Wedding in Paris


Each couple wants to spend an unforgettable wedding day. To arrange a truly magnificent wedding, the newlyweds can refuse the classic event, and give preference to travel abroad. A wedding in Paris rightfully takes first place in popularity among future spouses, because France is a country of love and romance. Photoshoot among the majestic architecture of Paris, fine French cuisine, a fabulous ceremony - all this awaits the newlyweds.

How to organize a wedding in Paris

To begin with, the newlyweds will have to decide whether they will hold an official wedding ceremony or symbolic.

  • The official wedding ceremony in Paris is a commemorative event that will give spouses a real marriage certificate. However, this option is fraught with many difficulties and requires more serious financial investments. For example, the heroes of the occasion will have to spend more than forty days in the city, observing certain rules, in order to obtain the right to marry. It is also not convenient for all relatives and guests who wish to become witnesses to come to a wedding celebration in France.

Wedding in Paris

The package of documents required for registration of marriage in Paris: foreign passports, passports of citizens of the Russian Federation, birth certificates, certificates that the newlyweds are not married, documents confirming the divorce or death of the previous spouse, if any, documents about the change surname and place of residence.

  • The symbolic ceremony in Paris in solemnity is no different from the official. The main difference: this romantic action does not support the change in the social status of the newlyweds with an appropriate document. However, such a wedding will cost the future spouses much cheaper, will not require the collection of various serious documents, and the main ceremony will be held at home, which will provide an opportunity to invite many guests who cannot visit Paris for some reason.

Many couples prefer a symbolic wedding that does not require serious organization. After deciding on the type of upcoming event, the newlyweds must choose a place. Some of the most popular places in Paris for a symbolic wedding:

  • Champ de Mars. This is the very place that is located at the foot of the legendary Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Champ de Mars is popular during beautiful weddings for both citizens and newlyweds.

Champ de Mars - a popular wedding venue

  • Tuileries Garden. A picturesque French park is located in the central part of Paris opposite the Louvre. A neat landscape, lovely manicured ponds, green vegetation, flower beds with bright colors - this will provide young people with not only a good mood, but also wonderful memorable photos and videos from the wedding. After a long park walk, the couple can go for a walk among the neighboring architectural attractions..

Picturesque Garden of Paris - Tuileries

  • Luxembourg Palace. Previously, this estate of Paris was the residence of the kings, but now it has become one of the most important architectural attractions. The magnificent building, surrounded by a beautiful park area, will be a great place for a symbolic wedding. The large area of ​​the Luxembourg Gardens (26 hectares) will not allow the newlyweds to get bored during the walk, discovering new places of exquisite Parisian nature.

The magnificent Luxembourg Palace of Paris

  • Square Ver Galan. The romantic square is located on a small island of Paris in the middle of the Seine - it offers beautiful views of the Louvre Palace and the Tuileries Garden. Ver Galan became a real magnet for couples in love in Paris, so the wedding held there will be a wonderful decision for future spouses.

Square Ver Galan - a place for a wedding in Paris

The cost of a symbolic ceremony in Paris on average varies from one to five thousand euros. As a rule, a standard set: services of the master’s ceremonies (French or English), certificate of the Paris ceremony (memo, which is not an official certificate of marriage), a bouquet with a boutonniere of young people, an invitation to a celebration in Paris by a professional photographer. A translator from French or English to Russian can be paid separately..

Also, the newlyweds can have a real church wedding. The beautiful Orthodox and Catholic churches of Paris provide such an opportunity. This action will be remembered for a long time by the newlyweds thanks to the unique French architecture of churches, cathedrals and chapels. To organize such a wedding, you must:

  • Marriage certificate;
  • copy of international passports;
  • certificate of baptism;
  • birth certificate.

Wedding Cathedral in Paris

The newlyweds must visit the church a day before the event in order to arrange with the Paris priest about the upcoming wedding. Wedding lasts up to 2 hours.

After the symbolic part of the wedding, the spouses have several options for the development of events: go to celebrate what happened on the territory of one of the restaurants in Paris, arrange a banquet on the water, visiting a specialized motor ship drifting along the Seine, or, if the couple arrived alone, go to the room, continuing to celebrate the event in private.

The scenario of the celebration

The wedding ceremony has ended, the newlyweds are sent together with the guests to a restaurant, where the host is waiting for them.

