Party invitation text


Do you want to invite girlfriends to a bachelorette party in a writing card format? Then, to start, make a list of invitees, decide on the style of the party. Then choose the format of the invitation card, and think over the text of the invitation of guests to the bachelorette party. You can buy ready-made invitations or use the services of printing houses that create original invitations to a bachelorette party. If you plan to hold a theme party, then you will have to take care of postcards in advance.

Key Writing Points

Before you think about the text, you need to make an invitation, determine its appearance. When the appropriate design, material is selected, think about how you will sign the cards - manually, use ready-made forms or print all the text. If you want a handwritten signature but don’t have a beautiful handwriting, ask for a girlfriend or calligraphy specialist. When printing, decide on the font, its size. As for the text, it should indicate:

  • Destination.
  • The exact date of the bachelorette party is the beginning hour, day.
  • Address of the gathering place (restaurant, cafe, club) with the name.
  • Bride's name.
  • Organizational moments (dress code, special wishes).

This is essential information not to be missed. After you have thought out all the details, you can safely send the finished order to the printing center.

Create an unusual invitation using a computer, see an example in this video:

Text styles

Choosing the style that will be used when writing the text, the bride should proceed from her own preferences - personal wishes, character, themes of the upcoming party. A postcard can be a full interesting story or consist of a couple of words telling about the place, time.

Classic text

The classic text will appeal to girls who do not have time to organize this moment before the wedding. Enough is small: «Dear (Name), I invite you to celebrate my bachelorette party! (Place and date) I kiss, yours (Bride's name)».

Sample bachelorette party invitation text


It is wonderful if the bride herself can compose verses, decorating them with a card that will go to invite guests. However, you can invite girlfriends to celebrate the last day of freedom without possessing a poetic talent - order poetry from a professional author or find it in the net.

In prose

The option of writing prose text provides many opportunities - experiment. Use quotes, sayings, proverbs, come up with an unusual invitation that will make girlfriends wonder what awaits them, for example: «Beloved (Name), our space station will start (date and time) from the station (Name, location address). I'm waiting. With love, captain (Name of the bride)». Such an invitation is suitable for a bachelorette party in a limousine.


The funny text decorating the card will surely please the recipient. Funny example in the photo:

Comic bachelorette party invitation text


This style is suitable for a bachelorette party, which will be held in a chic restaurant or in the case when the bride invites unfamiliar people, which is rare. The main rule is courtesy and simplicity. And do not forget to add: «Yours faithfully».


The soulful text of the invitation will turn out if the hero of the occasion writes each guest separately from his hand. It will take more time, but how nice it will be for the best girlfriends to get something personal that is addressed to each of them separately. There may be mentioned only two memories - the first quarrel, the trip to the astrologer, the unsuccessful painting of the room walls together.

Soul invitation to a bachelorette party


A fabulous invitation should look magical - feathers, ribbons, stars. You can write like this: «Princess (Name)! I inform you that I was saved from the evil sorceress who held me captive for so many years ... Now I am free, but soon the prince will take me to his castle. I propose to gather in the tower (place and time) in order to say goodbye to me and my freedom together with other princesses forever. Love Princess (Bride Name)».


Theme party invitation: pajama party

The thematic text should be suitable for the scenario of the future party. If you choose a marine style, invite your friends to visit your pirate ship, and instead of the usual textual description of the place - put a pirate map. Oriental style involves an invitation to a tea party, Hawaiian - a fun island. With a card, send girlfriends gifts-accessories that match the theme - Chinese fan, Lei.

When drawing up a plan of pre-wedding affairs, do not forget to include the preparation and ordering of invitations to a bachelorette party there. You can call the girls on the phone, but the written version will be not only a beautiful solution, but also a memorable one.

How would you sign holiday invitations for your friends? Leave a comment, share your experience!