Wedding rings: fashion trends 2020


The individuality and exquisite taste of modern newlyweds can be traced in literally everything. The complicated process of choosing wedding rings is no exception. Young people strive to make a non-trivial choice that will become the talisman of their family happiness.

Wedding rings

We offer you to find out which wedding rings are in trend this season.

Fashionable models of wedding rings

In recent years, demand for engagement rings has been increasing. A man presents such a ring to a girl with a marriage proposal. The girl wears an engagement ring until the very wedding. On the day of marriage, an engagement ring can be worn over the engagement ring. From here follows the most relevant trend for the last three years - trilogy rings.

Sets or trilogy rings

Sets are sets of wedding rings for the bride and groom, made in the same style. The engagement ring and the engagement ring are combined into a single whole. Such rings can be made of one or different metals. You can find paired sets with stones and ornament.

Trilogy rings or sets

Smooth rings

New, well-forgotten old, smooth rings are once again returning to bridal fashion. Smooth rings are wide and narrow. They are somewhat reminiscent of Soviet wedding rings that our parents once chose. Modern sleek rings can also be slightly convex. These are the simplest and most classic wedding ring models..

Smooth Wedding Rings

Rings with colored stones

Although wedding rings with stones are not very popular, like several years ago, they are not going to go out of fashion. Rings with ruby, sapphire and emerald look very unusual and attractive. You will find a wide selection of rings with colored stones by looking at any decent online jewelry store..

Ring with colored stones

Exclusive rings

If among the list of wedding rings offered by shops and catalogs you cannot choose the appropriate ones, then try to make your own sketch of the rings that you would like to wear. This makes it possible to acquire unique and exclusive accessories, the owners of which will be only your couple. Skilful jewelers will help to make such rings..

Exclusive Wedding Rings

Designer rings

Presentations of wedding rings are held annually at the jewelry exhibition. The rings from eminent designers are presented to the general attention. Surely, among the luxurious assortment of rings, you will find the ring that you and your chosen one will like. As a rule, such exhibitions feature economy-class models and vip models of wedding rings, which means you can find what you like and can afford.

Designer Wedding Rings

Coarse Rings

A new trend in wedding fashion is coarse-cut rings, the appearance of which we owe to Italians. The processing of these rings preserves the unique charm of a natural metal or gem. Here asymmetry, pretentiousness and imperfection of lines are acceptable. Despite the originality of these rings, they are relatively inexpensive.

Coarse Rings

Vintage rings

Vintage rings are considered especially popular in 2014. These antiqued rings are usually narrow, and in the middle there is a pebble. These engagement items give the impression of antiques. The perfect choice for a vintage wedding!

Vintage engagement ring

Engraved rings

Wedding rings with inscriptions do not lose their popularity among modern newlyweds. Engraving emphasizes the uniqueness and individuality of the product. Labels are applied to the inside or outside of the rings. Sometimes beautiful stones are placed between words.

Engraved ring

Multi-colored rings

Multi-colored wedding rings look very beautiful and sophisticated. Especially good rings with bright enamel. As a rule, the assortment of this type of rings is represented by products from base materials and a manual pattern. The style of these jewelry does not tolerate monotony.

Color wedding rings
Multicolored wedding rings

Whatever rings you choose, remember that family happiness does not depend on their type.