What does the groom buy for the wedding?

Wedding day is an exciting event, involving significant financial expenses. Preparing for the celebration, the newlyweds must calculate the wedding savings, distribute who will be responsible for the specific costs of preparing for the wedding. The distribution of monetary opportunities between the families of the bride and groom occurs in different ways, and for each case it will not work to apply the same scheme. But over the centuries there have been unspoken rules that are still adhered to in the preparation of the wedding budget.

What wedding waste lie on the groom

According to the old Russian tradition, according to the agreement, the parents of the groom took responsibility for organizing the wedding, while the bride's side was preparing a rich dowry. There are currently no clear rules regarding this. It all depends on the level of monetary independence of the newlyweds and their beliefs. In most cases, they act according to the scheme where the future spouse pays for her costume, the bride’s bouquet, the design and rental of cars, rings, buttonholes.

Engagement and engagement ring for the bride

Responsible Acquisition Mission «engagement rings» entrusted by custom to the groom. The newlywed person buys the engagement ring himself. He, as a surprise, will hand over the proposal to the future bride. Choosing a wedding ring is also the groom's responsibility, but if you are not sure about the size and appearance, you need to do this together with the bride, but the lover collects the finance for payment.

The choice of rings is a serious decision, such a small accessory as a wedding ring can make important sense. When buying wedding rings, pay attention to such factors:

  • Design. The appearance of wedding rings can be different: classic, with decor, authoring - it all depends on the preferences and genre of the wedding. Rings for the bride and groom can be in the same style or different from each other, but at the same time make a harmonious couple, having in their design a common element: a pebble, the material from which they are made, the inscription.
  • Metal For such a ring, alloys are used - platinum, gold (white, red, yellow), silver.
  • Shape and width of jewelry. When buying wedding rings for a wedding, it is important to choose their size, breadth, shape. Illiterate products can visually make your hands coarse, ugly. Wide rings are suitable for long fingers, and a thin ring is suitable for narrow fingers.
  • Gems. Often engagement rings are encrusted with one large or several small gems. Choosing such a hoop, you need to pay attention to the stone itself, take into account its purity, weight, color.

When choosing wedding rings with precious stones, keep in mind that each of them has its own symbolism:

  • diamond - serious intentions;
  • ruby - harmony, mutual feelings, love;
  • sapphire - happiness in marriage, wealth;
  • emerald - prudence, fidelity;
  • amber - health, happiness;
  • topaz - strong relationships;
  • pomegranate - joy in the family;
  • amethyst is a stone of widows, it is better not to get it.

Buying rings for the wedding by the groom

Wedding suit for yourself

The groom’s suit should embody the owner’s personality, his character, taste, look so as to make the perfect composition with the bride’s dress. It is better to choose a robe for a wedding with someone from close friends or relatives, because you yourself are not always visible flaws in a jacket or trousers. An opinion from the outside will help determine the ideal style of the suit, but there are a few tips that you should always be guided in when choosing a jacket model:

  • A jacket with wide shoulders is not suitable for short grooms, and an elongated tuxedo visually shortens the growth even more.
  • Large men are not recommended to buy suits with a double-breasted jacket, it will look too bulky.
  • Classic suit «troika» - a suitable option for the groom of average build.

When trying on, pay attention to the length of the trousers. Ideally, it should end purely in the middle of the boot. So that the bride and groom together at the wedding make up a beautiful couple, a jacket, shirt, pants, tie and shoes, the newlyweds with their color scheme should be combined with the bride's dress. The following suit colors will be suitable for wedding ceremonies: beige, dark brown, navy, gray, black or light dresses of sand, brown, bluish, gray shades.

Buying a wedding suit

Bouquet for the bride and her bridesmaids

The choice of flower arrangement for the bride needs to be approached scrupulously, as well as her dress, hairstyle. The bride’s wedding bouquet will be with her during the whole celebration, at all wedding photosets. It should ideally suit the bride in style, be compact, light, not stain the dress, remain fresh and beautiful until the end of the event. To guess with the choice of flowers, ask your sweetheart what form of bouquet she would like to receive.

The flower arrangements of the girlfriends should not overshadow the bouquet of the bride herself. In most cases, all girls are made smaller copies of the newlywed's flower ensemble. Today, instead of bouquets, bracelets made of fresh flowers that are worn on the wrist are very popular, which will look very stylish and romantic, or for convenience - on the forearm. There is another interesting solution to the problem with a bouquet for a girlfriend - a spherical flower arrangement with a ribbon loop.

Floral arrangements for the bride and her bridesmaids

Boutonniere for yourself and friends

A small bouquet of the groom is a bright and necessary detail that makes any men's suit festive and truly wedding. To choose the right buttonhole, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • the bouquet should stand out against the background of the suit and be contrasting;
  • the size of the boutonniere can be in the range of 5-10 centimeters;
  • fresh flowers must be bought persistent;
  • the groom’s boutonniere should be in harmony with the bride’s bouquet;
  • for witnesses it is necessary to buy buttonholes of a more modest design than a newlywed.

Boutonnieres for himself and the witness are bought by the groom

Wedding procession

In order not to forget anything in a hurry, the groom should be responsible for organizing and paying for the wedding procession, laying the route, counting the number of cars. The only thing that needs to be clarified with the bride is a car model for her. All vehicles on the wedding day should be clean and decorated in the same style, do not forget to familiarize drivers with the upcoming route in advance, make sure that all guests have enough space.

Organization of the wedding procession by the groom