Comic wedding certificates


The fuss before the wedding affects all participants in the celebration. While the bride and groom select outfits and look for a banquet hall, invited guests are determined with the choice of a gift for the bride and groom. Among the variety of offers, it is difficult to choose something original now, especially because you need to consider a gift not to one person, but to two at once. And here it is worth recalling comic certificates that will worthily complement the amount of money and delight the newlyweds with subtle humor.

Gift voucher ideas for young people

There are a lot of ideas for comic certificates. But how to choose the most extravagant gift from all? You need to take into account what interests or excites a young couple. Do they need housing or are they paying a loan? Are they raising money for a new car or want to go on a honeymoon? Based on their immediate needs, compose an appropriate certificate and pack it beautifully.

Give the newlyweds a comic certificate of tax exemption for the wedding. Do taxes take a tangible part of wages? Rejoice the young that they are now free from this duty. Or present a document on the ownership of the lunar section, and in addition provide a visa under which they have the right to visit the moon at any convenient time.

The document on the ownership of the site on the moon

Writing comic texts

If you want the newlyweds at the wedding to remember you from the best side, write a document on a happy marriage, which will be presented during the feast. You need to give a comic certificate with an original congratulation that will make everyone smile. As an example, we want to offer you several options for comic texts. So, the certificate can be:

  1. To fulfill a desire. From the moment of delivery, the donor undertakes to fulfill one wish of the bride and groom. Restriction: Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.
  2. In the form of an exclusive photo with the bride and groom.
  3. Giving the right to come to the newlyweds at any time of the day to drink tea with sweets.
  4. Guaranteeing free delivery of the young after the banquet home at the expense of the witness.
  5. Communicating forgiveness. The document guarantees the holder absolute forgiveness at any time of the act of any severity and relieves all responsibility for the deed. «Peccadillo» forever forgotten and never remembered.
  6. Offering dedication. The donor undertakes to give himself to the newlyweds on any day for autonomous use as a repair worker.

In the photo, a sample certificate of constant luck

Funny certificates for wedding guests

To make the wedding interesting and fun, you should hand in comic obligations not only to the newlyweds, but also to the guests. the main thing – not to offend anyone with an unsuccessful joke or inadvertently not to hook a person’s problem. To please guests, you need to ask in advance what kind of hobbies the person is giving, what is the closeness to the bride and groom, so that the gift is not considered familiar. Here are some examples of neutral comic wedding guest certificates:

  • financial wealth;
  • the most cheerful guest;
  • invitation to the golden wedding of the bride and groom;
  • hiking in the country «of happiness»;
  • dance with the bride / groom;
  • a trip in the car of the newlyweds in front and fastened;
  • the right to order your favorite song at the holiday.

Certificate for the right to take a shower in a newlywed house

Gold Mars Possession on Mars Certificate

Million minutes of free time: a happy certificate

Options for comic certificates for the fulfillment of desire

There will not be a single person at the wedding, be it the bride, groom or guest, who would not like the certificate «Fulfillment of desire». When giving, say that this humorous gift has far from a comic power of materialization of thought. It is necessary to make a cherished desire upon its receipt and enter it into the certificate. The effectiveness of this document has been tested by time, and thousands of lucky people have become convinced of its power..

Newlyweds can give each other such a gift. This will be an interesting intrigue between lovers. The advantage of such a comic certificate is also that with its help it is easy to find out what the partner dreams of, especially if he does not spread about his desires. Make a certificate in a beautiful frame and do not forget to add that the donor plays the role of the Goldfish.

Variant of wish fulfillment certificate