Elegant wedding dresses features of choice for mothers, bridesmaids, for little girls and pregnant women with photos


Each girl wants to look delicious daily, but she carefully chooses outfits for grandiose celebrations. A wedding is a holiday for which not only the newlyweds are preparing, organizing the event, but also the guests, choosing gifts, preparing congratulatory words and looking for decoration. The last point is more about women, they want to look delightful on the day of the holiday, second only to the culprit - the bride. Thanks to a wide range of elegant dresses, everyone will be able to choose the perfect one, suitable in all respects.

Beautiful wedding dresses

Features of the choice of dresses for wedding guests

The choice of wedding attire has its own characteristics and depends on many factors, for example, the time and place of the celebration, what role you will perform at the holiday. When buying a wedding dress, it is worth considering:

  • The color of the decoration is black and white. This color scheme is a definitive taboo for the color scheme of the outfit. Black color is not suitable because such a robe would not be appropriate at such a joyful celebration. And white will distract attention from the hero of the occasion. Dresses of pastel colors, bright shades that are especially relevant in the summer period look beautiful and at the same time elegant. Do not write off the dark colors - blue, burgundy, brown, which are perfect for older women.

Colorful outfits for the wedding

  • Doubting the choice between a suit and a dress, preference should be given to the latter, it will help create a charming feminine look.
  • The dress should fit nicely on the figure, focusing on the merits of the girl. A well-chosen model will also help to hide flaws, if any..
  • The fabrics from which the decoration is sewn. Their choice depends on the season, for example, in winter a dress made of chiffon is hardly suitable, and in the summer it will not be appropriate to use thick knitwear.
  • Do not choose too shiny, defiant, open outfits. Firstly, it is a wedding, not a party in a club; secondly, the festival will be representatives of different generations, do not stand out with a frank neckline or a short mini. Choose a decent, feminine, elegant and modest outfit that will help emphasize all the charms.

Elegant dresses for a wedding celebration

How to choose an outfit for mom of the bride and groom?

Particular attention should be paid to the mothers of the heroes of the occasion, who help in preparing for the wedding, sometimes forget about their own attire, creating a charming image for the holiday. At an important moment - the day of the marriage of a son or daughter, mothers should look delightful, because they are primarily women, especially since they will pay attention to them that day. To help you choose your attire, you can invite a stylist or do his own searches.

Wedding dresses for mothers of the bride and groom

Mothers of the groom or the bride should definitely choose a dress as an outfit, forgetting about the idea with trousers and a skirt. An ideal option is an evening or cocktail robe, slightly below the knee or to the floor. Such decoration will help women to look stylish, elegant, evoking the admiring glances of guests. Do not choose too bright shades of outfits, pastel colors or saturated, dark colors are ideal.

The style of clothing can be absolutely anything, but it is important to consider several points:

  • It is better to choose outfits of a semi-adjacent silhouette, leaving tight-fitting models for younger guests. This can be a model with short or long sleeves, and in the summer, a dress with straps is quite suitable.
  • Long outfits made of light flowing fabrics or a sheath dress made of thick knit material look beautiful.
  • You should not wear outfits of your youth, it is better to buy something more modern, fashionable to fit harmoniously into the concept of a wedding.
  • Do not forget about accessories that can complement the image - beads, necklaces, rings.
  • When choosing a dress, it is important to remember, first of all, its owner should like it, she should feel comfortable, feeling like a real beauty.

Long elegant wedding dresses for mothers

Beautiful evening dresses for pregnant girls

Pregnancy is not a reason to refuse an invitation to attend the wedding of relatives or friends. And certainly you should not choose baggy outfits that are unlikely to bring aesthetic pleasure to a girl. Women are always beautiful, and during the expectation of the baby they look especially beautiful, attractive, so do not be shy about your situation. Designers took care of future mothers and created special clothes for girls in a position, both for every day and for holidays, so choosing a stylish decoration will not be difficult.

