Mistakes in organizing a wedding

We have already said that the organization of a wedding is quite a troublesome and delicate matter, although it does not mean at all that a spoiled wedding portends the same married life. In this article we will try to give examples of the most common mistakes most often made by newlyweds when organizing a wedding celebration, as well as during the wedding itself.

So, the wedding is the main day and an unforgettable holiday for the bride and groom, but including weddings is a kind of official reception, most often at which relatives of the newlyweds gather, who do not have the habit of meeting regularly within their families. For the first time, many of them see their family members from the opposite side. Young people at the ceremony will have to do the hard work of taking part in a large number of current rites, accepting personal greetings from everyone present ... The newlyweds should set themselves up to this in advance and also behave accordingly. A bride in a soiled dress or a heavily drunk groom is far from an attractive picture, so she should in no case remain in the memory of the invited guests.

The next mistake is that often young people refuse to host to pretend that only their own will be present at the wedding. And who really knows when the parents of the newlyweds should deliver a speech? Who will tell guests when to fill a glass, when to dance? Refusal from a professional photographer or cameraman belongs to the same kind of mistakes, because many invitees have their own digital cameras. It’s better to invite a professional, if in the wedding album in the photo you want to see something other than the walls, and in the video - something other than the legs.

The mistake of the bride most often lies in her confidence that a friend will help to make up and style her hair. Of course, this is true if the girlfriend is a professional hairdresser and makeup artist. But otherwise, do not expose your appearance to undue risk. After all, all around you will be watched for a whole day, and you simply must be at your best.

Do not buy alcohol at cheap market points if you do not want guests after the wedding to suffer all week with alcohol poisoning and this is the only thing they remember about your wedding. This is also an important point when organizing a wedding..

When preparing a wedding menu, remember that people don’t come to the wedding to eat. And, if your plans do not include the sleep of guests in holiday salads, try to pay special attention to snacks.

And the last of the most common mistakes is to save on organizing a wedding by doing it yourself. Be sure that by the beginning of the celebration you can be exhausted to such an extent that it is unlikely that you will be before the holiday. So it’s better to save a certain amount for companies involved in organizing weddings. In any case, no matter how much you pay for such services, peace of mind and good mood, so necessary for you on your wedding day, are much more expensive!