How to choose an engagement ring?

Engagement rings are usually used. gemstone rings, in particular with diamonds. Usually this is a thin ring of yellow or white gold. There are also combined and unusual rings, such as titanium). An wedding ring is also attached to them on the day of the wedding. Together with the engagement party, they seem to be one. Both together and separately, such rings look very unusual and beautiful. But, in general, there are no special rules for choosing an engagement ring, so the choice is entirely yours. But, dwelling on one or another version of the engagement ring, keep in mind that they wear it most often just before the wedding, and on the solemn wedding day before meeting the future husband, a ring that can be stored and transferred to your children later.

When choosing an engagement ring, it is very important not to make a mistake with the size. After all, these are not wedding rings that future newlyweds buy together. The most win-win option when determining the size is to take a little ring from your lover, and go to jewerely store. There you will be helped to take off the size of the ring, thereby facilitating the task when choosing an engagement "gift". But be aware that this method has its drawbacks. Firstly, if your beloved is going to wear a ring on the ring finger, you need to try to determine the most suitable size among all her rings. And, secondly, a girl may not like that you delve into her things if she inadvertently finds a loss.

More reliable move - put the ring on the paper and circle it. With this design, you can safely go to the jewelry store, where you will be offered a large selection of engagement rings for the size of the picture..

Another option is to put the ring on your finger, making a mark in the place where the ring will sit as tightly as possible. Next, pick up the engagement ring according to the mark on your finger.

The safest way would be to request a bridesmaid so that the girlfriend will clarify the size of the already specifically ring finger. But be careful. Try not to let your sweetheart guess anything.

The engagement ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand, but you can wear it on the finger that you like, especially if the groom made a little mistake about the size of the engagement ring (you can read about other wedding accessories here). After all, the main thing is that you and your chosen one know the real purpose of this gift.