Wedding Agency: Make no mistake with the choice


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They are greeted by clothes, folk wisdom says, escorted by the mind. Also a wedding agency. Everything plays a role here: time spent on the market, length of service, experience, skill of wedding managers. One of the distinguishing features is the presence of an office. This indicates the status of the company, and the design will tell you a lot about the creativity of the employees themselves. Another indicator is the website. He can also tell a lot about its owners - talk about thoughtfulness, a sense of taste, measure, tact, relationships with the law and customers. Actually, any self-respecting wedding agency rush to show potential customers in full reports on the work done - so your attention is likely to be presented with a high-quality portfolio. Evaluate it, commensurate with your own taste and means.

It is very important, before you start something, to insure yourself. So that the money was not wasted, and the mood at the crucial moment was not spoiled by all sorts of unresolved trifles, perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract for the provision of wedding services in advance. Try to carefully read, ask and negotiate numerous points - from who will play the role of your wedding manager, who will be the manager, who will answer your questions. It is also important to indicate in the contract a complete list of the services you order. This is done so that you do not forget anything, and the wedding agency was sure: they will not duplicate anyone from the outside, and the service will be paid.

So, when the rights and obligations of the two parties are specified in detail, it's time to talk about all kinds of force majeure circumstances. Who will answer and what to do in case ... Stop on these points as detailed as possible.

But we didn’t order it ...

So, now about the price. What is included in it? What is provided free of charge as a bonus? And what is the additional charge for? All these issues are important to discuss at the budgeting level. The wedding budget is a delicate matter, and therefore there should not be a gap. The wedding planner or wedding manager will probably guide you on what and for what. But feel free to dictate your terms. If you are not ready to pay for the performance of the "star", the path of both talented and popular, feel free to declare it! If you need a limousine, not an Audi, say so. And then - in accordance with their own fantasies, wishes and means.

A wedding agency, especially one that has a worthy reputation in the market, will heed the wishes of the client, and your celebration will be another star and a small victory!