Original wedding present


Marriage is a special celebration, so the surprise prepared for this event should also have features, become unique, and not banal, unnecessary. It is intended for both the bride and groom equally. Ideally, the present is good when it is useful, then the young will use it, remember who presented it. How to choose an original wedding gift?

Among the gifts that are presented at the wedding, household appliances, dishes, bedding, and some interior items are popular. It is good to know the wishes of the young in advance, so as not to give them a meaningless, unnecessary thing, then an original wedding gift will have to go.

Top 10 Gifts

If you want your idea of ​​congratulation to be remembered for a long time, it should be individual. Top 10 popular presents will help you choose an original unforgettable wedding gift.

  • A romantic honeymoon trip is one of the best wedding gifts. This option is suitable for those guests who have a good income, it will surely be remembered by the couple and will give them an unforgettable experience.
  • Always an original wedding gift is a choice of household appliances, but such an idea will be in demand only if a young family has their own housing. Otherwise, bread machines with food processors may not be useful..
  • A great original thoughtful wedding gift is a certificate. And what services will be included in it will depend on your imagination, since there are plenty of offers on this subject.
  • If joint housing has already been arranged, it will be appropriate to give a picture or antiques, but you need to know the tastes of young people well.
  • Original unforgettable wedding gift - a joint photo portrait, mugs, t-shirts with the image of a young couple or photo collage.

T-shirts - an original wedding present

  • A good idea is to buy jewelry for the bride and groom, made in the same style. For example, an original wedding present is a brooch and a cufflink.
  • An interesting wedding gift is a separate present for the bride and groom. Together with him, you must definitely give a small symbolic joint surprise so that there are no omissions.
  • An original extraordinary gift for a wedding will be a salute right during the celebration or an enchanting performance of a show ballet, which was a secret until the last.
  • Tableware is an original wedding gift, traditionally suitable for such an event. But it’s worth picking up an interesting, beautiful set to please the young. Handmade glasses will look beautiful.

Handmade glasses - a gift for the wedding

  • A practical present is money. But they should be given only when you have absolutely no ideas, and also there is no time to choose a gift.

Original DIY wedding gift

Do-it-yourself things have good energy and cause the greatest delight. Make a greeting card or greeting slide show as an original memorable wedding present. Cute will present on your part an artificial bouquet of fruits or sweets. It looks beautiful, elegant, and will decorate any holiday table..

Creating a bouquet of sweets is quite easy and affordable even for a child. You will need an idea, a pinch of creativity and a little imagination. How to make a beautiful candy bouquet of roses, see step-by-step instructions:

For manufacturing you will need:

  • sweets;
  • long sticks with a sharp end (culinary sticks for barbecue are suitable);
  • corrugated multi-colored paper;
  • basket;
  • Styrofoam;
  • other decoration elements - beads, bows, rhinestones;
  • scissors, glue, adhesive tape (double-sided).

Getting started:

  1. We take sweets, wooden sticks and scotch tape. We attach the candies to the stick with the tail-wrap down, wrap the wrapper around the stick, wind the tape from the candy to the middle.


  1. With red, pink paper, cut out the petals of our bud. The size of the petals may be different, but so that the shape of the bud is harmonious, cut one petal, using as a layout for the rest.


  1. For the main bud, you need to take a rectangular sheet of paper of the same color, about 10x18 cm.


  1. Stretch the middle of the sheet, leaving the edges straight.


  1. Wrap a piece of paper attached to a stick of candy, fasten around the base with tape.


  1. Glue the petals to the base of the bud using double-sided tape or glue.


  1. Spread the leaves as they grow, forming real rose petals.


  1. We straighten the middle of the bud so that you can see the candy.
  2. Wrap a wooden stick with green paper, fix it with tape to make a rose branch.


  1. When the flowers of the future bouquet are ready, put them in a basket, on the bottom of which we pre-fix a piece of foam.
  2. The bouquet is ready. If desired, you can diversify the sweet craft with other flowers, green paper leaves, tulle - everything that tells you the imagination.


Such an edible bouquet can be created both from sweets and from fruits. After viewing the master class, you can create an original fruit bouquet yourself - a wonderful wedding gift:

Gifts for the wedding of money (photo)

An original cash gift for a wedding is also popular, because money also needs to be able to be presented as a present. Presenting an envelope containing even an impressive amount is banal and uninteresting. Get creative: it’s easiest to make a money tablecloth, in which bills are sewn on top of a regular fabric tablecloth or inserted into special pockets. Place an interesting wish in the center of the tablecloth, then read it upon delivery.

