Church Wedding Rules


When two people who sincerely love each other wish to live their whole lives together, they bind their lives with the holy knot of marriage. In the Gospel, the wedding is compared with the mysterious union of Christ with the Church. A wedding is a sacred rite of seven sacraments, a union of two loving souls in the face of the Lord. Previously, church marriage was not given much importance. The main thing was to sign in the registry office. But in recent years, more and more young couples have appeared who seek to unite their lives with sacred bonds. The wedding ceremony has certain canons. Consider the rules of weddings in the church.

Why do you need a wedding in the church

In the spiritual life of every person there is such a thing as faith. Lovers believe that, being married in the church, it is imperative to meet and again will be together in the kingdom of heaven. During the church ceremony, the bride and groom are united by sacred bonds. They take an oath to each other, put all their love and faith in the most important words in life. Their love is blessed. Family life is guarded by God.

Orthodox rite

Wedding dress of the bride

What should be the wedding dress? The concepts of wedding and wedding dress are different from each other. At present, the appearance of the bride is not as strict as before. But still, lovers adhere to the rules. When a bride is married in a church, her dress should be modest. According to the rules of church traditions, the legs should be completely closed, but the neckline and a beautiful neckline on the back are allowed. The color of the wedding dress should be light colors, and preferably white. White color is a symbol of purity and innocence. In dark and bright colors, the bride is forbidden to get married. The head must be covered with a veil or light scarf. Hat is allowed. A beautiful wreath of the bride can be decorated with a delicate wreath. Before entering the church, the shoulders and arms of the bride are covered with a cloak. The shoes of the bride must be closed. It is believed that getting married in sandals is a bad omen. It has long been believed that a wedding dress should be with a long train. The longer the train, the happier the family life will be..

Wedding dress

Wedding Day Choice

In order to set a date for the wedding in the church, you must first familiarize yourself with the 2014 wedding calendar. In it you will learn which days to get married are allowed and which are not. The auspicious wedding day is Sunday. Since most couples tend to get married on this day, you must pre-schedule the time for the ritual. The wedding ceremony is also held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, usually the wedding is not performed. The ritual lasts several hours. Therefore, it is carried out in the daytime, but not in the late afternoon. The Orthodox Church has both auspicious and «forbidden» wedding days. What are these days?

  • Christmas time;
  • Eve of the Presentation of the Lord;
  • Maslenitsa;
  • Annunciation Eve;
  • Great Lent;
  • Easter;
  • Day of the Ascension of the Lord;
  • Day of the Holy Trinity;
  • Petrov Post;
  • Assumption Post;
  • Nativity;
  • Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross;
  • Christmas post.

Necessary actions before the wedding

Having set a date for the ceremony, the young have to choose a church where the ritual will be held. The wedding is carried out by appointment after a conversation with the priest. During the conversation, in addition to discussing the wedding date, important questions will be asked to the bride and groom.

What will the priest ask??

  • Are you baptized?
  • Have you decided to get married in the church voluntarily, for love;
  • Do you plan to have children;
  • whether or not you were previously married;
  • will you sign.

Answering the priest's questions must be honest. The bride and groom can also ask about everything of interest to the priest. Discuss the nuances that are needed during the wedding, specify how much the wedding will last, whether photography is allowed in the church. You can decide whether to take communion or not. If the bride is pregnant, then she must definitely say so. You need to make sure that you can get pregnant in a church. Some priests do not marry pregnant women, and many, on the contrary, happily perform this ritual.

The bride and groom are rite

What is necessary for a wedding

Preparation for the wedding should take place in love, in a good mood. To perform the ritual, you must:

  • two icons: Christ the Savior and the Mother of God. With these icons, the bride and groom receive a blessing during the wedding..
  • wedding rings. These rings are a symbol of the continuity of marriage and eternal love..
  • white towel and wedding candles. Candles should be held in the hands of the bride and groom as a symbol of their love. White towels are designed for the newlyweds to stand on them during the ritual. This symbolizes the purity of marriage.
    Required Attributes for the Wedding

How does the rite go?

