Bridal trunk with their hands


Previously, the main heroine of the wedding celebration needed independently decorated chests to lay down their dowry (household items, expensive fabrics, jewelry). In the modern world, Russian brides no longer need to collect a dowry, but the do-it-yourself wedding chest has not lost its popularity. Now this interesting item plays the role of a piggy bank during a wedding - there event guests put money as a gift to the newlyweds.

DIY wedding chest

A beautiful handmade chest will be useful not only during the festive celebration, as a collection of envelopes with money. If a girl diligently creates this accessory for an event, it can be useful as a keeper of touching details from a wedding day - marriage certificate, dried petals from a magnificent bridal bouquet, original cards, wedding invitations, seating cards, small elements of the holiday decor.

What is needed to create a unique chest:

An approximate view of the future chest

  • Canvas or thick cardboard
  • Super glue (regular PVA will do, but then the finished product will last less)
  • Suitable fabric - silk, delicate satin or other opaque material
  • Ribbons of the desired shade
  • Strong threads
  • Decorative cord
  • Whatman
  • Bead
  • Openwork lace
  • Scissors or sharp office knife
  • Synthetic winterizer

When all the necessary elements are assembled, it's time to start creating a chest. Below is a master class with photos on creating a wedding accessory:

  1. Using scissors or a sharp clerical knife, cut from the canvas two blanks of double hearts of the required size, as shown in the photo below.
  2. Then cut another such blank from a sheet of Whatman paper. It should be 3 millimeters larger at the edges to cover the width of the canvas..
  3. When everything is ready, attach the cut paper to the canvas blank, make cuts, glue the paper on top tightly.
  4. Put the result aside.
  5. Take the second base for the chest, tightly wrap it with synthetic winterizer on one side with the help of threads. It will be hidden, so it's okay if it looks messy.
  6. When the canvas is completely tightly fitted, pull on a silk fabric from above, straighten it so that ugly folds do not appear. Attach a piece of lace along with the silk on the side..
  7. Secure the result with tape: threads can tear delicate silk material. What should happen next, look at the photo:

Synthetic padded base

  1. Next, a wide strip of length will be cut out from the Whatman - it will become the basis of the body of the future chest.
  2. Bend the strip in the shape of double hearts, forming an overlap.
  3. Make scissors with notches about one centimeter wide to be glued to the two stems later.
  4. Make a lock for easy getting money, as in the photo.
  5. Carry out one more sheet of Whatman paper, as in paragraph 2, only without additional millimeters. On the contrary - it should be a little less. With this clipping you need to glue the ugly threads inside. They will not be visible externally, but such an event is necessary for the accuracy of the wedding chest.}
  6. It's time to put the parts together. Lubricate the notches of the Whatman strip with glue, place the base blanks on both sides of the glue.

Connection box details

  1. Take a decorative cord, glue it over the contour of the resulting hearts, as shown in the picture.
  2. Do the same with the underside of the future chest.
  3. Glue the bow to the front side - choose the right place for it.
  4. With lace and ribbons, glue the inlet for wedding gifts. Enjoy the finished result.!

If desired or the specific theme of the wedding celebration, a handmade chest can be made using other colors and decorative elements, and the walls are painted with beautiful wedding ornaments. Do not be afraid to experiment - then you will create a truly unique wedding accessory!

What can be chests

Original wedding trunks can be made using a variety of materials - wood, boxes, paper, with holes for money or a beautiful lid, they can take various forms. For an example, look at a short review of such homemade gizmos:

  • The chest is the heart. It will give romanticism, an original chest in the form of a heart will hint at the hot relations of those responsible for the wedding. This beautiful accessory looks great both in bright red and in a different color palette..

Ideas for a solemn attribute in the form of a heart

  • A chest is a form of a multi-tiered cake. This type of wedding accessory, made by yourself, can be generously decorated with decorative elements. The task of this chest is to be as appetizing as possible so that guests will definitely want to open the lid and put something there.

Wedding chest for money in the form of a cake

  • Round chest. This type of wedding accessory is easiest to do at home. To create, any round box bought in a special store or found somewhere on the mezzanine is suitable. All the bride has to do is cut a hole for the rustling bills, and then decorate.

Round chest for money

  • Square or rectangular chest. Such a product of square or rectangular shape has the same sources as round, only finding a suitable base for it is easier. Any shoe box that is likely to be found at home will do, and then it's a fantasy.

Square shape for chest

  • A chest in the form of a mailbox. This original type of decoration for a wedding celebration is not so easy to do with your own hands as the previous ones, but guests will certainly appreciate the diligence of the newly made wife. Such a mailbox is set at the entrance to the territory of the venue of the event, so that the invitees can immediately put their cash gifts in it.
  • Wedding chest-house is an original and complicated to perform, but a beautiful version of a solemn accessory. Such a chest will definitely not leave guests indifferent and will spur their desire to share financial resources with the young family that will go to purchase real housing.

Beautiful casket in the form of a house of spouses

  • A chest in the form of a casket. A popular classic accessory chest for a wedding, made as a casket. The creation of this accessory belongs to the category of medium complexity, but the result is worth the effort.

Classic chest for wedding

  • Wheelchairs. Such a wedding chest, made immediately using two colors (pink and blue), will not leave indifferent a rich guest. During the celebration, you can even do fortune-telling: guests will put money in the crib that they like best, and by the amount of money it will be clear what gender the first child will be born.

Wheelchairs for money

How and what you can decorate

When the basis for the future chest is ready, the question arises - how to independently decorate the resulting wedding attribute? Creative approach to the matter, the bride herself will be able to solve it. The main thing to remember when decorating the chest: the colors and details of the decor should be combined with the theme and colors of the upcoming celebration. It is good if the lace or fabric in type will be the same with the details of the dress of the future wife.

The surface of the chest can be decorated with the following elements:

  • Gift paper
  • Old wallpaper
  • Fabric - satin, silk, chintz.

Decor boxes in pastel colors

Such elements are attached to the surface with a good glue. Having made the appearance of the chest attractive, proceed with additional decor. Decorate the product with contrasting lace, ribbons, decorate the wedding attribute with colored ribbons, bows. Add rhinestones, beads, beads or sequins.

Depending on the theme of the event, other types of decor can be used. For example, a chest for a sea wedding is decorated with shells, pearls, starfish, and an accessory for a thematic Venetian holiday with a carnival mask. In contrasting design details, highlight a hole for money, so that guests immediately understand what's what.

Video workshop

A visual master class on creating a unique wedding accessory will help the future wife create an original decoration. It can be a step-by-step guide or a source of new ideas - you decide! In the video below, each step of creating a beautiful chest for a magnificent solemn wedding is clearly visible:

DIY wedding trunks for money

Attribute Design Ideas

Wedding Box Options

Handmade wedding trunks will be a wonderful decoration for your holiday. Drawing new ideas from this detailed guide, you can create a truly unique product that all guests of the event will appreciate.