Black and white wedding dresses - 2020 models and accessories with photos


More and more brides refuse the traditional wedding snow-white dress and choose clothes of red, pink, blue and other shades for marriage. Black color in wedding dresses is a new fashion trend. This shade is especially effective in the image of the bride with a white palette. The black and white wedding dress looks aristocratic and visually makes the figure of the girl slimmer. Contrasting shades are great for creating the image of the bride. What are the models of black and white wedding dresses?

Options for Black and White Wedding Dresses

In 2015, some designers presented wedding models of the shade of the night - they will appeal to the shocking and bold newlyweds. But the snow-white furniture with contrasting inserts are perfect for all girls. A competent combination of contrasting materials can make the figure of a newlywed slender and proportional. Elements of the outfit of a black shade perfectly correct the problem areas of the girl’s figure. The following recommendations will help you choose the right black and white wedding clothes:

  • For brides with a pear-shaped figure, the combination of the black color of the skirt and the white top or fringing along the hips will make the image of the girl more harmonious, beautiful.
  • For brides who have hips already on their upper body, clothing with dark elements on the upper part and a white skirt is ideal.
  • Girls with wide shoulders can be visually corrected by wearing a raven-colored cloak that will blend in with the color of the festive attire.
  • To make the curvaceous look elegant, it is necessary to choose a style with a predominance of dark color on it.
  • Blonde girls with white skin will effectively look in wedding clothes with a light bodice and a dark bottom. Moreover, the white corset can be complemented by accessories shade of the night. For example, wear black gloves or a belt.
  • For brides with dark skin and dark hair, a combination of a black top - a light bottom.

Decorated with a bow or belt.

A fashion accessory is a bright belt for a dress. A satin ribbon of a black color around the waist against the background of a plain or two-tone material creates a beautiful accent in the image of the bride and groom and emphasizes the waist of a woman. The contrasting combination of a snow-white dress and a night-colored belt will make the image of a beauty walking down the aisle spectacular. The bright belt goes well with any styles of wedding models. This accessory is able to make a woman sophisticated, elegant..

Black belt on models for the bride

Black belt for bride dress

With embroidery or lace decor

Black embroidery on white material looks great. Patterns can adorn the upper part of the corset, the waist area, the hem of the skirt or be present in different quantities on the entire surface of the wedding model. The game of contrasting colors attracts attention and fascinates with its beauty. Lacy details on a white corset or upper skirt effectively accentuate the wonderful figure of a young woman. The guipure of color of night on a light fabric gives the dress an elegant look.

Black and white colors on dresses for brides.

Black and white colors on bridal models.

Decorated with flowers

Black floral print on a snow-white wedding dress suits the romantic image of the girl. Patterns of buds can adorn a corset, hem or unevenly distributed over all clothes. The contrast of white and dark shades gives the image of the newlywed a special solemnity and beauty. Dark flowers on the corset will effectively accentuate the waist, and vertical patterns of buds on the skirt will make the figure graceful.

A large dark print on the hem of the bride's outfit looks bright, original. Unusually, fashionably look floral applications of a dark shade on light wedding decorations. Models of the Greek style and A-silhouettes, decorated with elements of a contrasting white hue, are perfect for stylish and courageous girls. Accessories with dark-colored flowers look good on them..

Dark flowers on a white wedding dress

With ruffles or shuttlecocks

A wedding dress with frills will help hide full hips and emphasize a thin waist. The ruffles on the wedding dress will add a touch of romance to the image of a woman. Depending on the material and the method of processing the slice, the shuttlecock can puff or flow smoothly. Black edging ruffles look spectacular in combination with a white dress.

An outfit with a skirt, which completely consists of many tiers of lush, white flounces with dark trim, will give the woman a new look. In this case, the frivolity in the image attached to the ruffles is extinguished by a black satin strip at their edges. The girl will look sublime, solemn in such a model. No less impressive is the combination of a small amount of white ruffles on the bride's black clothes. Wedding clothes with a predominance of a dark shade look elegant and aristocratic.

Black and white colors in shuttlecock models

Black and white print dress

Wedding black and white outfits with drawings and patterns are the choice of fashionable, extravagant girls. The print can decorate the entire surface or focus in one part of the clothing (on the waist, skirt, corset). Geometric shapes, abstraction, or even photos of famous people can adorn a black and white wedding outfit. The bride in clothes on which contrasting patterns will look stylish and original.

Print on black and white wedding clothes

Dress with a black skirt and white bodice or vice versa

The bride, dressed in a white skirt and black bodice or vice versa, looks solemn, strict and unusual. The combination in the dress of different fabrics looks original. For example, a black full skirt can be made of dark tulle, and a corset made of white lace material. Great opportunities for visual correction of the figure are provided by models with a contrasting top and bottom. The combination of a black skirt and a white corset will help to visually reduce the volume of the hips, and the opposite combination is suitable for girls with physique «an Apple».

Black and white newlywed outfit

Short dress

A wedding black and white outfit longer than knees can be a fashionable and ideal solution for brides who have a beautiful figure and slender legs. A short skirt will bring lightness, naturalness, romance to the image of the newlywed. A white outfit can effectively decorate a wide black belt or bow, a black-colored print with flowers or other patterns. Beautiful lush flounces or small ruffles with contrasting trim will add brightness, elegance to the image of the bride and groom.

Wedding black and white clothes

Asymmetric black and white dresses

Models for the bride and groom with an asymmetric cut will help to hide many shortcomings in the figure. And if black and white fabric is used for their manufacture or a contrasting shade is used on light fabric, then girls of any physique will look irresistibly, beautifully in them. Asymmetry of a skirt, sleeves, neckline neckline, oblique connection of different-sized pieces of fabric - all this is used to create original wedding dresses.

A fashionable trend in wedding fashion is the use of an asymmetric arrangement of drawings, prints on clothes. Contrasting white and dark blocks are perfectly combined in wedding models. Asymmetric cut on one shoulder looks good in black and white. An oblique bodice can be supplemented with a flounce, drapery, contrasting inserts. It looks interesting black and white wedding dress, whose skirt is long in the back and short in front.

Asymmetric wedding black and white patterns

Accessories for a wedding dress in black and white

Black and white accessories will make the image of the bride harmonious, complete, add him a special charm. A bouquet of a newlywed in this contrasting palette is best made out of artificial flowers. If it’s important for you that during the celebration you have fresh flowers in your hands, then give preference to white bouquets of roses or peonies.

A coal-colored shade of gloves, a veil, a veil, a hat emphasize the individuality of the newlywed and will perfectly combine with contrasting colors on clothes. Under such an outfit fit black and white shoes or white shoes. Wedding makeup is best done with an emphasis on the eyes. To do this, you can use classic makeup with black arrows. Manicure in soft white tones is perfect for black and white clothes, and the contrasting shades in the accessories for hairstyles are perfect for the general style of the newlywed.

Wedding accessories in black and white

Photo models black and white dresses

The prejudice about the appropriateness of black for the image of the bride is a thing of the past. This opens up space for designers to embody their bold ideas in their collections. White wedding models with a black print, a belt, a bow will make the girl unique, beautiful. A combination of contrasting colors of the bottom and top will help to hide the flaws of the figure of the girl. See a selection of photos that confirms the presence of similar trends in the third millennium.

Newlywed in black and white outfit