Your wedding day is near and you are wondering how you will spend your honeymoon? A honeymoon is what you need! Alone with your other half, you will plunge into a sea of ​​affection and tenderness. Traveling will allow you to escape from the pre-wedding efforts that occupied all your thoughts for several weeks. Provided to each other, you will experience the true happiness of being with your loved one!

Believe me, it’s better to start such a great and important thing as creating a new family with pleasant feelings! And for this, think what kind of journey, what type of relaxation will bring you true bliss.?

You can offer a choice of several types of honeymoon trips:

  • Outdoor activities about honeymoon time. If you like to learn new things, strive to get to know the history and culture of a country or region new to you - this type of travel is for you. You will visit many museums and galleries, walk along various excursion routes, meet new people and their customs. Well-known European cities such as London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Venice or Prague are ideal for this type of vacation..
  • Carefree outdoor recreation. Are you attracted by the opportunity to stay alone with your soulmate, spend delightful hours on a beautiful tropical beach, where you will enjoy the light breeze and the whisper of waves? Your choice is best to stop visiting the islands. Here you can recommend Crete, Corfu, Corsica, Mallorca, Seychelles, Hawaii, Maldives or Thailand..
  • Cheerful rest in a noisy company. Do you choose the fun and atmosphere of an eternal holiday? Do you want to visit world-famous discos, casinos, aqua parks and meet new people? At your disposal famous resorts such as Baden-Baden, Nice, Ibiza, Acapulco, Antalya.
  • Traveling in Russia. Have you always dreamed of getting to know your homeland, visiting famous places of our country? Enjoy the wonderful views of native nature? Then choose a trip to Karelia, Altai, Lake Baikal or a cruise along the Volga. You can also offer to visit St. Petersburg during the white nights or go on a tour of the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia.

A quick tip: when deciding which type of honeymoon you would like to choose, be sure to check with your other half. After all, now you will make any decisions together, taking into account the desires of another person.

After choosing the right honeymoon option, decide whether you will organize your holiday yourself or entrust it to special companies. In the first case, you risk missing out on small, but important details, preparing for the trip. And best of all, this option may suit already experienced travelers who have repeatedly planned their trips.

If your travel experience is not great, then it is better to contact a special company, which will not only advise you on the best route, help you decide on a hotel, but will also deal with paperwork.

Usually, companies already have ready-made arrangements for organizing honeymoon trips, but they can also develop an exclusive honeymoon option especially for you. By the way, in the second case, the price of the ticket will be more expensive. Also, factors such as:

  • presence or absence of a personal guide,
  • choosing a route according to the client’s wishes (as opposed to choosing ready-made travel schemes),
  • way to travel (you will also rent a car, will there be a need for the presence of a driver-guide),
  • and additional attributes of the honeymoon (ordering flowers and fruits in the room, limousine, souvenirs, video and photography, candlelight dinner, live music).

If you want to arrange a trick with a mysterious disappearance after marriage, then it is best for you to contact a tour operator at least three weeks before the wedding. Since you have to combine the date of your wedding with the day of departure to the selected country.

Please note that discounts for honeymooners are not available at all travel agencies. And sometimes honeymoon trips come out even more expensive than regular trips (taking into account the factors listed above).

Do not worry if you change your last name to your husband's last name. Both the ordinary and foreign passports of the young wife are valid for three weeks after the wedding. However, in any country in the world you will be able to register under the same name, even without considering who you belong to each other. In this case, only Arab countries will be an exception..

As for the duration of the honeymoon, it all depends on your desire. You can spend only 2 or 3 days in a luxury apartment. Or spend a whole month with each other. And even if it’s hard for you to return after such a wonderful trip, remember that you will experience true pleasure telling your relatives and friends about your happy honeymoon!

We wish you happiness and love!