Magic fireworks

For a long time people dream of conquering the fire element. How do we want to cause fire on our own, to shake the heavens with peals of thunder, or make the fire fall from heaven with myriads of fiery drops! Imagine: from the end of the 17th century all this allows us to do magical art called illumination!

Even in ancient Rome, the art of fireworks was born. Which was then very primitive and usually consisted of fiery-light spectacles. So, the Roman king Servius Tullius back in 568 BC ordered to allocate one day for the holiday in honor of the completion of sowing. And the peasants on this day were ordered to light a big fire in every village.

Later, people came across another fiery phenomenon, such as the "Greek fire." It was offered by Kalinnik Heliopolsky, and the secret of this fire was kept for more than 400 years. Greek fire was of two types: throwing and scorching. If the former threw a stone core out of metal pipes, the latter looked like huge fireballs burning everything in its path.

But the Italians proposed the use of fire in the so-called "fire carnivals." During such carnivals, special sculptures were assembled or special costumes were sewn that let out flickering fountains of fire into the sky.

Nowadays, fireworks are special shows that are held during various holidays and memorable dates. And they do it not only under the auspices of the state, but also for private purposes.

Fireworks, laser or fire shows of our time are amazing.

Fireworks are often held with musical accompaniment, which many times increases its entertainment and attractiveness. There is even a special concert pyrotechnics.

A laser show is a real animated film that creates various images and ornaments using beautiful lighting effects. Now, with the help of a special laser, they can even write congratulations in the night sky! And volleys of fireworks emphasize the solemnity of the event.

Fire shows are also great. Fire-fighters, fire-lovers and fire-blowers complement the fabulously beautiful spectacle of special effects and fiery charges. In such shows, the fire fascinates and attracts. It arises from nowhere and flows smoothly around you. If you want, you can grow a wonderful fire flower in your palm.

Yes, wedding fireworks and fiery miracles are the perfect complement to any holiday. If you want, you can use ready-made firecrackers and other pyrotechnic delights and independently launch them into the night sky. But no one is better than professionals to make an excellent fiery performance and will not provide maximum safety to all its viewers.

It is also worth remembering that officials are trying to solve security issues using special legislation on fireworks. And in Russia, a law banning the holding of fireworks after eleven in the evening has long been in force. You can argue that the most beautiful sight is the fireworks in the night sky. But we dare to assure you that on specially equipped platforms and under the guidance of pyrotechnic professionals, you can enjoy this beautiful sight all night long. And professionals will not only plan and conduct the show, but will also achieve all the necessary permissions for it.