the hair is braided with a French braid around the head. This type of creating a wedding look looks elegant, helps the bride to maintain an original, romantic look. A professional master can carry out such styling on both long and medium hair. In this case, the veil can be fixed in the place where «the middle» cobwebs (see photo for details). A wonderful laconic crown will complete the image..

An interesting type of wedding hairstyle

With a crown of hair

To emphasize the original accessory chosen by the bride, the master can create a real crown of hair. Ideally this option looks on long hair - then «design» it will turn out magnificent, rich and solemn. This high hairstyle goes well with both a miniature and a regular crown, as well as with an accessory that «goes around» it from all sides, emphasizing the majesty of the image. The veil in this case will be mounted on the back of the head where the chic styling ends.

Crown of hair

Braid based

All kinds of braids, weaving have become extremely popular among girls who choose their image for a solemn wedding day. Graceful french braids cute «fish tails», cobweb hairstyles - won the hearts of girls from all over the world due to the fact that they look both romantic, elegant and natural. They naturally adorn a delicate girlish face. A few ideas for beautiful weaving that can be worn with a diadem and veil:

  • High hairstyle with weave. This beautiful look of styling will open the bride’s neck, create a chic composition on her head, which will become the main decoration of the image. In this case, a veil is best worn on the back of the head so that guests can view the braids..
  • Scythe launched to one side. As a rule, creating a festive image, stylists try to abandon symmetry if the girl does not have perfectly harmonious facial features, so the bride wears elegant weaving on her side, and a crown with a veil adorns the head of the beautiful princess. Headpiece clings to the crown.

Options for wedding hairstyles with diadem and braid

How to make a hairstyle with a diadem on long hair?

Long hair provides brides, unlike owners of short haircuts, countless hair styling options, although an exquisite accessory imposes some restrictions. Depending on the image that the bride wants to adhere to during the wedding, a certain hairstyle must be chosen. What can be styling options for long hair:

  • Loose, neatly laid curls. Large curls or small curls will look great at a ceremony, will help the bride to create a festive, luxurious look. The diadem will only emphasize the royal style of the hero of the occasion.
  • Loose with the effect of not combed hair. Over the past few years, a styling style has become very popular, which involves a careless arrangement of slightly curled or straight hair. Laying the bride looks natural, but, paradoxically, it takes a lot of time, effort and styling to create such a look. The crown will make such an image even more tender, sweet.
  • Low beam - this styling looks stylish, interesting. It is suitable for creating a romantic, delicate image, as well as for an elegant, refined. The bundle can be made of smooth, straightened hair, creating a slightly austere, royal look of the bride, or with the help of slightly curled hair - then you get a sloppy styling option that will appeal to romantic persons.
  • Updo. If the bride wants to look magnificent, there is no better option than high styling of long hair. The large length of hair will allow the master to come up with many ideas for creating a beautiful, original «buildings» on the head. It can be complex designs with weaving, decorated with curls, nets, cobwebs, a smooth babette, or a crown hairstyle, which was mentioned above - it all depends on the wishes of the hero of the occasion and the imagination of a professional stylist.

Long hair styling

Tips for creating hairstyles with and without bangs

The crown diadem is perfect for girls with bangs. This attribute of the image of the hero of the occasion is perfectly combined with its various variations - long, short, oblique or straight. Creating a beautiful styling using a royal accessory can be simple, but if you do not know a few tricks and do not follow the recommendations, going down the aisle, choosing a crown will be a tragic mistake. A few simple rules:

  • The crown must be combined with the dress of the main heroine of the holiday. If it is decorated with rhinestones, you can not choose an accessory decorated with pearls - it will look ridiculous.
  • The less the outfit is decorated with decorative elements - the richer the diadem can be, this rule applies and vice versa: do not overload the image with details. If the emphasis of the image is on the dress, then it is better to comb the hair gently, and on top «to plant» laconic decoration.
  • It is desirable that the maximum number of accessories reaches three.
  • An important rule is to choose only a comfortable crown, because even a diadem that is slightly pressing at the beginning of the day can already cause a headache in the registry office, which can ruin the bride and groom the most important day of living together.
  • If the bride has a straight bang, she can soften the image by laying it with a ladder. If a girl wants, on the contrary, to emphasize her sharp temper, she should make the hairstyle lines more even, smooth.
  • Experts recommend trying on the crown exclusively with the dress in order to assess how the two pieces fit together..

Video: Diadem Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

A veil with a diadem looks rich, luxurious, so many girls prefer this combination of wedding accessories. To create a truly beautiful image, you must first carefully study the different styling options that the girls used during weddings. Watch the video where you can get a lot of interesting fresh ideas:

Photos of wedding hairstyles with a crown of 2015

Almost every bride preparing for the solemn day wants to look not only beautiful, but also fashionable. To acquaint future spouses with the latest trends in beautiful hair styling, which were created using a magnificent holiday accessory - tiaras - a small photo selection was made reflecting the latest changes in wedding fashion in 2015:

Fairy tiara on the hair