What are family traditions and what are they?


Each family has its own indescribable atmosphere of love, understanding and warmth. Children born in families adopt this atmosphere. How does it arise? A similar halo in the family is created by family traditions, customs or laws of family leisure. Often, such laws take their roots from the family foundations of previous generations - they are strong and unshakable. Thanks to them, a feeling of reliability of family relationships is created, a strong connection arises between family members, close and trusting relationships are maintained, children feel family stability.

Joint trips to the countryside

What are family traditions: examples

Family traditions are regularly repeated actions of family members aimed at uniting intra-family ties and strengthening the family as the main foundation of society. Traditions are an indispensable attribute of family happiness and prosperity, reflecting the moral position of all family members. Each family is individual and has its own history. Family customs allow all members to feel their importance, devote time and attention to relatives, show respect and love for them.

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Examples of traditions: holding holidays together, thematic lunches on weekends, family trips, reading fairy tales to children at bedtime or singing lullabies, visiting church on Sundays or religious holidays, writing letters to Santa Claus on New Year's eve, baking Easter cakes for households, eating together and many others. Watch the video about the family customs of famous people:

What are family traditions and holidays?

  • Holding family holidays. This tradition has its roots in the distant past - for centuries it has been customary to spend holidays in the family circle with relatives and close people. The main such holiday should be called a birthday. In most families, it is customary to invite guests to the house that day, set the festive table, give gifts to the birthday person and certainly blow out the candles on the festive cake, making a wish. Family holidays include weddings, having children, baptism, etc..

Birthday party

  • Holding public holidays. They include everyone's favorite holiday - New Year. Most families practice the tradition of holding it together at a large table, with a salad traditional for our country «Olivie» and champagne. Children write letters to Santa Claus in which they ask for the desired gifts. Many families celebrate Easter by baking Easter cakes and lighting them in the church. Among nationwide holidays, World Workers Day is traditionally celebrated - May 1. On this holiday, most families go on a picnic and cook meat dishes on the grill..

Family New Year's Eve

  • Games with children. It is important that both parents take part in the upbringing of the child, play with him. During games, the child learns the world, acquires new skills, improves his physical and intellectual level. For example, according to custom, mom teaches her child to play chess every Saturday, and dad plays soccer with his son on Sundays. Children love stability, so try not to break the established customs.

Play with baby

  • Evening discussion of the past day. It is worth paying attention to this important point, because during the discussions everyone has the opportunity to share their successes, failures with relatives, get useful advice or parting words.
  • Sharing a meal. This tradition should be called the most important, because there is nothing nicer than a joint meal with family people. This family practice is practiced by many. During family breakfasts, there is a great opportunity to discuss plans for the day and recharge positively. A joint dinner will allow you to relax, enjoying the company of relatives, share your impressions of the day. It is advisable that, during joint meals, everyone present communicate, rather than watch TV.

Family meal together

  • Celebrating significant events. This beautiful custom makes it possible to celebrate such significant events for the family as an anniversary, name day, getting a diploma or leaving school, engagement, upcoming replenishment in the family. Such small holidays provide an opportunity to share happiness and joy with your loved ones, stimulate new successes..

Family celebration

  • Reading bedtime tales. This is the most important tradition in raising children, because fairy tales allow the child to develop his imagination, to know the world. In addition, daily reading of fairy tales before bedtime develops in the child a certain mode of going to bed. Even if the child is too small to understand the meaning of what he read, the calm and measured voice of mom or dad will have a calming effect on him. Such an evening ritual will calm even the most active children, contributing to a good sound sleep.

Reading fairy tales to children

  • Walks with the whole family. For the development of the physical abilities of the child, and maintaining their own, it is important to take joint walks. During such a walk, you need to communicate, you can consider the sights. In order to instill spiritual values, it is advisable to visit the cinema, theaters, museums, and exhibitions with the whole family. Such trips can broaden the horizons and increase the cultural level of the family as a whole..

Family walks

  • The tradition of kisses. To create an atmosphere of love, it is important to kiss your family and friends more often. It is advisable to kiss the children at least twice a day - in the morning when they woke up, in the evening - before going to bed. More frequent kisses and hugs are only welcome, even with an adult child, because with a lack of affection, children grow up callous. It is also important to wish all relatives good night before a night's sleep and good morning, waking up.
  • Joint trips to rest. Do not underestimate this type of leisure, because most psychologists recommend maintaining a good relationship on a regular basis. The main thing is to visit new cities and countries all together in order to escape from routine and everyday life, expand your horizons.

Sea holidays with family

  • Orthodox traditions. These include a joint visit to the church on Orthodox holidays or every Sunday, the celebration of Christmas and Easter, fasting, baptizing children, reading the Bible, prayers before bedtime, regular visits to deceased relatives.

What values ​​underlie family traditions

Family traditions generate and educate important values ​​in people: love for the family, respect for their families, caring for loved ones, a correct understanding of the family and its role in life. Non-observance of family customs and foundations can lead to weakening of ties between its members, to the destruction of family ties. Even the cell of society in which love reigns cannot exist without certain important and pleasant customs, for example, joint leisure.

The tradition of sharing

Traditions strengthen children's gratitude to parents and grandparents, while instilling respect for the older generation. To spouses, customs give a sense of stability, stability of family relations. L.N. Tolstoy said: «Happy is he who is happy at home». A person living in a family that respects tradition will certainly be surrounded by care, love, warmth and tenderness. With such a person, family well-being must be passed on to other areas of life..

