Graceful wedding. Wedding Anniversary - 70th Anniversary


Few people know that after the golden wedding, celebrated half a century after the wedding, other anniversaries are also celebrated. True, such events are not frequent: the two spouses are not always able to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the marriage. To live to such an age, and even with your spouse is this not God's grace? We will be happy to tell those anniversaries who were lucky to celebrate this event, as well as everyone who wishes, how a graceful wedding is celebrated for 70 years..

Ancient traditions and customs for 70 years of wedding

The venerable age of the spouses, their vast life experience, memories, in themselves, are a matter of respect. The heroes of the occasion, who have lived for nearly a century, can tell a lot to their many descendants. Therefore, the main tradition of celebrating the 70th wedding anniversary is close communication with older people in order to learn the secret of their longevity, to get acquainted with the history of the family among close people.

Traditions and customs on the 70th wedding anniversary

A good tradition for the celebration of the seventieth wedding is to view photos that are stored in the family archive. Many families have a rich archive of family videos: representatives of the older generation, as well as their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, will be interested to watch valuable and rare recordings together.

Another good tradition is the visit to the jubilees shortly before the celebration of Holy places or the church. It would be better if you go to church with the whole family, pray for the health of anniversaries, family members.

Graceful wedding: how to celebrate an anniversary?

The 70th wedding anniversary is not often celebrated, so little is known about how people celebrate this holiday. Newlyweds celebrating the seventieth anniversary of their life together are approximately ninety years old, so they will be hard pressed to perceive noisy celebrations. On the contrary, a cozy, calm atmosphere at the event will make the holiday heartfelt, memorable. Anniversaries will certainly like her.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the wedding in a restaurant

Usually the 70th anniversary of marriage is celebrated at home, but if the older generation has the strength, why not celebrate the celebration in a restaurant or other public place? For decoration, use balloons, garlands, flowers. It is better if the jewelry is not bright and flashy. The walls are decorated with family photos. As an option, it does not hurt to ask the heroes of the occasion how they would like to celebrate a joyful event for them..

How to celebrate 70 years of marriage

Celebration script

The script of the blessed wedding should be thought out so that the heroes of the occasion would not be hard to sit until the end of the event. Optimal holiday should not be long, more than three hours. The celebration is conditionally divided into two stages: communication with the anniversaries, joint viewing of photos and videos, and a gala dinner (lunch). It is important to ensure the possibility of communication between family members, guests with the elderly newlyweds.

Scenario Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the marriage

On the eve of a happy event, you need to consult with the elderly, find out their wishes about the holiday. Perhaps they will want the blessed holiday to remind them of the bygone times of their marriage. Listen carefully to their wishes, try to make the jubilees really like the holiday. Perhaps they will not be easy at a noisy feast, so consider other options for celebrating the anniversary.

What to give for a blessed wedding

What to give for the 70th anniversary of the marriage

Elderly people no longer need expensive gifts, they already have the most important children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Their joint relationship turned out to be successful, they managed to continue their kind. Over all previous decades, the elderly have put a lot of effort into raising the younger generation, helping them to study at school, college. They only want one thing: love and respect.

Anniversaries do not need gifts that will be expensive: the best present for a woman is beautiful natural flowers. Men are given a gift based on his personal preferences. If you want to follow the traditions of the celebration of the blessed celebration, make such a gift: print and put together photo frames. For anniversaries, this will be the most valuable gift. Make them experience many pleasant moments during the celebration of the anniversary.

Congratulations on a gracious wedding

70th Wedding Anniversary

Both the child and the old man will always be pleased to hear kind words addressed to them. Elderly people have seen a lot in their lifetime: it is hard to surprise them with anything. An exception to this rule is the warm congratulations that will be made during the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the blessed wedding..

Be creative in composing congratulations. Come up with the witty name of your work. Do not forget to mention the name of the spouses in the congratulations on the blessed holiday. In addition to beautiful congratulations, we recommend preparing collages from old family photos.

70th wedding anniversary

If you are not able to independently come up with a congratulation text, find a suitable one on our website. The main thing is to read the text with a feeling, so that it sinks into the soul, is remembered by the heroes of the day.