Gangster wedding


Modern weddings are distinguished by their extraordinary organization. Newlyweds like it when a single style is observed at their holiday, they try to think through every detail that will create a thematic image of a wedding celebration. A vivid example of this is a gangster wedding, which is an interesting option for the conceptual organization of the holiday. Everything here corresponds to the chosen style: outfits for guests and honeymooners, motorcade, accessories, decor and much more. It is interesting to learn more about how to organize such a wedding..

How to organize a gangster style wedding

If you decided on a gangster-style wedding, then in order to comply with a unified concept, you will need to think through every detail long before the announcement of such wonderful news to guests. Divide the preparation process into several stages and perform each step in turn. To implement this recommendation, read some competent tips that will help you not to forget anything while preparing for the gangster style wedding:

Organization of a gangster wedding ceremony

First of all, decide on the budget that you are ready to allocate for your own wedding.
Having identified the exact number of guests that you will invite, send them thematic invitations in a gangster style, indicate in them the need to follow a certain dress code.
Carefully consider what outfits the bride and groom will have. Plan gangster images with matching accessories in advance.
The design of the banquet hall should also match the style of the gangsters, so think about which decorations you choose.
Do not forget about the wedding cake, which will be performed in the best traditions of real mafiosi.

Wedding outfit for the bride

Choosing a wedding image for the future wife, corresponding to a gangster wedding, it is better not to consider options with a magnificent dress in style «Princesses» with a long train or dress in style «Fish» and the like. A tight-fitting outfit on the floor, decorated with shiny embroidery with lurex on a corset, or a silk dress in the style of an empire, will be relevant here..

If you are among the courageous extravagant brides, then a high cut on the dress to the thigh will be very relevant and appropriate to emphasize your femininity, strong-willed character of the gangster companion. For additional accessories, use fishnet stockings, white gloves, a long string of pearls around the neck, a hat with a veil, high-heeled shoes.

Gangster style in the clothes of the bride.

Gangster style groom

In the wedding image of a gangster-style groom, a strict men's suit of dark color, possibly with a striped pattern, would be appropriate. Wear a white shirt under the jacket, over which suspenders will be fastened. It is better to exclude a tie or bow tie. Carefully choose your shoes: these can be classic-style shoes in black and white patent leather. Remember to use the appropriate accessories:

pocket watch with chain,
cuban cigar,
male gangster hat,
black cane with a beautiful handle,
red socks.
A black mustache will be appropriate (you can glue artificial ones), and gently comb your hair back, generously smearing it with hair gel or briolin, so that everything is the same as the heroes of the famous gangster movie saga. Characters that should be guided in gangster behavior and manners for you can be the heroes of the famous film «Godfather».

The image of the gangster groom

Dress code for guests

Guests must also follow the gangster style at your theme wedding. Women can choose for themselves shiny evening dresses on the floor, short furry stoles on their shoulders, long lace or velvet gloves. Among the additional accessories, original hats, long cigarettes with a mouthpiece, and beautiful pearl jewelry will be appropriate. Men should wear formal suits of dark color with accessories that meet the gangster style: suspenders, large prints, pocket weapons, exclusive watches, formal hats, cigars.

Outfits of gangster guests at a wedding party

Gangster Wedding Design Ideas

The era of gangster times was filled with gang warfare, an extravagant gangster style of behavior for men and women, dancing to jazz music, harsh days of Prohibition, beautiful retro cars, and cabarets or casinos were popular entertainment venues. But in fact, there are a lot of ideas for implementing a wedding in compliance with gang themes, it all depends on your imagination and preferences. See below for the best way to customize invitations for guests, a banquet hall and a wedding cake..

