How to choose a wedding gift


Many in life had to deal with getting invitations to marry. Immediately the question arose in my mind how to choose a good wedding present. It is good if the tastes and preferences of the newlyweds are known. But it happens that the newlyweds themselves can not decide what they want to receive as a gift on such a significant day. Money – universal gift. But how to present them so that it is original? If not banknotes, then what to give to the newlyweds? Like any guest, would you like your gift to be remembered by the bride and groom? Let's try to resolve the issue together.

How to make an original wedding gift?

Personal impressions of the newlyweds at the time of receiving the gift – this is a big plus. Maybe the donated money is sometimes more important, but a little time will pass, they will be spent, and the newlyweds will no longer remember who gave them how much and how much money. If a gift is presented at a wedding that is useful, sometimes even necessary, it has its own «weight».

Many newlyweds adopt the experience of other countries and make lists for guests that they would like to see as gifts. This would facilitate the choice of presents and save the young family from unnecessary trash, which will lie on the mezzanines for years. If such a list is not foreseen, then it is better to analyze what type the future family belongs to, and then start from the category of newlyweds.

Newlyweds living with parents

A couple who after the wedding will live in the same apartment with their parents has its own advantages. Such newlyweds should not give household items, household appliances – this is all there is. The original gift for the wedding will be privacy, for example, a ticket to a wedding cruise. If the amount of the present is more than financial, there is always a general purchase option. Relatives or friends of the newlyweds can unite and present the necessary, original, pleasant gift.

Newlyweds living in their own apartment

For a young family to start a life together in a separate apartment – wonderful, although responsibly and a bit problematic. If the newlyweds are going to live in their own living space, they will have to buy a lot of things, from small things to furniture. So that gifts are not repeated, it would be better if the newlyweds themselves make the distribution of purchases. Ask what items they will need in the first days after the wedding.

Give your young family a set of beautiful bedding, a TV, a vacuum cleaner, a microwave or a food processor. A set of dishes, a dinner service are also useful on the farm. If the newlyweds will live in a separate but rented apartment, they should not make bulky gifts such as furniture. When moving, this may cause them inconvenience..

Couples who have been living together for a long time

In such a family, all the essentials have already been acquired. Sometimes a couple dreams of some kind of purchase, but cannot afford it. If you have a trusting relationship with the bride and groom, find out what they want to receive as a gift so as not to waste time searching. Sometimes, for complete harmony, the apartment lacks the original picture, a rocking chair or a new computer table. Such a gift will be appropriate, and it will bring joy and pleasure to the couple.

"Pregnant women" newlyweds

It so happens that at the time of the wedding, the newlyweds are already waiting for the heir. Gifts for the unborn child will look ridiculous. It is better to wait until the baby is born and give them when this joyful event in the family already occurs. Wedding – holiday for the bride and groom. After the tedious preparation for the wedding, they should take a good rest, retire, be closer to nature. Then a trip to a boarding house or resort located not very far is useful, so that for the bride in an interesting position the road does not become an additional load.


A wedding for a re-married couple should not repeat the scenario of past celebrations. Gifts will also be different, can be very diverse – from household items to theater tickets. A lot of impressions will remain from the donated horseback riding or a small cruise on the boat. And if you brighten up the bright moments with the help of a camera, which also became a present, the positive emotions of the newlyweds will become proof that the issue of gifts has been resolved correctly.

Many couples already have children at the time of the second marriage. If the age of the child allows, consider it when issuing walking tickets, because the family will want to enjoy a joint holiday. If the child is not yet very big, pay a nanny for a certain time, so that the newlyweds can stay together, without distraction, spend a romantic evening in a cafe or in a rented hotel room.

Universal Wedding Gifts

There are gifts that will be useful to the newlyweds immediately after the wedding, and they will be happy for them. The universality of such wedding presents should be that both the bride and groom can use them. You should not make a gift for a wedding that is intended only for one of the newlyweds. Choose a present depending on the thickness of your wallet.

  • Separate housing. Given the financial opportunity, give the newlyweds a separate apartment or house.
    Chic Newlyweds Present - Separate Housing
  • Car. A good but expensive gift for a young family will be a car.
    The car as a gift to the bride and groom
  • Booked hotel room. The first newlywed night in a luxurious room for newlyweds will bring new impressions to spouses.
    The first wedding night in a hotel
  • A voucher for a honeymoon. A gift voucher will help you to enjoy each other in private and get a lot of positive emotions from new places..
  • Horse ride. The maximum pleasure from a ride on horseback will get the newlyweds who love outdoor activities.
    Horse walk for the bride and groom
  • Walk on the water. Tickets for the water bus or boat will be a good gift for the bride and groom.
    Boat trip for honeymooners
  • Flying in the air. If the newlyweds love extreme sports, give them a flight in a hang glider or a balloon.
    Present for honeymooners who love the thrill
  • Large home appliances. TV, washing machine, fridge – all this can be useful to newlyweds with their own housing.
    Appliances for separate housing newlyweds
  • Small household appliances. Newlyweds, starting a family life separately from their parents, will be happy with every little thing.
    Useful household wedding presents
  • Kitchen utensils. Useful items used in the kitchen for a young family.
    Kitchenware for a young family
  • Bedding sets, towels. A set of beautiful bedding or fluffy bath towels in a set with terry bathrobes will never be superfluous.
    Gift textiles - a present for young people
  • Piece of art. A gifted picture, an original vase or figurine will bring joy to the bride and groom and harmony in the interior of the room.
    Gifts for young spouses to decorate the interior
  • Money. Having chosen banknotes for the presentation, arrange them in an original way so that presenting the gift will bring pleasure to you and the newlyweds.
    Original delivery of money to newly-married spouses

How to choose a wedding gift

Armed with some knowledge about choosing a wedding gift, it will be easier for you to decide the question of which young couple will suit this or that present. Be patient, do not buy the first thing you saw in the store. This thing may become meaningless, not useful to the newlyweds. Feel free to ask the bride and groom what they want to see as a gift..

If you are familiar with the other guests invited to the wedding, do not forget to ask what kind of purchase they plan to make in order to avoid the awkward situation of the same gifts, as shown in the humorous video suggested below. After reviewing it, you will understand that you need to know not only what gifts to do, but also remember the list of things that should not be given for a wedding, so as not to upset the newlyweds.