How to spend a bachelorette party according to old customs


Everyone knows that collecting a bachelorette party is a long-standing wedding tradition.

How did hen party in those days?

An indispensable condition for a bachelorette party was to cry. It was believed that if a girl does not cry before the wedding, then she will cry all her life. Therefore, the bride gathered girlfriends and relatives and wailed a special text, very plaintive. Such lamentations took shape over many centuries and passed from mouth to mouth. Their content was aimed at parting with youth, virginity, freedom.

Imagine how it happened then. Only the girl was caught up, they invited the mourner, she was also called the elder - it was she who decided how to spend the bachelorette party. This mission was entrusted to some old maid or woman with a special talent to perform compassionate songs. In addition to certain acting data, the elder woman had to have a pleasant voice and manners. The bridesmaids also participated in singing, and therefore, the novice had the skills to manage the choir.

The main task of the mourner, as it is already clear, was to make the bride cry sobbing, "howl." It is clear that such talents are not given to everyone and therefore, good elite was a rarity. Among the people, such a woman enjoyed special respect and honor..

How did hen parties, which often lasted for several days?

All this time, the elder was inseparable from the bride. Women and girls participating in a bachelorette party came to the bride's house, or the bride accepted an invitation from one of the relatives and went to visit her along with the elder. Receiving guests in her house, the bride treated them to wine, presented them with belts and "entertained" with loud heartbreaking songs and lamentations. Well, when some aunt invited her niece - the bride, as if to say goodbye to girlhood, or perhaps so that the family could rest from a mournful howl, the bride went on a visit with the elder and the girls, as they spent the bachelorette party this day at the aunt.

Leaving the parental home, the bride sang a song, asking her father and mother for permission to leave the house and go on a visit. It was difficult for parents to disagree. If it was summer, the whole team went on foot to sing compassionate songs somewhere in the fields along the way. In winter, you won’t sing much - on a sleigh, and even in the cold. The girls took a warm pillow from felt for the bride with them, so that everyone could distinguish her in the company of other girls. If a traveler met on the way of the "mobile bachelorette party", then the bride was seated on a pillow and began to sing one of her suffering songs, which described the bitter fate and upcoming difficulties of the female share. When they reached the aunt’s house, the choir of girls, under the direction of the elder, sang something like this:

Mother mother, you didn’t want
Me, sad girl, on the bridge to freeze.
Fingered my frisky nipples with frost
Yes to the bridge, yes to viburnum froze.
Frozen something my little white hands
To the bracket, but to the iron

Modern options for how to spend a bachelorette party are very different. Everything happens quite the opposite. Girls come up with an entertainment program that would have fun and sincere time. Even now you can arrange some hen parties. At work with colleagues - women, at home with relatives and neighbors and with girlfriends. To avoid possible troubles, do not invite relatives of the future husband to the non-formal bachelorette party. It is not known in what interpretation they will later tell the bridegroom what was happening. The time for the bachelorette party usually coincides with the time for the bachelor party - two to three weeks before the wedding. But this is not important, because how to spend a bachelorette party and when - you decide. The organization of the event decided to deal with the witness. The age of the bachelorette party participants does not matter, if only the female staff you invited get along well with each other.

For a bachelorette party you will need a separate wedding outfit. It can be both an evening dress and sportswear. It all depends on how to spend a bachelorette party.