Invitations for guests

Invitations for guests of honor - this is the first thing with which the festive anticipation of the wedding begins. This attribute notifies your relatives and friends about a wonderful life event, and also conveys the atmosphere and mood of the upcoming celebration. Therefore, it is important to consider what design you will choose for an invitation in the Chicago style, so that guests immediately understand the theme of the wedding. Some interesting ideas on this subject:

Invitation using a secret message. It is worth recalling from the famous gangster movies that gangsters liked to inform their opponent about an event: they cut letters of different sizes from newspaper strips and stuck it on a sheet of paper, forming the necessary anonymous text. You can take this idea as the basis for making gangster invitations to guests for your own wedding.
Invitation with photographic film. Another secret message that gangsters love so much. Take an ordinary canister for a film, open it and wrap a paper ribbon with an invitation text for each guest on a special inner part.
Retro invitation gangster style. Take a light wallpaper with a floral pattern, cut the required size piece, which will serve as a postcard. Dip it in tea and dry in the sun. So you get the perfect aged paper on which you can print an invitation text to guests at a gangster party about your wedding. Attach to each postcard a joint photo with the newlyweds, also previously aged (using Photoshop, for example).

Gangster Wedding Invitations

Banquet room decor

In order for a wedding feast to be decorated in a gangster style, it is best to initially choose a restaurant with beautiful retro-themed decorations and furniture. Such details include the following interior items: black and white photographs of bandits of the 30s of the last century, huge crystal chandeliers, antiques, paintings, black and red soft furniture, etc..

However, such a wonderful opportunity is not always presented, and you have to choose from the available options of local restaurants. In this case, you will have to experiment on your own and try to recreate the necessary atmosphere of the wedding using the decor of the banquet hall. Read on for a few jewelry tips to help you stay in your gangster style:

Gangster ballroom decoration

Completely exclude the option of using balloons and other romantic elements as a decoration for a banquet hall.
Create an intimate atmosphere in the room with appropriate lighting (dim light).
If possible, print black and white large-format portraits of the bride and groom and hang them on the walls of the restaurant. It will be appropriate to use the sepia effect during the production of such photos. In addition to portraits of the newlyweds, you can use posters of old landscapes of the city of New York, popular stars of the 30s of the last century.
To create a cozy atmosphere in the restaurant, use in large quantities various boas or feathers, ancient candelabra with heavy curtains on the walls.

A wedding cake

To make a wedding cake on the eve of the wedding, meet with the pastry chef and discuss all the details that will need to be used in the design of the dessert in a gangster style. Modern cooking possibilities will make it possible to decorate the cake in the necessary black and white color scheme using bright red flowers, for example, roses. Let the crown of the wedding dessert be crowned not with traditional figurines of the bride and groom, but, for example, with an extravagant edible black men's hat or a revolver with cards.

Wedding Gangster Dessert

Gangster Wedding Accessories

Wedding celebration accessories traditionally include seating cards for guests, small personalized souvenirs or bonbonnieres, table numbering cards. All this should also correspond to the thematic style at the wedding for gangsters. Check out a few tips below to help you customize the accessories to keep your wedding style unified:

For souvenirs, guests use themed boxes in the form of a dice. Inside, put a deck of cards with photos of the newlyweds on «shirt» and small sweets, shaped like bandit bullets, dollar bills, fake.
Draw cards for numbering tables in the form of playing cards of different suits. An alternative idea to cards is vinyl records..
On the plate, for every gangster present at the wedding, put miniature bottles of whiskey, on which an inscription with his name will be glued. This original idea aims to replace traditional seating cards for guests..
To encourage guests to participate in various competitions, prepare gang prizes in advance. For example, lighters in the form of pistols, Cuban cigars, all the same decks of playing cards, pearl beads, mouthpieces, etc..

Accessories for a gangster wedding

Video: Gangster style wedding

Gangster wedding ceremony is a very beautifully decorated celebration, each of which attends plays an important role. This, one can say, is a kind of film that dips all those present in that era of reckless days. Watch an interesting video of a gangster-style wedding and you will see how amazing it really looks. Use the opportunity to catch this idea and translate it into your own gangster interpretation.

Themed wedding photo shoot

An additional point that should not be forgotten at your themed gangster style wedding is the newlyweds photo shoot. Be sure to capture your gangster-styled wedding to be able to create a wedding photo album and enjoy viewing it all your future life together. Such an important event cannot be left without memorable moments in photographs, so look at ready-made options on how it is possible to arrange a gangster photo shoot with beautiful frames.

Wedding gangster photo shoot