Fancy Ring Pads


While preparing for the wedding celebration, the newlyweds try to do everything beautifully, in an original way. Often they choose unusual accessories for a wedding ceremony, celebration: glasses, decorated champagne, a book of wishes. Such attributes can give the holiday an individuality, a special mood, and unique things will be remembered by everyone present. Particular attention is paid to wedding rings, which are symbols of infinite love and fidelity, and therefore they are identified on special pillows. More about this in the article..

Wedding Ring Pillow Ideas

Wishing to stand out, the newlyweds include imagination and come up with original ideas on how to arrange a celebration, accessories. To create unique attributes on which wedding rings will be made, completely different materials can be used, starting from fabric of unusual texture, ending with natural wood, fresh flowers. A beautifully thought out and competently implemented creative idea will help lovers get an unusual accessory that will decorate a wedding celebration.

Pillows for rings hidden in a book

The accessory for rings, originally made in the form of a small pillow, hidden in a book, looks original. For the composition to be suitable and elegant, it is necessary to pay special attention to the choice of a book, which must be about love, the design of its cover. In the middle of a large volume there is a secret box cut out with special accuracy, where wedding rings can be located. In some cases, the pages of the book are cut out in the form of a heart, due to which the attribute looks even more romantic and unique.

Such an accessory is suitable for a themed wedding, which takes place in retro or vintage style. For those who do not want to spoil the book, a beautiful box or box decorated for the print edition can be used. A professional photographer will be able to beat the shooting beautifully, capturing a special moment of presenting wedding rings on an originally designed accessory, which will leave wonderful pictures and unforgettable impressions for those present at the ceremony.

Accessories for rings hidden in a book

Made from shell

For a wedding celebration organized in a nautical theme, you can not do without accessories designed in the appropriate style. A beautiful attribute for such rings can be made using a shell. An originally decorated pillow will complement the themed beach holiday and become a bright and memorable element on the day of the wedding. To give the attribute an individuality, it is possible to engrave the initials of the newlyweds or the date of birth of the family on it, decorate with pearls.

If it is impossible to find a shell, and you really want a wedding accessory that matches the style of the celebration, you can use the option of creating an artificial knitted or textile shell. Beautifully decorated product made by professional hands will become an attribute that will not only decorate the holiday, but also come in handy for a festive photo shoot.

Attribute for Shell Wedding Rings

Pillow of fresh flowers

It is difficult to imagine a wedding event without flowers, which can create a special festive, romantic atmosphere, decorate a room or accessories. Skillful hands of a florist are able to create a true masterpiece by correctly forming a composition using the selected colors, including a pillow for wedding rings. Such an attribute looks delightful, gentle and romantic, but it is important to consider some factors so that it fits perfectly into the general theme of the celebration:

For a pillow, you should choose flowers that would resonate with the bride’s wedding bouquet and groom’s boutonniere..
Such an accessory quickly loses its original appearance under the influence of temperatures, environmental influences and without water, so you should keep it in a cool place until the last moment.
A beautiful pillow will make the wedding process a magical action, decorate the holiday and make it unforgettable.

Natural Wedding Ring Pillow

In the form of a bird's nest

Wedding – it is the birthday of the new family, as if little chicks the bride and groom will fly away from their nest to create their own family. Symbolic on this day will be the use of the original pillow for rings in the form of a small nest. To create such a masterpiece, straw is used, tree branches that twist together, forming a kind of bird housing. As a decor, beads, satin ribbons, lace, sequins, figurines of birds can be used, which will make the attribute bright, elegant and unique.

Bird Nest Rings Attribute

Moss Ring Pads

The cushion made on the basis of natural moss looks bright. The green attribute against the backdrop of the snow-white dress of the bride looks magical, and the photos of the process of exchanging rings will be amazing. But it’s important to remember one moment, moss in the fresh air without enough moisture loses its beauty and freshness, so you should not make such an accessory in advance, and on the day of the celebration it is better to keep it in a cool place until the solemn moment.

Cushion for rings with moss

From real fruits and vegetables

For newlyweds who do not like boring, the same things that are found at every wedding, a pillow of fruit for engagement rings will be a great solution to stand out and get the glory of an extraordinary couple. An accessory based on fruits, vegetables, the newlyweds can do on their own – there is nothing intricate: if you like the whole fruit, peeled or cut in half, you need to decorate it with ribbons on which to hold, wedding rings, and put it on a plate. All attendees will appreciate and remember this attribute..

Fruit-based ring accessory

Pads made from tree slices

For lovers, adherents of eco-style and unusual accessories made using natural materials, pillows for rings created from cuts of trees will be an excellent option on the day of the wedding. An ideal decoration of such an attribute would be burning out the initials of lovers, a wedding date or a beautiful expression of love. To fix the rings, an ordinary thread, twine or satin ribbon will do. Although the accessory is made with simple materials, it looks beautiful and very romantic, and this is what you need for a wedding celebration.

Cushion rings for tree slices

Photo of unusual pillows for rings

Classic pillows for rings are less and less used at a wedding ceremony, every couple in love wants to come up with something original, unique, to stand out from the gray crowd. A wide range of existing accessories, as well as a little imagination, will provide newlyweds with the opportunity to make, find or order an unusual attribute that they will be proud of and admire. This is especially true for stylized and thematic events. Examples of original pads look at the photo below.

Wedding Ring Pillow Ideas

Fancy Ring Pads

Fancy Ring Pads

Fancy Ring Pads

Fancy Ring Pads