How to beautifully present money for a wedding


One of the common and appropriate wedding gifts – This is money. Nowadays, such a gift is presented on any occasion, and for a husband and wife he will not be a surprise, but will become a relevant present – that's for sure. But do not hand over the bills to the newlyweds? It is important to beat the beautiful presentation of this gift! In this regard, there is a huge variety of ideas that will become an original addition to your seemingly ordinary present. It is interesting to find out what kind of ideas are thanks to which it is beautifully possible to give money for a wedding.

Making a cash gift for a wedding

How unusual to give money for a wedding

Each donor wants to give a gift to the bride and groom unusually, but how to do it? You should show your own imagination, turn your mind on and show creativity. Come up with an intriguing package in which you carefully fold the bills instead of the envelope. Money does not have to be hidden inside something, focus on your gift and create, for example, a bright garland that will be densely hung with banknotes. Indeed, there are a lot of options, so further we will consider in more detail a lot of wonderful inventions.

Banknote Family Photo Album

A simple but original packaging for a cash gift for a wedding – This is a family type photo album (A4 format). Exchange money for banknotes of various denominations and insert into each pocket for photos. Beat your idea with interesting comments in the album, for example, under each monetary unit write what it should be spent on (for a vacuum cleaner, for diapers for future offspring, for the first brick of a house, and so on). On the title page instead of the name «Family album» make an inscription «Family Bank».

An unusual way to give money for a wedding

Pack a gift in several boxes

Prepare a surprise for the young and pack the money in a gift box. Use not one, but several pieces, packing on the principle of nesting dolls: the first box should be small, and each subsequent one larger than the previous one. It will be great if you present the newlyweds with a huge box the size of a human height, for unpacking which you can arrange a fun contest.

To fill each box, use different ribbons of paper, confetti, candy, coins, along the way you can invest an additional gift (if the funds allow). Decorate the packaging with colorful balloons filled with helium. Such an idea will be a very exciting surprise not only for the newlywed couple, but for all guests at the wedding.

Packing money in several gift boxes

A gift in the form of a barrel with honey

Use the plot idea of ​​the cartoon «Winnie the Pooh» and give the groom and the bride a keg with honey (money will act as a liquid treat inside the keg). To implement this option, you will need a small wooden container or a glass jar (an alternative could be a small paper barrel). Glue the packaging with stickers «honey», and on top, fasten with a rope a beautiful napkin, as grandmothers did in old times. Inside, put the money of different denominations.

Money barrel - a wedding gift

Wedding money garland

The next original option, offering a beautiful way to give money – garland. To do this, you will need a bright tape (approximately a meter long), as well as bright stationery clips. Fold the bills in half and bend them through the rope, securing with paper clips. For decor, use paper ribbons, balloons, rhinestones. Another option for such an idea could be an ordinary Christmas garland, which is easy to use instead of a rope. Fasten money with paper clips to it and give it to the newlyweds by connecting bright flashlights to electricity.

Beautiful wedding garland

Cash flowers and trees

Those who like to present beautiful and original gifts made with their own hands will like the option of cash flowers or trees: for example, an original bouquet of roses made with money. To produce this idea, you will need a considerable amount of time, but the result will make any guest who sees such a work of art admire. Prepare in advance and stock up on the following materials:

  • The wire is green. Take as much of it, how many cash notes do you plan to give.
  • Green tape or stationery tape of the same color.
  • Artificial Flower Leaves.

Options for cash flowers for a wedding gift


  1. Money separately is folded in half obliquely, and their edges must be twisted.
  2. A wire is threaded into the fold of each banknote and folded in the form of a small eye (carefully adjust the bill so as not to spoil it).
  3. So you get a money petal, the wire of which must be twisted in a spiral.
  4. This operation must be repeated with all banknotes, and then put together so that they mimic the shape of a rose.
  5. Wrap the wire leg of the finished flower with adhesive tape and attach the leaves.

Such a flower will be a worthy gift, because it beautifully embodies the original idea of ​​presenting money as a gift at a wedding. If you make a whole bouquet of roses, this will make a spectacular impression on the perpetrators of the wedding and the rest of the guests. The photos below show a step-by-step action plan..

How to make a money flower for a wedding gift

Tips: how interesting it is to give money?

Money – This is one of the best gifts that are customary to give at a wedding. However, it is not customary in society to simply hand over a stack of banknotes, therefore, there are many recommendations for the proper presentation of such a gift. It is important to beat the process of presenting your money souvenir so that the newlyweds will remember this moment. This is a kind of etiquette, according to which you should congratulate the newlyweds on such a wonderful event in their life..

Gift wrapping in cabbage

Another no less interesting option for presenting money as a gift – cabbage. As you know, this vegetable has an association with cash. People call it that. – «cabbage», therefore, placing bills in such a package would be a very original and fun idea. Give such a cabbage gift to the newlyweds, and you will see their violent reaction with a lot of positive emotions.

Photo of original gifts from money for a wedding

There are still a lot of interesting ideas thanks to which you will be able to carry out a worthy frame for your cash gift. You will be surprised how simple and at the same time creatively designed banknotes can be presented as a gift at a wedding. They make money rains, cakes, sweets, fill balloons with banknotes, create beautiful souvenir boxes and much more. See and be inspired by the variety of ideas for beautiful wedding gifts made with money, in the photo below.

Beautiful gifts with money for the wedding

Original gifts with money for a wedding

Unusual cash gifts for newlyweds