- Welcome, wonderful newlyweds and dear wedding guests. I beg you, come in, take a glass.

At the entrance of the pyramid there are glasses for the number of guests. Presenter raises a glass.

Pyramid of glasses of champagne at a banquet in Paris

- Today has united the souls of these lovers. Here in Paris, the city of romance and incredible meetings, something special always happens. This time we witnessed a special couple - (Names of the newlyweds) added a bit of love for the huge river, which begins its course here. Let's raise our glasses together to sincerely congratulate the newlyweds, wish them many years to keep the memory of this day full of magic!

Guests drink champagne, then the bride and groom receive gifts.

- And now I’ll ask the guests to go to the buffet table to enjoy the delicious dishes that our best chefs worked all day.

The host gives a sign to the musicians, plays live music, guests with the newlyweds go to the buffet table, communicate, try all kinds of snacks.

- Dear guests, lovely newlyweds, let's go to the table with main dishes - there you will already receive a compliment from the cook and some delicious snacks.

Guests with wedding culprits by seating cards determine their place, sit down. Leader gets up.

Paris seating cards

- (Names of the newlyweds), I sincerely wish you happy years together. Love in French is not only passion, but also touching friendship, which we consider obligatory in a relationship. Therefore, be friends carefree, like children, do crazy things for each other, give up on yourself for your partner - then you will learn the true secrets of love and discover the true nature of human feelings!

Guests drink for the young, applause.

- Friends, we are gathered here not only to talk, but also to have a delicious dinner. So bon appetit, take a short break.

Music sounds again, wedding guests take a meal.

- There are people who, with their sincere, pure love, gave their whole heart. An example of these feelings should help you, young spouses, learn this great art. I want to pass the word to the parents of the heroes of the occasion! Applause!

The applause sounds, the groom’s parents, and then the bride’s parents say a toast.

“We just heard the most beautiful words.” Now is the time for an event that will delight the eye with beauty.

Wedding dance of the newlyweds in Paris

Music begins to play, the groom and the bride dance their first dance, at the end of which the guests applaud.

- I invite guests to visit the dance floor to celebrate the wedding with the newlyweds.!

There is a dance pause, some are dancing, other wedding guests are eating or chatting.

- And now, dear friends, the moment has come for the solemn dish of today's wedding! Cooks, take it out!

The restaurant chefs roll out a chic wedding cake on a cart.

- Culprits of triumph, cut off the first piece!

Newlyweds cut a piece of cake.

- The first piece in Paris we decided to sell at auction. So, the starting price is five euros! Who will give more? This cake will give you family happiness or a quick finding of a soulmate!

An auction takes place, money is transferred to the heroes of the occasion.

- Well, my role has come to an end today. Finally, please accept my congratulations again. I wish you an easy journey together, so that you as eagerly, with pleasure, as you eat this cake, take everything from life! Applause for the newlyweds!

Crocambosch - French Wedding Cake

Guests applaud, eat dessert, the celebration in Paris continues.

Paris Wedding Reviews

Marina, 22 years old: «My dream has come true! I not only visited Paris, but also celebrated my wedding there. Wonderful nature, an atmosphere of calm, love - beauty! I will never forget this day. I liked everything - from the professionalism of the organizers to the last piece of food from a festive banquet. I will never stop thanking my husband for this weekend, probably never!»

Anya, 27 years old. «My husband and I thought to sign, arrange a banquet for loved ones, then go for a week to France - a mini-honeymoon. Trying to find options for hanging out in Paris, I came across symbolic weddings - a popular practice for foreign couples. And they decided! Impressions are incredible. Ready to do it a few more times!»

Masha, 23 years old: «The wedding came out dear, not all guests were able to come, but the aura of this city made me completely forget about these minor troubles! Paris is a gorgeous city ... Soon the photographer will give us ready-made wedding pictures - I’m sure I will cry, because I still don’t believe that this happened!»

Photos of weddings in Paris

Paris: a beautiful wedding photo shoot

Great backdrop for your photo - Eiffel Tower

Process video

The celebration in Paris is a romantic atmosphere, beautiful architecture around, well-groomed wildlife and love of the newlyweds. Such a wedding will be remembered forever! Indeed, in Paris, even molecules of love, passion, endless kisses and emotions are in the air. Many couples dream of visiting the capital of France, and you will be able to celebrate your wedding here..