White roses for a wedding


Rose is a symbol of luxury and prosperity, poets sang it, and artists imprinted it on canvases. It's no secret that the rose is «Queen of flowers», therefore, it is loved by all and will be appropriate at any celebration. The noble appearance, the delicate scent of a rose of many women is crazy, and real men use it whenever possible. Even without knowing the woman’s tastes in relation to flowers, giving her a snow-white beauty is a win-win option. No matter how many new varieties appear, for this flower there will always be a place among the favorites.

Do white roses give a wedding?

Wedding is a solemn, extraordinary event. Guests traditionally come with flowers to give them to the newlyweds. Why shouldn’t there be white roses among the bouquets? These flowers are very symbolic, as light and tender as the bride herself, are a symbol of pure feelings and eternal love. Guilty celebrations will be very pleased to receive a bouquet of luxurious white roses from people close to her. A flower arrangement may contain from three or more odd units of buds.

Symbolism and meaning of white roses

Legend has it that Chloris (the goddess of flowers in Ancient Greece) decided to create a new flower and asked Aphrodite for help to share her beauty; Dionysus to give a charming sweet smell; three graces, so that they bring brightness, joy and charm. To top it off, Zephyr, the wind god, blew the rose to open its petals. Therefore, this flower has always been considered a symbol of true, eternal love..

In the language of flowers, sparkling white, like the first snow, a rose is considered the main symbol of purity, innocence, tenderness. A royal flower with a large cup, presented in a single copy, personifies ardent love. If there are additional unopened buds, then the value takes on a different shade: «I am not indifferent to you, but you are still too young for me». Any presented bouquet of white flowers confirms pure, sincere, impeccable love and admiration.

Where roses can be used at a wedding?

The main feature of the royal flower is versatility, this is its difference from other types of flowers. Use is possible not only in bouquets and buttonholes:

  • White flowers will look perfect in the bride's hairstyle, in the decoration of the room.
  • At an exit wedding ceremony, an arch decorated with a curly rose does not have the best analogues.
  • Upon exiting the registry office, the newlyweds are solemnly showered with rose petals.

And how not to mention the petals that sprinkle the path and room for the wedding night?

Wedding bouquet of white roses

The most significant wedding accessory is the bride’s bouquet, and snow-white roses are amazingly suitable for this mission. The floristic composition during the solemn day is in full view, therefore it should be impeccable. What is only the tradition of throwing the bride’s bouquet to unmarried girlfriends at the end of the holiday, and the bouquet should preserve not only the shape, but also the aroma.

As a rule, florists of the composition as well as its form, florists offer a choice, based on the style of the wedding and the style of the bride’s dress. White roses were and still are classic flowers for the wedding bouquet. In order to somehow shade, to give brightness to the bouquet, green blotches of leaves are made between the caps of flowers. The scarlet satin ribbon bandaging the bouquet will make it even more stylish, effective and interesting. The shape can be spherical with short stems or a cascade on a long leg.

White roses in a wedding bouquet

Floral arrangements of roses for table decor

If the banquet is held in a large hall, it is better to use tall bouquets so that the room does not seem flat. Vases should be narrow, long, transparent. This arrangement of colors is suitable if guests have small separate tables for several people. Then it’s convenient to put the vases on the edge of the table so that they do not block the view.

If guests are sitting at common long tables, then the bouquets must be made flat, not interfering with communicating and choosing dishes. Decoration with flowers in vases will be a bright touch in the design of the room. Next to the bouquets, an additional bright decor in the form of candles and decorations will look good. The most luxurious bouquet should be on the table of the newlyweds and occupy at least a meter of the surface of the front edge of the table.

Decoration of wedding tables with white flowers

Decoration of wedding tables with white roses

White roses to decorate the banquet hall

Florists sometimes take care not only of arranging bouquets for the bride, but also decorate the hall where the main celebration takes place. Having thought through, having agreed in advance all the little things, they elegantly decorate the premises for the wedding. For the effect of luxury drape the walls, chairs with fabric. Flowers are placed at the entrance, and along the perimeter of the hall, the drapery of the walls is diluted with small rosettes with bouquets. Floristic compositions hanging from the ceiling can cause nothing but delight.

White flowers in the style of the bride look especially good on a red or dark blue background of the fabric, because contrasting shades clearly distinguish each bud and petal. Flower arrangements are placed in floor flowerpots or on special stands. Created artificial trees, where the role of the crown is played by white roses against a background of green foliage, rose petals scattered across the floor will not cause much damage to the budget, but will set the guests in a festive mood. Even a wedding cake made in style «White Rose», will become a decoration of the hall.

White roses in the decor of the banquet hall

For decorating a wedding arch

If the arch was created for an outdoor ceremony in nature, then it is better to decorate it with snow-white roses of climbing varieties. Having made a translucent drapery of pastel colors, the flowers will advantageously combine with the general gentle style. For enclosed spaces, the arch is done behind the newlyweds. It can be mounted on the wall, consist of decorative greenery and white buds. Another option is when the arch is portable, and the frame is decorated with an abundance of flowers. The shape can be arched or in the form of a heart, which symbolizes strong feelings and love for many years.

Types of wedding arches with white roses

For decorating cars for a wedding

Decorating a wedding car with flowers requires a special approach. Modern newlyweds no longer attach once fashionable rings to the roof of the car. Instead, as an alternative, a hood decoration appeared with flowers, both living and artificial. If the car is not in bright colors, then the laid out heart of white buds will be the top of floral art. To create a general style on the front grille, green garlands are attached to the door handles.

Snow-white flowers in car decoration

Photo ideas for using white roses at a wedding

White roses are so delicate and versatile that it will be appropriate to apply them to decorate any sphere of wedding decor. Due to the genuine perfection and purity of these flowers, they are more suitable than others for a wedding celebration. Amazing bouquets in the hands of the bride or in vases standing in the hall, a garland in the form of an arch or on the hood of a car. Everywhere white roses are good, spectacular and captivating.

Wedding day white roses