Tablecloth - a great wedding gift

You can arrange a cash vase or a bottle by laying out all of it in bills or coins. Such a monetary surprise will certainly be appreciated by the newlyweds.

A vase of money for the newlyweds for the wedding

Money tree will be a great wedding gift. Wrap leaflets, branches of an ordinary houseplant in cash or attach them with tape. For the best effect, take green bills, such as dollars. A tree with tinkling coins would look interesting, but this is impractical, because a hole is drilled in each coin.

Money tree - a wedding gift with a hint

The piggy bank gift box presented for the wedding will look spectacular. It needs to be interestingly designed by decorating inside and out with coins, crystals and other interesting accessories. The chest should be filled with money. The original extravagant gift for the wedding will be banknotes presented in an ordinary glass jar, for example, from honey. It is beautifully decorated, neatly folded there banknotes, tied with a ribbon.

Original DIY wedding gift

A wedding gift from parents

An original wedding present from parents is especially valuable. All newlyweds dream of receiving keys to their own housing as a gift, but this depends on the wealth of their parents. Parents give money for the wedding, but a handmade surprise will look spectacular. For example, a box pasted with banknotes, interior items, a money machine or a boat, which are presented in the photo below.

A gift from parents to the young wedding

Video greetings

Especially sincerely looks such an original modern wedding gift as a video greeting. This will be a real, unexpected surprise for the bride and groom and will take its rightful place in their family archive. It is possible to shoot such a video yourself or take the help of a professional. See an example of such a wedding congratulation in the video:

Wedding flash mob from friends

You can always make an original wedding gift with your own hands, but an incredible response will receive a flash mob from friends. The fiery dance of friends, in which all the guests are gradually drawn into, will give a good mood to the newlyweds, guests, will cause them an explosion of positive emotions. A bride or groom can also join in such a gift from friends.

Flash mob - an interesting solution for a wedding present

Laser show

A real surprise will be a laser show at the end or middle of the holiday. Such an original wedding gift will delight and fill the festive atmosphere with good emotions.

Wedding Present - Laser Show

Gift certificates

If the newlyweds are conservative people, then the original unusual wedding gift is not for them. In this case, gift certificates will be the best alternative. Now there are many of them, so there is an opportunity to choose any - a certificate for the purchase of household appliances, a joint photo shoot, weekend travel.

Great wedding present - certificate

Wedding clip

A wedding clip is an integral part of the celebration, including its best moments. The videographer skillfully mounts the video, picks up music. This clip will be a great original surprise gift for a wedding for newlyweds. True, they will receive it a little later..

Clip - a fantasy gift for the newlyweds

Photobooks and photo canvas

An original wedding gift is a photo book. It will be possible to make E in the form of a book of fairy tales, there is also the opportunity to choose a photo canvas - here it all depends on your imagination. Manufacturers can suggest ideas, you just need to send them a photo with the image of future newlyweds - and the original unique wedding gift will be ready as soon as possible.

Wedding Gift - Photobook

The cost of such a book is a little more than 3000 rubles. If your financial capabilities allow you to present such a gift, choose it, you will not regret it. Such an original wedding gift will be enthusiastically received by the young, and will also remind them of the wedding for a long time.

Extreme gifts

If the bride and groom are adventurous people and can not imagine their life without adventure, then an exciting extreme option is suitable for them. Pick up a specific gift certificate to pay for entertainment. For instance:

  • Skydiving
  • Karting
  • Diving lessons
  • Dolphin swimming
  • Shooting lessons

Extreme wedding gifts for the newlyweds

What you should not give

The real puzzle is choosing an unusual gift. This all depends on your taste, imagination, but there is something that is not worth giving. An original wedding present is by no means a clock; mirrors are a bad omen; you should also not choose interior items or paintings. But exceptions are possible if you are closely acquainted with the young, or they asked you to.

Also, do not give young people too expensive original wedding gifts. If you still decide, then make sure in advance that you will be correctly understood. Do not give as original gifts for the wedding and household appliances those models that are already outdated, even if you can purchase them at a bargain price.

We wish you a good choice of an original wedding gift. We hope that our information has been useful to you. Do you have other ideas on how to present an original and impressive wedding present? Leave your comment after the article.