Wedding bouquet with apples for the bride, photo


Wedding bouquet with apples

Whether it is an outdoor ceremony or a modest celebration in a small restaurant, a sumptuous reception at a country estate or a village walk in nature, invited guests and everyone around will admire the wedding bouquet with apples. At the wedding ceremony, any girl wants to become unique, memorable, create an unusual image, emphasize it with special accessories and beautiful flowers in her hands.

What wedding style is the bouquet with apples suitable for?

Unusual flowers for the bride and groom, decorated with fruits, will worthily complement any wedding outfit - from elegant to simple in a rustic style. The fruit and flower arrangement is beautiful and original, thanks to a combination of colors, unique decorations. Bright juicy shades of bouquets of red, yellow apples are ideal for an autumn wedding of a rustic Rustic style, characterized by a simple and rough color. Pale pink pastel flowers with soft fruits will decorate the simplicity of the shapes of the vintage ceremony or the holiday of Shabby Chic, discreetly hinting at luxury.

At an eco-wedding, with a desire for everything natural and living, they leave from lush, bright, unnatural outfits, try to maintain a harmonious naturalness of the environment. The apple bursts of the newlywed's bouquet will take over all the attention. Fruits in a floral arrangement will look interesting and defiant at a wedding in Retro style, will give confident softness to the Greek wedding along with a ceremony with historical motifs.

Options for bridal bouquets with apples

Fruit decorations complementing floral wedding ensembles are so diverse, sophisticated that it is difficult to divide them into a number of simple variations, although the main directions are present:

  • Small modest compact bouquets of small apples, berries, buds, herbs.
  • Lush compositions of exotic flowers, large fruits, textured leaves.
  • Cascading brushes with fruits. The color scheme of flowers for the bride is multifaceted - from delicate pastel, sophisticated to bright, daring.

Apple Composition with Berries

The bride’s fruit and flower choice is original in itself, but the berry filling of the composition is especially interesting in the color scheme, which includes soft shades, intense intense spots of small fragrant fruits. Cranberries, strawberries, cherries, viburnum are incredibly fragrant, complementing with their aroma of apple-flower smell. Berries must be selected, given their rapid loss of appearance. They can crumble, give juice that can color a white wedding dress, a suit of the groom, spoil the wedding photo shoot.

Composition for the bride and groom with fruits and berries

Wedding bouquet of red apples and roses

Bright aloe maroon aromatic fruits plus delicate fragrant buds are the perfect combination for a floral arrangement in the hands of the bride. Against the background of a white or cream wedding dress, red apples look especially advantageous. For lovers of their decision and original images, such a bouquet of the bride will be the best choice. You can put together roses of different varieties, colors. Not only small neat little buds look beautiful, but also a counterweight to them - large massive flowers in a halo of small decor for an individual composition.

Wedding bouquet of roses and red apples

The combination of apples and orchids

Exotic and Provence are an unusual choice. Thin petals of orchids amaze with a variety of shapes, sizes, and ripe apple fruits are suitable for the bridal bouquet of a brave woman who is not afraid to hit and discourage the audience. Non-standard, originality, dissimilarity to other, most ordinary floral arrangements will do the trick. Such an exclusive bouquet of the newlywed will be difficult to forget, and the photo shoot captures the fleeting moment of the wedding, where harmony reigns incompatible.

Honeymoon Orchid Ensemble

Autumn bouquet with apples

The wedding season is September, October. Golden time blooming with unthinkable colors of fading greenery. Autumn theme dictates the choice of the style of the celebration, the bride’s dress, the suit of the groom, a wedding bouquet. An ideal idea for a general decor is an apple extravaganza that fills the whole environment, including a floral arrangement. During this period, it is better to give preference to a heart-wrenching autumn bouquet with bright and juicy apple blotches..

Autumn wedding arrangement with bridal apples

Bridal bouquet with green apples

Juicy greens in the hands of the bride, complemented by a fruity aroma - beauty in an eco-style. Green apples are in good harmony with white, pastel flower and fruit sets, collected from berries, buds, herbs, leaves. The fruit theme in the design style of the whole wedding celebration is original, available for any couple of newlyweds. Green apples in the bride’s bouquet are perfectly complemented by a boutonniere on the groom’s suit. They will create the basis for the overall decor of the event, where the main ones will be emerald-herbal shades of fruits, decorations of this color scheme.

Wedding flowers bride with green fruits

Bouquet with apples and cinnamon

Sweet ecstasy is the only possible description of such a picturesque wedding arrangement. The rich color of red sweet apples, the spicy aroma of cinnamon are in sharp contrast with the usual image of a floral accessory in the hands of the bride. A harmonious addition to such a bouquet is the bride's monotypic wedding dress, a bright spot on the calm suit of the groom in the form of a contrasting tie of the selected gamut.

Composition for honeymoon apple ensemble with cinnamon

Photo of wedding bouquets with apples

Floral arrangements for the bride on her holiday are often standard, traditional. But why not use new solutions? For example, pick up an original wedding ensemble, decorated with apples, berries, some other fruits, decor that goes beyond the ordinary vision of beauty. Try to realize bold ideas, as in the photos below!