Elegant maternity dresses for the wedding

When choosing an outfit, a pregnant girl should consider several important nuances:

  • The dress should be made of natural, breathable fabrics so that it does not cause allergies, irritation, redness.
  • First of all, the girl should honor herself in a dress conveniently and comfortably so that he does not hamper movements, does not tighten.
  • Popular styles of dresses for girls in position are: Empire style, in the Greek style, trapezoidal.
  • The length of the outfit can be on the floor or slightly above the knees, depending on the wishes of the future mother.
  • There are no restrictions in the color scheme, but you should not choose dark tones. It can be bright plain dresses, with an original print or combined.

Little Girl Outfit Tips

The true decoration at the wedding are little girls who, in elegant dresses, delight the eye, inspire admiration and cheer everyone up. It is extremely difficult for young mothers who are going to a wedding party for the first time with a small child to choose an outfit, they are lost, what is better to choose, what to look for, choosing furniture.

Elegant dresses for little girls

When buying a dress for a little princess, it is worth remembering:

  • It should be as convenient as possible, not hamper the child’s movements, be made of natural fabrics.
  • It is important to teach a girl to be stylish, beautiful, true lady from childhood, so the outfit should be delightfully beautiful.
  • Holiday dresses with a large number of skirts, a corset or a long train are appropriate for the official ceremony, during the photo shoot, to take a memorable picture with the bride and groom. During a banquet, active dancing and entertainment, in which children are frequent participants, such decoration will not be very convenient. This can upset the child, so you should take more comfortable clothes just in case.
  • A wide range of holiday dresses for little girls, open up the opportunity for mom to dress her princess in the best dress.

What to dress bridesmaids for a celebration?

The marriage of a friend is a great reason to have a great time and buy yourself a new elegant dress in which the girl will shine at the holiday. The issue of choosing a dress is very relevant for bridesmaids and sometimes it is better to solve it together with the bride, so that in the future there will be no misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises. The main requirement for dressing for a girlfriend’s wedding is to be beautiful, stylish, but not overshadow the bride.

A recent tradition from Europe to dress girls in the same attire has already gained popularity in our country, so at many weddings it is not surprising to see several girlfriends in the same outfits. It can be completely identical dresses, the same styles, differing in color shades, or one color, but different models. It all depends on the wishes of the bride.

The same elegant dress for bridesmaids

For bridesmaids dresses, the categorical taboo is a white robe, if the bride’s wedding dress is sewn from snow-white materials. It is not advisable to choose black dresses, although this is a classic, which according to the idea is appropriate always and everywhere. If you really want to dress up in a black dress, then you should definitely dilute it with a bright accessory (for example, a color belt, a brooch flower).

Black outfit of bridesmaids

If the wedding is themed or decorated in a certain color scheme, then there will be no problems with the choice of color, the bride has already decided everything. The robe can be in the range that the newlyweds have chosen as the main one for the wedding celebration or in its shades. Bright outfits for girlfriends can not always be approved by the bride, but sometimes rich colors are simply necessary to create contrast and give the event a special charm.

The style and model, girlfriends are free to choose at their discretion, but, as a rule, this is a fitted dress to the knee from knitwear or light fabrics. Do not choose too frank, sexy dress, with a large neckline, from translucent fabrics or with an abundance of sequins. Then it will shine excessively in the sun, like a diamond, which is not entirely appropriate in the daytime. Beautiful, glamorous, elegant outfit will help to win the admiring glances of men, attract attention.

Elegant bridesmaids robes

Photo of a beautiful dress for overweight women in 2015

Chubby girls, shy of their magnificent forms, hide under baggy, sometimes ugly robes. Modern designers have taken care of the fair sex, who do not fit into the established standard «90-60-90», having developed a special clothing line for them. Due to the special cut and tailoring, it emphasizes the roundness of the body, focusing on the merits of the figure.

Dresses for the full can be of different styles and lengths - short knee-length, long to the floor, semi-fitted, fitted or loose cut. The color scheme of the decoration is not limited to any framework, but it is worth remembering that darker colors hide problem areas and do not attract excessive attention. A wide assortment will allow you to choose a robe that will appeal to a full girl, will sit well on the figure, emphasizing her merits, uplifting and making the lady more beautiful and delightful. Examples of such robes in the photo below:

Elegant dresses for obese girls