Many couples do not immediately get married. They live together for some time, check their relationship. And if they come to a mutual decision to get married in the church, they set the date of the ceremony after the anniversary of their life together. But the bulk of the young decides to sign and get married on the day of painting. After registering the marriage in the registry office, they arrive at the church in order to legitimize their relationship with God. How is the wedding ceremony in 2014? Arriving at the temple, accompanied by guests, the newlyweds are waiting for the start of the festive liturgy.

This rite includes two stages:

  • betrothal;
  • the wedding.
    Wedding process

The Deacon comes out to the young, holding a tray with wedding rings in his hand. The priest hands in the hands of the bride and groom lit wedding candles. He further suggests that the bride and groom exchange wedding rings three times. The priest should consecrate the rings before that. Three times the bride and groom move the rings on the tray to each other. This ritual is performed as a sign of unity and reciprocity in marriage..

Priest puts young rings on

After that the most interesting part begins - the climax in the sacraments of the wedding. The priest crosswise marks the groom with a crown. He brings to him the image of Christ the Savior, stuck to his crown, so that he kisses him. Then the priest puts a crown on the groom's head. The same thing awaits the bride. But the image of the Blessed Virgin is stuck to her crown. Because of the magnificent hairstyle or tiara, the crown is not placed on the bride’s head, so it is an honor for the witness to keep it. This ritual lasts about 20 minutes. The ritual with the crowns is a symbol of the fact that they forever became a king and queen for each other. If one of the newlyweds is married for the second time, then the crown is not laid on the head, but adheres to over the shoulder. And if the wedding is a third time, the ceremony is generally held without crowns. After the rite of the Crown, the young are presented with a cup of wine. The priest says a prayer and lights the cross with this cross and presents it to the spouses. They gradually, in three doses, drink this cup. This rite symbolizes a single destiny. Next, the bride and groom become one. Then the priest joins the right hands of the young and three times leads them around the lectern. This means that they will always go hand in hand through life. The young are led to the royal gates, where the groom kisses the image of the Savior. And the bride of the Mother of God. Then they must exchange places. Here the groom should kiss the image of the Mother of God, and the bride - the Savior. Then, after the ceremony, the stage of kissing the Cross begins before the royal gates. At this stage, the bridegroom is given the icon of the Savior, and the bride of the Mother of God. Upon arrival at their home, they will have to hang them above the marriage bed..

Prayer reading moment

At the end of the ceremony, pronounced for the newlyweds many years and everyone congratulates the married. Guests can give presents right at the church. After the end of the sacrament of marriage, the newlyweds, together with their family and friends, go on a wedding walk.

Video: "Wedding in the Cathedral of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul"

When is it impossible to get married?

There are certain wedding rules. If they are violated, the wedding becomes impossible.

When is the wedding impossible??

  • if the wedding of one of the spouses has been three times before;
  • if the newlyweds are relatives (up to the fourth step);
  • if one of the young adheres to atheism; - if one of the spouses is not baptized and is not going to be baptized;
  • if one of the spouses is of another faith and is not going to conduct a baptismal ceremony;
  • if one of the spouses is already married;
  • if the newlyweds have not yet registered their relationship with the state.

We offer you to watch a video from which you will receive a lot of useful information about the sacrament of weddings and how to prepare for it.

How much is the wedding

The cost of weddings in the church depends on the temple in which the newlyweds decided to conduct the ceremony. Temples charge prices differently. There are churches where the price is set indefinitely, that is, how much the newlyweds can make to donate to the temple. In other cases, wedding prices range from 500 to 2000 rubles.

Tell us in a comment about how your wedding ceremony went. What emotions did you experience during this beautiful ritual? Have you followed all the rules of the wedding??