Italian wedding traditions


Italy is a country of contrasts: temperamental ladies, passionate men, burning feelings, on the one hand, and severity, conservatism, moral values, on the other. And above all this are the centuries-old canons of the Catholic faith. It seems that the air of this southern country is saturated with romance. In the traditions of the Italian wedding, modernity and strange customs are miraculously interwoven. Well, where else can you hear the serenades of the future bride under the window? What are the engagement traditions, especially Italian matchmaking?

Engagement - marriage proposal to the sounds of serenade

Serenade - Italian tradition of matchmaking

Classical traditions of marriage in Italian suggest a long period of courtship for the chosen one. Temperamental brides attach great importance to the groom's vocal abilities. In the Middle Ages were extremely popular «duels» applicants for the hand and heart in the form of the performance of night serenades under the windows of the beautiful donna. Reciprocating, the girl threw a flower to her beloved at her feet. And now this custom has not lost popularity. Having rather symbolic meaning, the courtship procedure begins with the performance of beautiful serenades in honor of the beloved.

Presentation of the engagement ring

Not so long ago, the usual engagement method was the banal abduction of the bride. Rooted in the distant past, during the time of Ancient Rome, this tradition helped to solve, among other things, the financial problems of the newlyweds: the lack of a large dowry for a girl or the presence of a significant income for her future husband. Italian wedding is preceded by a compulsory engagement of the young. The future husband presents the chosen one with a ring as a sign of tender feelings and serious intentions. Accepting a gift, the Italian bride emphasizes her favor.

Italian matchmaking

Italian Matchmaking Formalities

Conservatism, religious traditions are inherent in all spheres of life of the inhabitants of the Apennine Peninsula. Italy is a country where divorce is still rejected by the church, and family values ​​are sacred. Having received the consent of the beloved for marriage, the young man independently or through matchmakers asks for the hands of the beloved mother of the bride. The financial issues of the dowry, the wedding ceremony, other business aspects are discussed directly with the head of the family - the girl’s father.

Solemn reception in honor of the betrothal of young

Engagement is a sacred ritual preceding an Italian wedding. Parents of the bride give formal consent to marriage at a reception in honor of the betrothal of the young. By tradition, this event lasts until late at night. After obtaining consent for marriage from parents, a long preparation for the wedding begins. From the moment of engagement to the day of marriage, the girl is forbidden to visit the groom's house, being left alone with him. The Italian wedding is a civil list in the city hall and an obligatory church wedding of newlyweds.

The choice of day and month for the celebration

By tradition, Sunday is considered the best day for a wedding. Most modern Italian couples do not order marriage on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. It is believed that a marriage made these days brings misfortune and misfortune:

  • Militant Mars patronizes Tuesday. The wedding played on this day will bring ongoing conflict to the family.
  • Friday is the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Traditions promise tears, unhappiness to the bride who chose this day for marriage.

February wedding - traditions of successful marriage

Not everything is so simple with the seasons. Each month symbolizes certain feelings. So, winter is recognized as the best period for marriage, bringing immense love, respect, tenderness of feelings. May is considered the most unlucky month for the newlyweds. The Italian wedding, played in October, is the key to tender feelings, but brings failure in financial matters. Wealth, happiness, romantic trips promise marriages made in July, August, September.

Traditions and features of a wedding feast in Italy

Italian wedding implies «mixed system» marriage: civil painting in the municipality and a wedding ceremony in the church. Next, the young with invited guests are sent to a wedding banquet. For its holding choose a local Italian restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, a chic villa with a celebration in the fresh air or organize a reception in your own house.

Church Rite in Italy

How many guests are invited?

Cordiality is a hallmark of the Apennines. A small wedding is considered to be a reception with the number of guests from 50 people. If in large cities young people do not always adhere to traditions, then in rural areas at least one hundred people are invited to a wedding celebration. Snow-white tents decorated with flowers, live music, creating a festive atmosphere are integral components of an Italian wedding. Traditions say that if guests at a wedding feel at ease, have fun, and treats are to their taste - the marriage is blessed not only by heaven, but also by the love of relatives and friends.

Italian traditions - wedding reception

What should be on the table?

The traditions of hospitality mean not only the chic decoration of a wedding party: a wide selection of dishes and drinks symbolizes respect for the guests, admiration for the young couple, and a wish for a happy life to the bride and groom. Features of Italian cuisine determine the choice of dishes for each region. Unchanged on the tables of any corner of the country will be:

  • seafood snacks, cheese snacks;
  • traditional Italian pies with olives and cheese;
  • all kinds of pasta with a variety of sauces;
  • Italian wines, liquors - obligatory «the guests» at the wedding.

Dishes for an Italian wedding

Is it customary to hold contests and toast?

Sociable, cheerful Italians always congratulate the young on their marriage. The best gift is money. Wealthy parents can present real estate or a trip to a luxury resort on their honeymoon. Naturally, not a single Italian wedding is complete without toasts and congratulations. The entertaining part of the reception is opened by the bride’s wedding dance with her father. Competitions, the invited toastmaster - a rarity at such events. But funny dances, songs to the accompaniment of live music - another element of Italian wedding traditions.

Congratulations and dancing at an Italian wedding

Wedding dresses of the newlyweds at an Italian wedding

In recent decades, there has been a tradition of picking outfits for young people in a classic style: a snow-white dress of the bride, a black tailcoat of the groom. For a long time, the veil has remained unchanged, covering the young head. If a couple is limited to a civil marriage, according to tradition, the newlyweds dress much more modestly: an elegant suit, a dress for a girl in bright colors, a classic suit for a young man.

Traditions of Italy: wedding dresses of young people

Features of the Italian wedding take into account local traditions and customs. So, according to the customs of Tuscany, the bride’s wedding dress is black and her head is covered with white wedding dress. Corsican brides, representatives of the south of Italy, from time immemorial go down the aisle in a green wedding dress, symbolizing wealth, fertility, love for the native land.