Bachelorette party witch bachelorette party - how to prepare?


Every girl wants to turn her bachelorette party into something special. The original scenario of the event will help make the holiday on the eve of the wedding fun and memorable. Bachelorette Party Style «Coven» immerses those present in the mysterious atmosphere of the magical world.

Place selection and design

For a bachelorette party in the style of the coven, a noisy restaurant, a bathhouse and, especially, a fun night club, will not work. To provide «full immersion», it is better to spend a holiday outdoors, at night. To carry out this bachelorette party will help rent a house in a wooded area - there you can light a fire and dance around it, sing songs under the moon, divine and have fun.

Old books with yellowed paper, stuffed bats, large candles of unusual shapes, pumpkins that are used during Halloween will help to decorate the place for the bachelorette party. The pentagram laid out of stones on the street or with other improvised means at home will give the bachelorette party a mysterious atmosphere.

It is important to choose the appropriate music for the background of the holiday - it should not be dance or too slow. Rhythmic instrumental accompaniment with sound electronic effects, deep drum rhythms are suitable.

Decoration of the room for the coven before the wedding

How and who to invite?

When conducting a bachelorette party in the style of witches' coven, it is necessary to make thematic cards with an invitation. Girlfriends should be invited in advance, for several weeks, so that they have time to prepare. It will be interesting if the courier dressed as the devil delivers the invitation.

The text of the note may be as follows: «Greetings, dear (Name of girlfriend)! Climbing to the top of the magical Bald Mountain, we will arrange our witch's Sabbath to contact otherworldly forces and get permission from them to hold my fast wedding, otherwise punishment cannot be avoided! The collection of witches will be (address, place name, time). After reading the note, burn it! Arrive. (Bride's name)».

Only the closest friends should be invited to the bachelorette party, who will gladly share your idea of ​​holding an event.

What to wear?

You need to dress appropriately for the coven, so different variations of witch costumes will do. Colors of clothing - black, red, blue, swamp. A long dark dress perfectly reflects the style of a bachelorette party, but the option of creating the image of a sexy witch is possible. The fabrics can be torn, shabby, and let the color or texture of the bride’s dress differ from the rest.

As for hats, pointed hats are suitable for the coven, and carnival masks can hide the face. The image of the queen of celebration will be complemented by an unusual black diadem. The broom is the perfect accessory to the witch's outfit.

Witch costume for hen party

In addition to witches, other types of magical creatures can be present at the bachelorette party - features with horns and a tail, magical forest fairies, black-winged angels.

A varied menu in the style of a bachelorette party will delight guests. Various meat dishes, salads, the use of edible decorations - spiders from olives, mice made from eggs are suitable. The table can be decorated with fruits on which runes are carved, and at the end of the bachelorette party, a delicious themed cake will be appropriate. Crockery can also match the style of the coven - it should be old, artsy, slightly worn.


Dark shadows, bright lipstick, well-defined cheekbones - the perfect make-up for the witch on the coven. Do not be afraid to go too far - the style of this bachelorette party allows mixing colors.

Witch make-up for bachelorette party


To make a witch’s hairstyle, use high comb, large lush curls, create the effect of poorly combed hair. The main thing is volume. Unusual weaving will also be suitable for a bachelorette party..


The program of each bachelorette party, regardless of the style of the event, requires funny noisy games, contests. At the Sabbath holiday, you can arrange a contest for cutting faces in a pumpkin - this item symbolizes the end of the harvest, protects from dark forces. This will not only be a fun, interesting action, but also provide the room with additional decor. When guests are tired of having fun, turn on the appropriate movie by directing the beam from the projector to the wall or curtains. This will give an additional mystical effect..


The obligatory part of the bachelorette party of the Sabbath is fortune telling. They need to be carried out using candles, spells, cards. They will help to find out the gender of the unborn child, the number of children, the husband’s abilities, as well as determine how great family happiness.

Witch fortune-telling during a bachelorette party


Witches at all times decided to give each other small souvenirs, indicating their location and affection. At the bachelorette party the coven needs to keep this tradition. Gifts can be in the style of the event - runes, pendants with magic symbols, books, or in the form of ordinary pleasant things - cards, jewelry, cosmetics.

DIY costume

Watch the video on creating a costume in the style of a sexy witch. This guide will help you to easily dress for such an event:


A great addition to a bachelorette party will be the invitation of a professional photographer. Original costumes, treats, thematically decorated place are worth it to capture them in pictures. These photos will delight the bride and girlfriends years later.

The bachelorette party, which is held in the style of the coven of witches, is a beautiful and atmospheric holiday. The girls present at the bride’s visit are likely to receive a lot of positive emotions and impressions..

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