Coronavirus wedding: what do newlyweds do?


Coronavirus has made adjustments to the daily lives of people across the planet, and this has affected all areas of life. People are forced to sit at home and observe quarantine, isolate themselves in their homes and prevent contact with loved ones. In most countries, all public events were canceled, all entertainment facilities and non-food stores were closed in order to slow the spread of dangerous infections.

Wedding and Coronavirus

Although some couples who dreamed of a perfect celebration and honeymoon rescheduled the event indefinitely, most of the engaged did not begin to refuse to marry. In most countries, including Russia, registry offices continue to operate, albeit with certain restrictions.

Wedding and Coronavirus

The portal will tell you whether it is possible to conduct a wedding during the coronavirus epidemic, how to deal with the planned celebration, how to make the right wedding date for the transfer, or to celebrate on the appointed day, but with all safety measures.

As weddings during the coronavirus pandemic around the world?

Before you make a difficult decision, we suggest you consider a few examples of how newlyweds in different countries have weddings during the coronavirus, what alternatives to the traditional banquet they have found. It is important to emphasize that the information presented in this article is current at the time of its publication..

How to be with a wedding during the coronavirus

Weddings in China

Since China has more than once in recent decades become the epicenter of various dangerous infections, the authorities have long developed a specific algorithm of actions during the epidemic. The measures taken are quite tough, but effective: the country has successfully overcome the peak of incidence, and people are gradually returning to their usual lives. However, they had to observe quarantine for a long time, including, it affected the registry offices, which were simply closed. Accordingly, all Chinese weddings were canceled due to coronavirus.

Coronavirus Wedding

Interesting statistics: over the past month, the number of divorces has increased dramatically. The authorities believe that for the period in which the registry offices did not work, simply «accumulated» a large number of couples who wanted to formalize a divorce before the epidemic. But many attribute this phenomenon to the fact that couples experiencing a breakdown in relations exacerbated it by being in the same house during quarantine..

Weddings in the Philippines

While weddings in China were completely canceled due to the coronavirus, the Philippines not only continued to hold ceremonies, but did not abandon traditional mass weddings. Several hundred couples were now forced to observe safety measures because of the coronavirus and constantly be masked. They were lowered for a second just to taste the wedding cake, and the first kiss of a young husband and wife without masks could no longer do. By the way, exactly the same massive weddings are now traditionally held in South Korea..

Mass wedding in South Korea

Weddings in the USA

American newlyweds were the first to set an example for many other betrothed around the world. A pair of Christie and Jeff initially did not want to hold a magnificent celebration, but planned to get married in Iceland. After the flights were prohibited, the bride and groom decided to arrange weddings right at home. The ceremony was held by their girlfriend, and the guests attended the event online via Skype.

Another example is organizing an engagement on the Internet. One American couple has planned an entire event for betrothal, but because of the coronavirus, they transferred the celebration to online mode.

Coronavirus Wedding

Celebrations in Singapore

The couple in Singapore took a slightly different path: they invited all the guests to the banquet room before the infection spread, but they themselves remained in isolation in the hotel room for two weeks and were present at the wedding virtually by video link, and also watched the broadcast of the celebration. A few days earlier, the couple was visiting relatives in China, so upon arrival they decided not to risk the health of the guests, but not to refuse to celebrate.

Weddings in Australia

But the Australian couple and their guests were unlucky. Their wedding in connection with the coronavirus was not canceled or changed, the event was held on March 6 in accordance with the traditions: ceremony, banquet, 140 guests. And two weeks after the celebration, it turned out that 31 of the guests were infected. Among the diseased - a girlfriend of the bride pregnant with a third child, who subsequently infected her husband and two children.

Mass infection at a wedding in Australia

We hope you have made the right conclusions from the examples we have given and found the best solution so as not to refuse the holiday, but not to endanger your loved ones.

How to celebrate a wedding during the coronavirus epidemic?

If you still have good reason not to cancel the celebration completely, and also the chosen venue was not closed due to quarantine, and wedding contractors did not refuse to work, we have some tips for you. They will help not to aggravate the epidemiological situation and conduct a wedding during the coronavirus 2020 epidemic as you planned, but with minor adjustments:

  • Review your guest list. The main mistake in preparing for the wedding in modern conditions is to invite people at risk for the holiday. Your grandmothers or relatives with chronic illnesses can join the celebration online.
  • Contact older relatives on Skype
  • Add to the wedding newsletter information on how to sanitize your hands, how to limit interpersonal contacts, etc. Come up with an interesting greeting with your elbows or feet for guests instead of a kiss or a handshake.
  • Greeting with elbows instead of a handshake
  • Buy hand sanitizers and napkins. And you can serve them with humor: let masked waiters deliver them instead of champagne on trays. The same applies to gloves - you can even hold hands while dancing.
  • Precautionary measures
  • No buffet. Each guest at the table should have his own personal plate and appliances..
  • Each must have separate dishes and appliances.
  • Make sure that the presenter and musicians have the opportunity to disinfect microphones and other equipment.
  • And most importantly - do not organize a very magnificent celebration, let it be a small chamber festival. If the lunar calendar of weddings or your numerologist says that the chosen date is most favorable for the wedding, just sign it, and transfer the holiday to a safer time: July, August, first half of September. At this time, the peak of infection should be passed. A wedding during a coronavirus, namely a banquet, is an unjustified risk for you and your loved ones.

    The portal told you whether it is worth organizing a wedding during the coronavirus period. Remember not only your interests and dreams, but also take care of your family and friends. be healthy!