Family traditions of different countries and peoples of the world

Each nation has its own special traditions relating to all spheres of life, and especially this concerns the family. This is due, first of all, to the fact that each nation or country has its own special geography, location, climate, history, unique culture, adheres to different faiths. All these factors influence the formation of cultural and family customs. Family traditions, in turn, shape the worldview and attitude towards life. Such family structures have existed for centuries, practically unchanged, moving from older family members to younger.

Custom meal

Family cultural traditions in Russia history and modernity

If we turn to history, it will become obvious the existence of many traditions in Russia. From time immemorial, the main family custom in Russia was genealogy - in past times it was considered indecent to not know a kind, and the expression was an insult «Ivan, not remembering kinship». An integral part of the family structure was the compilation of a family tree or family tree. Also known are such traditions of the Russian people as the transfer of valuable things from generation to generation and the criticism of a child by a name in honor of one of the respected ancestors.

Russian tradition of joint tea drinking

In modern Russia, the importance of family customs has been somewhat lost. For example, today you rarely meet a family that leads its own genealogy. Often, the memory of generations comes down to an album with photographs. But such wonderful traditions as a joint meal and holding joint holidays were preserved. Family customs and traditions in the Kuban still involve Cossack life, raising children in the spirit of a Cossack family.

Traditions in Germany

There is a stereotype that the Germans are extremely pedantic. The most strict traditions of the Germans belong to the family:

  • it is customary to treat your home with the utmost care, carefully removing it and inducing beauty in it;
  • it is not customary to leave grandchildren to raise a grandmother or grandfather - for this it is necessary to determine the monetary amount;
  • parents in old age do not live with children - carers take care of them or they live in special boarding houses;
  • for Christmas it is customary for the whole family to gather in the parental home;
  • Germans are prudent and economical, therefore, they have a tradition of putting off savings for old age, during which they usually travel a lot around the world.

German tradition of gathering with parents

In England

The British have traditions - these are three whales on which the Earth rests, so they honor them with special trepidation. Who does not know about the notorious English custom of drinking tea? Family gatherings and discussions are always held over a cup of real Earl Gray with milk. The British are Catholics, so they especially celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving, gathering with the whole family, preparing traditional dishes. It is necessary to name the tradition of giving the children a good education as a great tradition among the British. It is considered bad form not to send a child to a private boarding school or college.

Traditional Thanksgiving in England

In France

In France, the custom is widespread - on Sundays to gather at a common table, drink wine and eat. Of the holidays, the French like to celebrate Christmas, gathering in the parental home. Delicacies such as foie gras, salmon, seafood, iskariot snails and noble cheeses are always present at the festive banquet. The traditional drink for Christmas is champagne, and the dessert is «christmas log».

Christmas in France

In India

India is a country of the strictest family customs and traditions. Indian society is divided into social castes, therefore, the issue of marriage there is extremely unusual. The father of the family must choose the future groom for his daughter himself, she was given in marriage only to a representative of his social caste. A magnificent wedding celebration is more a duty than a desire. The bride traditionally had to provide a dowry. Divorces and remarriages in India were previously banned.

Wedding Traditions in India

Buddhist traditions have a great influence on Indian family life. According to them, a man should:

  • Show respect for your spouse.
  • Do not change.
  • Provide a family.
  • Teach children a craft.
  • Find the right pair for your children.

A woman should:

  • Respect your husband.
  • To raise children.
  • Perform all household duties.
  • Do not cheat on husband.
  • Fulfill all wishes of the spouse.

Tatar traditions

Tatars are Muslims, therefore family structures are based on the Sharia and the Koran. In Tatars, the creation of a family is considered a necessity, dictated by religion. It is interesting that after marriage, the husband receives full power over his wife, and the wife is dependent on him - she does not even have the right to leave the house without the consent of her husband. Divorces in the Tatars are extremely rare exclusively at the initiative of her husband. It is customary for children to bring up a wife, but they must show full obedience to their father.

Tatar relatives

What family traditions are important in raising children

Family customs play a crucial role in raising children. It is extremely difficult to inculcate traditions in an adult, therefore, their transmission from generation to generation from parents to children is a frequent occurrence. Children perceive the world as their parents do, therefore, the child's perception of the family as the main element of their life, as well as determining its place in the value system, depends on pleasant family customs.

Family reading tradition

The traditions of family reading before bedtime, singing lullabies, kisses at each meeting, joint lunches, walks will be useful. They define the concept of stability, the inviolability of family patterns in a child, give a sense of cohesion, and make children more gentle and affectionate. It is also important to instill in childhood the custom of respecting and honoring one's ancestors, visiting them regularly on holidays.

The custom of family communication

Proverbs and poems about family traditions

There are many instructive proverbs about family customs and traditions:

  • «What a treasure, when in a family».
  • «Children are not a burden, but a joy».
  • «When the sun is warm, when the mother is good».
  • «Not the mother that gave birth, but the one who raised».
  • «A family is strong when there is only one roof over it».
  • «The whole family together, and the soul is in place».
  • «The tree is rooted, and the man is a family».
  • «If my granddaughters may, I know fairy tales».
  • «Do not hide your failures from your parents».
  • «Honor your parents - you will not go astray».
  • «In a family where they help each other, troubles are not terrible».

Poems about the family, as well as traditions, see the photo below:

Family Verse

Family traditions are one of the most important aspects of everyone’s life, therefore it is so important to cultivate and support them in every way. Family life without traditions would be boring. It is wonderful when young families themselves, relying on the experience of the family life of their parents, adding to them their personal moments. The main goal is to get closer to the rest of the relatives, build a strong reliable family, as well as enjoy communication with loved ones. be happy!