Jewelry for men


Usually by jewelry we mean something feminine. However, for centuries, men's jewelry has been in great demand not only among the fair half of humanity. Among kings and pharaohs, precious jewelry symbolized power and authority. Depending on what kind of people, estate, team, brigade, detachment a man wears a certain sign of belonging, as a rule, some kind of jewelry, which could also mean his achievements.

History shows that men wore jewelry for various reasons. Most wore and are wearing them for aesthetic reasons, as a complement to fashionable clothes. At the same time, the tradition to use men's jewelry as an indicator of social status, social status and, of course, marriage status.

Men's wedding rings

One of the most common men's jewelry. In addition to the usual ring shape, recently wedding rings topped with a diamond are widespread. In this case, the husband’s ring is thinner, less rich in precious stones than his wife’s. As a rule, men prefer rings of a classical form, without unnecessary details.

Men's Accessories

But even without a wedding male ring there is no end to the list of those things that adorn the formidable face of a strong half of humanity (in more detail about wedding men's accessories).

List of the most popular men's accessories: - cufflink
- bracelets
- money clip
- rings
- clock
- earrings
- chains

Looking for precious upscale jewelry for men

Finding a quality jewel is not as difficult as it seems. Especially in our advanced time, when sitting at home on the couch on the Internet you can find out everything about everyone.

Here are some simple tips for choosing diamond rings. There are a number of important parameters that you should pay attention to: shape, color, transparency, and the number of carats. The main forms of diamonds: - circle
- oval
- pear
- marquise (rectangle)
- emerald

The color of the stone is also an important parameter. The most common colors are yellow, blue, and green. All diamonds have shades of these three colors. The most considered stone is the one in which these colors are least noticeable. If a gemstone has barely noticeable cracks on the male ring, then transparency is within the normal range. The weight of the stone is measured in carats. This parameter will directly affect the cost of the ring: the higher the carat value, the higher the cost of the gem.

Other signs of the quality of the male ring are: price, work complexity and uniqueness. Antique jewelry will no doubt be a wonderful choice for people looking for something unusual and unique. As a rule, antique jewelry guarantees high quality, which is time-tested..

Precious Care Tips

Having obtained the coveted jewel, you need to take care of it so that it can go through your whole life with you. To do this, regularly wipe the dirt accumulated on it. It is better to use special cleaners, or wipe with a cloth dampened in alcohol. You can also brush with a simple toothbrush. And, of course, do not forget to put on the purchased jewelry. After all, they are for this purpose. It is best to store men's jewelry in boxes specially designated for this. A bread box or boudoir branch is not a good place to store jewelry.

Finally, about men's jewelry

When you buy men's jewelry, do not rush to the choice. Try to get acquainted with the widest possible range of jewelry. Shopping for these kinds of things can be fun. Perhaps you will be able to buy a man’s jewelry that will become your heirloom, and will be passed from one generation to another..

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