A cheerful company of charming girls surrounding the bride on their wedding day makes the event more elegant and festive. Appeared in Russia thanks to Hollywood films, the concept «bridesmaids» - A wonderful tradition of escorting a newlywed to the altar by close friends. In addition, the girls are not just a retinue of the newlyweds, but also the main assistants, the bride’s support during the wedding celebration. How to organize an escort from girlfriends so that the holiday goes smoothly and cheerfully?

The image of the bridesmaids

Choosing an image for girlfriends, make sure that the outfits of the girls look harmoniously in the overall outline of the wedding, emphasizing the image of the bride. The main thing is to achieve unity, which is often difficult, since girls have different appearances, types of figures, individual preferences. What to choose: an evening dress or a skirt with a blouse? What color? Length? Style? Let's try to parse all these questions with examples..

Hairstyles and dresses

It is preferable to use an elegant, long evening dress as the outfit for the bridesmaids of the bride, but if the format of the wedding celebration provides for more informal clothes, then the skirt plus blouse set is an excellent option, see the photo below. After choosing girlfriends for this important role, discuss with them different options so that the outfit during the wedding celebration is comfortable and does not prevent the participants from fulfilling their responsible duties.

Girlfriend Outfit Example - Skirt with a Blouse

A great way to achieve harmony in the images is to use one style in the dress of the bride's girlfriends. This option is suitable for girls who have approximately the same figure / height parameters, and if friends do not mind the same outfits. If girls have different types of figures, then choose different styles of dresses, achieving a single image using a single color palette.

Wedding dresses of girlfriends of the same color and style

A great solution for dressing up a girlfriend for a newlywed transformer dress, providing the opportunity to create 50 different styles. This is a simple, economical option for outfits of friends. Having bought the same dresses for everyone, you will take into account the individual preferences of the girls, especially their figures, while maintaining the unity of the image of the newlywed's girlfriends.

Transformer dress for newlywed girlfriends

The color scheme for the outfit of the bridesmaid is chosen based on the format of the wedding and the preferences of the bride and groom. Delicate shades of pink, lavender, sky blue, green, mint, silver or brighter colors of turquoise, fuchsia look great. Depending on the effect that the bride wants to achieve, the color of the dresses can vary from pastel to saturated colors.

Solid bridesmaid dresses

Black / white color for outfits of bridesmaids - traditional, wedding colors of the newlyweds. Choosing these colors, choose accessories of contrasting colors to the outfits of your friends, consistent with the image of the newlyweds. For example, blue silk ribbons, matching the tone of the bride’s bouquet, or black dresses - yellow shoes / accessories, in the same style with the accessories of the future wife, will suit white dresses, as in the photo below.

Black outfits of bridesmaids

Not only monophonic options for outfits look great, but also dresses made of fabric with different patterns. Geometric shapes, floral print or pattern. «peacock feathers», as in the photo below, the individuality and beauty of the girls are emphasized. When choosing colorful dresses for friends, pay attention so that the picture is not too large and bright, otherwise all the guests' attention will be on the dresses, and the girls themselves will remain in the shade.

Dresses for girlfriends with a pattern on the fabric

Choose the length of the outfit of friends to your taste. A convenient format for the hem of the dress is knee-length, it does not interfere during the holiday, it suits almost all types of girls' figures. Another popular length option is maxi, dresses with such a length also go to all the girls, successfully hiding the flaws of the figure. The length of the outfit for the bridesmaid can be different, then the harmonies in the outfits are achieved by a single color scheme, as in the photo below.

Dresses bridesmaids of different lengths

Having decided on the color, style of the outfit, choose an evening hairstyle for the bridesmaids, emphasizing the created image. Etiquette hairstyles should be the same or in the same style. Keep in mind that this role involves many responsibilities during the wedding, so when choosing a hairstyle, focus not only on beauty, but also on functionality, convenience, so that the styling is preserved throughout the wedding celebration.

