How to choose a host or person to whom the mood of your wedding depends


How to choose a host or person to whom the mood of your wedding depends

In order for the wedding, according to Slavic tradition, to "sing and dance", you need either a person who can occupy those invited by these people, or a good "background". Moreover, the former is preferable to the latter. Therefore, even before you decide to make the wedding crowded and even convene relatives who you have never seen, think about where and how to find the host, especially if your wedding takes place in the summer: summer is a hot time not only for workers registry offices, but also for entertainers. For good specialists, every day is pre-scheduled for the hours, and an appeal to a mediocre toastmaster can mean boredom on the faces of guests and anxiety on the faces of the bride and groom on the day of the celebration. What should you pay attention to when you choose the person to whom you entrust the holding of the brightest holiday in your life??


The most reliable way to choose a toastmaster is to follow the recommendations of your relatives and friends, or contact the specialist who led the wedding you like. People with whom you have good relations will not advise you badly, and if you saw the toastmaster’s work at a wedding with your own eyes and you had fun, the guests willingly joked and participated in competitions, most likely, the master of ceremonies is a good specialist.


How well a person copes with his duties does not always depend on his experience in this field. If you like the host and the wedding scenario he proposed, the lack of work experience is not a reason for refusing to cooperate. However, they are not recommended to invite completely green specialists to cooperation. If the master of ceremonies has not yet worked at weddings, ask what events he held before: maybe it was skits, theme parties or student concerts, or maybe he participated in KVN ...

How to choose a host or person to whom the mood of your wedding depends


If the host gladly praises himself and says that he is very popular in the city and that he has no end to customers, so he cannot devote much time to you, just ask for his portfolio. Every self-respecting non-novice specialist should have a portfolio, thanks to which clients can make sure that the host has charisma and exactly those qualities of character that you would like to see, and that his scripts suit you.


How competently and clearly the toastmaster speaks is very important. If he mumbles, does not pronounce words clearly, articulates poorly or speaks very quietly, it is quite possible that he will not be able to cope with his duties at the wedding. Unfortunately, such shortcomings can cause bewilderment or even ridicule of guests ...

In general, you need to see how sociable, cheerful and decent your future host is, and whether he has a good sense of humor. And for this, it is absolutely necessary to personally meet with him before you agree that he will be the leader at your wedding.