What can be given for a bride's hen party


During a fun bachelorette party, it is customary to give pleasant, memorable gifts. It’s better to save expensive jewelry, money, household items for a wedding celebration, and during a comic farewell, the bride will «free life» show originality. These can be DIY gifts, cosmetics, underwear - it all depends on your imagination. We offer several ideas that will help you decide what to give the bride for a bachelorette party..

Practical gifts

Practical options are suitable for girls who value convenience and functionality. You can choose clothes and accessories for the hero of the occasion: a Chinese silk dressing gown, comfortable pajamas made of nice fabric, a purse, a personalized pen with an engraving, and a stylish leather bag. Something exquisite for the home is also useful: embroidered towels in the bathroom, designer rug for the hallway.

Any girl will be happy to receive gift certificates: a course of relaxing spa-procedures, free visits to the stylist. She will surely like a set of luxury cosmetics - it will cost a lot, but it will be a great present. Draw your own conclusions: what practical gift to give to the bachelorette party of the bride, each girlfriend or boyfriend decides for himself.

Practical gifts for a bachelorette party


Touching memorabilia will be a wonderful gift if you do not know what to give for a bachelorette party:

  • An album with school or college photos of the bride and her girlfriends: this sentimental thing will surely touch her heart. In addition, you can additionally give a photo session by inviting a professional, and after the bachelorette party, add a new photo album to the photo album.
  • A slide show to the favorite music of the hero of the occasion will awaken old memories.
  • A poem with wishes, a story of friendship, written by beloved friends, will definitely not be forgotten. If you don’t know how to compose poems yourself, order them from a professional author or use special online services that will help to rhyme words.

Show your imagination - and the idea of ​​giving memorable gifts to the bride's hen party will come by itself.

Memorable gifts for a bachelorette party


If the bride has a good sense of humor, buy her a cool souvenir - an apron symbolizing her future «work», door plate «do not disturb», T-shirts with funny inscriptions that fit the event. Things that will remind you of future love adventures may please the hero of the occasion: aphrodisiac perfumes, fluffy handcuffs or other interesting variations. Related Ideas «what fun to give to the bride's hen party», broaden their horizons.

Funny gifts for the future bride and groom

DIY gift

You can give any product made by yourself. Use your imagination to come up with the perfect surprise - it can be an unusual shape candle, a beautiful vase painted with acrylics, some clothes manually sewn or knitted by you.

For example, you can make candles by taking a video master class as an example:

Well, if you want to show your imagination, you should try to paint a vase in an oriental style. The video will also help here:

Support her passion

Often the bride has a hobby or hobby, so look for something that will help her to develop in this direction. If she is a horse lover, buy a certificate of a monthly visit to the equestrian club, if the dancer - new things convenient for classes - shoes, clothes. Travelers always need good travel attributes - a stylish suitcase with its initials, equipment, cute little things that increase travel comfort, and needlewomen - stylish sets for embroidery with beads or ribbons or good threads for knitting. Want to know what is useful to give to the bride's hen party? Feel the soil in advance!

What is useful to give on the eve of the wedding


You never figured out what to give for a bachelorette party? Eternal classics have never disappointed anyone: an interesting book, movie or theater tickets, a gift certificate for a cosmetic store, a DVD selection of her favorite films and, in the end, a bottle of expensive alcohol - all this can be a great solution.

Classic gifts on the eve of the wedding


Girls who are always willing to eat are easy to please. What delicious gifts to give to the bachelorette party of the bride? It can be :

  • A basket of fruits, vegetables, berries - a beautiful solution for a healthy diet.
  • Unusual, beautifully decorated candy bouquet.
  • Coffee lovers will like a French press or a new coffee maker for one or two cups of aromatic drink.
  • Sweet cake is a classic. Decorate it with all kinds of thematic inscriptions, figures, drawings.
  • If you want something more interesting, have a gourmet street picnic - bring your favorite food instead of classic sandwiches.
  • Pay for a trip to a good restaurant that will appeal to the hero of the occasion.

Delicious gifts for the bride on the eve of the wedding

Purely female

All girls love to take care of themselves, dress well, and paint. Buy things that will contribute to this: high-quality makeup brushes, products (mascara, lipstick, eye shadow, etc.), expensive lingerie, elegant light scarf. What to give the bride for a bachelorette party so that her heart trembles?

Women's baubles - a present to the bride to the bachelorette party

Sexual nature

If the bride cannot be called shy, things that are sexual in nature may be pleasant to her - revealing underwear for the wedding night of the spouses, stylish stockings, an erotic corset, a night peignoir that will definitely excite the future husband.

Brave girlfriends may come up with the idea of ​​calling a stripper, but here they need to be careful - not every girl will be happy with this situation, although such entertainment is a great opportunity to say goodbye to forever «rampant» free life. Think what sexual give a bride for a bachelorette party? How to please her?

Original intimate gifts for a bachelorette party of brides

Intended for a wedding

Even if the hero of the occasion has already completed all preparations, she will be pleased to receive: a bride and groom figurine that will decorate the wedding cake, elegant garter, fan, umbrella, stole - any accessories that fit her dress. Decide what to give the bride for the festive bachelorette party, and do it!

Original wedding accessories for a future wife for a bachelorette party

What not to give?

There are several items that give during a bachelorette party is a bad omen.

  • Mirror. It brings misfortune, according to superstition.
  • Knives. According to signs, it will create tension in the future family.
  • Clock. They will make you feel «beginning to end» living together.

Even such restrictions make it possible to give the correct answer to the question of what is best to give the bride for a bachelorette party. The options are a convenient travel mirror, a good set of sharp expensive knives or a stylish watch can be a pleasant gift - it all depends on its superstition.

Remember, the main thing is to do everything from the heart, and their price or benefit often fade into the background. A bachelorette party is one of the important pre-wedding stages, and gifts for the bride are an opportunity to show their attitude to her.

Tell us in the comments what you gave or what you are going to give to the bride for a bachelorette party.