Options for hairstyles for girlfriends of the future wife

Bandages and flowers on the hand of girlfriends

To complement the image of the bridesmaids will help a variety of accessories that have in common with each other and the outfit of the bride and groom, for example beautiful, stylish bandages and flowers on the girls hand. Compositions of flowers, beads, silk ribbons perfectly emphasize the image of a friend, distinguish her from the general mass of guests, will look great during a wedding photo shoot.

Handbags for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in red

Red color is a great choice for dresses of bridesmaids at a wedding celebration, organized in bright colors. Many shades of red allows you to choose a color for every taste: from bright scarlet to rich crimson. Choosing this bold color for dresses, avoid too candid styles of dresses, so that the image of the bride's friends is stylish, bright, elegant.

Examples of bridesmaids outfits in red

Duties of Bridesmaids

The bride’s girlfriend is a responsible, important role at the wedding, which has many responsibilities, it is the personal assistant of the bride and groom, in fact the organizer of the wedding. On the «position» usually the closest friend or relative is appointed, whom the future wife trusts completely, unconditionally. If the bride has several such friends, then select the most responsible one, who will lead and manage the rest of the girls, distributing responsibilities between them, resolving internal disputes and disagreements.

Wedding responsibilities of girlfriends:

  • Help the newlywed in choosing a wedding image, and in the future all the attributes for him: a wedding dress, shoes, veil, jewelry, hairstyle.
  • Discussion, coordination of all the nuances with the stylist, hairdresser, makeup artist and other personnel involved in the pre-wedding preparation.
  • Help with sending out wedding invitations.
  • Organization of a bachelorette party for the bride, taking into account the taste preferences of the bride and groom.
  • Preparing and conducting a ransom: script, participants ’speeches, roles, rehearsals, props.
  • Preliminary preparation and decoration of premises: bride’s apartment, banquet hall, hotel room.
  • Collaboration and assistance to wedding planners or wedding agency representatives, if involved. Otherwise, it takes on all of their functionality, negotiates and discusses the details with the host, photographer, musicians, staff of the banquet hall.
  • Purchase of wedding accessories (figurines for cake, locks), and further control over their timely use.
  • Monitoring the time frame during the wedding, observing the rules of the day so that the couple in love is not late for registration, a photo shoot or in the banquet hall.
  • The solution of any organizational issues arising from relatives, guests, staff on the wedding day.
  • Help and moral support for the bride throughout the holiday.

The dance of bridesmaids and bridesmaids

Group dance of girlfriends and the bride and groom will be a wonderful gift for the groom and wedding guests, diversify the wedding banquet, allow the girls to show themselves in all their glory. What to choose? Passionate flamenco or fiery salsa, sexy belly dance or a cheerful twist - you choose. A group performance of bridesmaids is always a spectacular show that will not leave anyone indifferent in the hall.

A great option for wedding dance, see the video:

Wedding greetings from bridesmaids

Congratulations from girlfriends is an important part of a wedding celebration. The friends need to decide in what format they will congratulate the bride and groom: a song, poetry or just sincere words of wishes. It is advisable to prepare and rehearse everything in advance, then the congratulation will be successful, leave fond memories, all the guests of the wedding will be remembered for a long time.

A beautiful example of a wedding gift from bridesmaids is in the video:

Video: DIY bracelets for bridesmaids

Bracelets for bridesmaids are easy to make with their own hands. Use wide lace as the basis of the bracelet, decorating it with various decorative elements: satin ribbon bows, mother-of-pearl beads and beads, artificial flowers made of silk, organza, nylon, paper or foamiran, polymer clay, gold or silver pendants, figures on the theme of a wedding celebration . Use your imagination to the fullest, then the decoration will turn out beautiful, stylish, original.

Watch the video a master class on making a do-it-yourself bracelet - a wedding accessory for friends.

Bridesmaids in identical dresses photo

Bridesmaids in identical dresses