Sand ceremony - an original part of the wedding


The ancestors of the sand wedding ceremony are residents of the Hawaiian Islands. They were the first to decorate the wedding ceremony with sand patterns. Fortunately, they have all the necessary components. Yes, what! Hawaii is widely known for its colorful sand beaches.. «thank» for which it is worth saying active volcanoes. Is the sand red? Easy! Is there blue? It’s not a question, you have that distant beach. Later, the Americans adopted the beautiful idea, and Europeans followed after them..


The most important component, as you might guess, is sand. Of course, multi-colored. Ideally, it will be of two colors. One symbolizes the groom, the second - the bride. But, if witnesses or all guests participate in the sand ceremony, the number of flowers, respectively, increases.

Sand drawing of the newlyweds

But sand after all needs to be filled up somewhere. Therefore, another important detail of the wedding sand ceremony is the beautiful container. It can be a glass, a transparent box or a chest, or even a large vase of its original form. In some cases, the portal advises the use of several vessels, from which the overall composition will then be composed. Everything is limited solely by the imagination and wishes of the newlyweds..

Beautiful containers for a wedding sand ceremony

No lead - no way

Necessary «attribute» wedding sand ceremony can be safely called the lead. Who will oversee an important process? Who will accompany the sand patterns with beautiful and symbolic phrases?

It is logical that two vessels symbolize a young couple, and sand - a long, bright and happy family life. But the ornate and original verbal support of the toastmaster is also necessary. Agree, phrase in the spirit, «grains of sand, mixing, form an indestructible bond. Also, lovers, united by marriage, now constitute a single whole ...» very emotional and romantic.

Colored sand for a wedding ceremony

According to the rules and without

Many will be interested in the question, are there any specific rules for filling sand? In principle, there are no clear criteria. You can fill the sand in turn. Say, first the groom, then the bride, and so alternate until the capacity is filled. With this option, sand is usually laid in a concise pattern of successive multi-colored stripes.

And you can fill the sand at the same time. A clear pattern, of course, will not work. But, you see, improvisation and unusual patterns sometimes look much more original than an ordered picture.

By the way, if you attract to «procedure» all guests, then at the exit you can get an exquisite sand vase, in which the most varied tones and shades overlap, creating intricate patterns.

Sand Wedding Composition

All involved!

The sand ceremony is a ritual not only for newlyweds. Witnesses, parents, each guest can take part in this colorful and original event. And if everyone «to the artist» determine your color - you get an amazingly rainbow-like canvas that will become a magnificent decoration for the home of a young couple.

By the way, the main value of the sand ceremony, the wedding site notes, also lies in the fact that an elegant container with a color patterned design will delight the eye forever. Sand, as you know, has no expiration date.

Wedding sand patterns

It is worth noting that the sand ceremony is very symbolic. It can be carried out not only on the wedding day, but also on the day of the engagement, during the honeymoon. A wedding sand ceremony may well develop into a good family tradition. Say, to collect a collection devoted to important events in the life of a young family. For example, the wedding anniversary, the birth of the firstborn, even Valentine's Day can be timed to the sand ceremony.