The difference between wedding rings and wedding rings


Since in ancient times there were two completely different rites: the betrothal and the wedding in the church, therefore, the rings were different for them. Why are these old customs and traditions lost in our time? Today at we’ll try to find out how wedding rings differ from wedding rings.

Nowadays, most people perceive concepts: engagement and wedding rings, as synonymous. However, this is the deepest error. Between these two types of rings there are fundamental external differences. Which ones, we learn further.

Wedding Ring - Happy Ending Romance

Perhaps this is the case. When a guy decides to give his girlfriend an engagement ring, he thereby confirms the words of his love and the conscious decision to switch to a more serious relationship. We can say that the engagement ring is not just a symbol of male love for the female, it is a peculiar result of the long process of choosing the only and faithful companion of life. A woman accepting such a precious gift thereby endorses this choice and agrees, subsequently, to tie her life in legal bonds with this man. So, a wedding ring is also a guarantor of men's words.

Wedding ring with heart

Often, the fate of a man may depend on the design of the engagement ring. And sometimes, in order to make a special impression on their chosen one and probably get her consent, men present a family jewel as an engagement ring.

Engagement ring

Previously, only the bride wore the wedding ring, since the unmarried girl was supported by her parents, and then her husband. Now the modern woman has no barriers, she can present a golden gift on a par with a man as a sign of her love, the portal is sure

The fundamental difference between an engagement ring is that it should be with a diamond. There are several varieties of wedding rings.

Sibling Wedding Rings

This type of ring is one of the most popular among newlyweds. With this arrangement of stones, diamonds are firmly fixed. The refined frame of this type of ring attracts the attention of many women..


  • reliable fixing of stones,
  • strict style,
  • modern look.


  • require a lot of time to manufacture,
  • quite expensive.

Wedding rings with stones

Engagement rings with an almost imperceptible base

Gemstones in these wedding rings are located close to each other. Just below them is a metal base, which creates the illusion that the surface of the ring is strewn with precious stones.


  • maximum brilliance and brightness,
  • presentable look.


  • with poor-quality installation of stones, they can fall out,
  • high costs in time and resources,
  • high cost of the product.

Wedding rings with a special nest mount

In this ring model, the metal base almost completely frames the diamond and at the same time securely fixes it. The popularity of such rings is growing from year to year..


  • a metal base surrounds the gem partially or completely.

Gemstone engagement ring

The wedding ring is a symbol of church sacrament

It has long been customary to make rings that were intended for weddings from different materials: a gold ring for the groom and a silver ring for the bride. Unfortunately, at present, only a few newlyweds adhere to such a wedding tradition. The main characteristics that distinguish wedding rings from wedding rings are presented below.

Classic Wedding Rings

Wedding rings should be as simple as possible, no pretentiousness and especially diamonds. As a rule, earlier on the inside of the wedding rings the words of prayer were applied, and not as it is customary to put the date of the wedding or the names of the young.

The wedding rings are assigned the main role in the church sacrament. Their omen is a symbol of mutual and pure love, loyalty to each other and readiness to come to the aid in difficult times..

Whatever decision you make: to buy two pairs of rings or one at a time, the choice will always be yours. Adhere to the traditions that are honored by your family and your ancestors. And may your marriage not be «marriage», a strong and happy conjugal union!