How to arrange a bachelorette party on the eve of the wedding?

If before there was no question: “How to arrange a bachelorette party?” And it was customary to cry on this day, now it is rather the other way round - to have fun. But, what then, what now, the entrance to men at the bachelorette party is strictly prohibited.

“Why not cry at the bachelorette party,” some will ask, “suddenly it will help you find happiness.” No, no and no, don’t hope, now happiness is in your hands, because it was you who chose your husband, and therefore you have no one to complain to and no vote. Particularly superstitious, you can cry "for the order", tears well relieve tension of the nervous system due to the bustle of recent days. May these be tears of joy from happiness overwhelming you. You marry a prince, share your experience and methods of breaking men's hearts with your friends. Remember how you met your beloved. So in a close circle of girlfriends, for conversations and goodies you can spend an evening and not rack your brains, how to arrange a bachelorette party before the wedding.

If you want to "come off" like the last time, "that it would not be excruciatingly painful" for missed opportunities, then visit a nightclub disco, dance to the limit or book a sauna, buy a beer, book massage therapists. In the end, now, you can still afford it. Using a very common example of stag parties, you can throw a feast both at home and in the country. Remember how in the movie: friends order a huge cake for the groom, and at some point a beautiful girl jumps out, starts to perform an erotic dance. So you can order such a cake, only with a male stripper. How to arrange a bachelorette party is entirely up to you. Think about it, maybe there will be unfulfilled wishes that you have long dreamed of, tell your girlfriend, a witness, about them and she might figure out how to please you. After all, a party can be organized on almost any topic with rich imagination.

Do not invite relatives to the bachelorette party in the circle of your girlfriends from the groom. Stories about your "pranks" will surely reach the ears of all members of their family. You can spend not one hen party, but several. For colleagues or co-workers, for relatives and neighbors. It is customary for girls to give the bride any small memorable gifts. The bride, in turn, also gives something memorable to her guests.

What to wear? Clothing style depends entirely on how to arrange a bachelorette party. If you decide to spend time in nature, then you are unlikely to be able to demonstrate a new evening dress. If you decide to go to the sauna, then the clothes should match, and leave a chic suit and stilettos for a bachelorette party somewhere in a cafe or restaurant. Maybe you decide to arrange a bachelorette party in a relaxed atmosphere, to shine on his relaxation and rest, then off makeup. Naturalness and comfort. In women's society, you can relax.

Do not forget that before the wedding itself it is not advisable to arrange a bachelorette party anyway, especially if you want to have a good time. Girlfriends, too, like you need a rest. After all, they still have to bother around you all the solemn day, so do not take on them various cares for organizing a wedding, decorating the hall, preparing dishes, etc. Adults will take care of this..

Do not try to find out from the groom how he spent the bachelor party in detail, and even more so to come there during it. So the scandal is not far, you never know what you might not like!