Borrowing foreign traditions is now in vogue. Wedding organization is no exception, and Russian brides have adopted an interesting attribute, which is the wedding book of wishes. It captures the touching and cheerful parting words of guests left at the wedding, and also stores photos and videos (disk), which the new married couple will review for many years, plunging into an atmosphere of happiness.

Handmade Wedding Book

A wedding book is a few dozen beautifully designed following the example of pages. For its manufacture, paper, genuine leather or cardboard is used, which must be hardcover for long-term storage. Traditionally, a book or a wedding album is performed by the newlyweds themselves, but there are many different handmade options on sale: these are albums with gold or silver stamping, with colorful drawings, curls, monograms. For the decor of wish books are used:

miniature figures from plastic or clay.

Handmade Wedding Book

Why wish books?

The wedding wish book is a touching, romantic souvenir in memory of the newlyweds about the day of their marriage. In it, everyone leaves warm words or parting words to the newlyweds. Without this thing, even the most original wedding will not leave behind artifacts that can evoke pleasant memories. At wedding cards, as a rule, dry or general phrases are written to young people, and in a luxuriously designed guest book people will definitely want to sincerely share what they saw and felt at the ceremony.

A toastmaster often uses a wedding album of wishes during wedding competitions. Some presenters even hold an auction, the winner of which will have the opportunity to first record. Among other things, such a book will occupy invited guests between the wedding ceremony and the banquet. She is put on a table near the entrance to the restaurant so that all guests can leave their feedback, useful or sweet wishes. Wedding photos and frames of the pre-wedding love story of future spouses will add completeness and usefulness to the album.

Why wish books

Wedding book design ideas for wishes

You can order a wish book in any printing industry. Newlyweds can choose from existing designs or order an exclusive wedding album, which will cost them a little more. When creating an individual decor, designers take into account the wishes of customers in terms of color, style, size. But if the bride and groom want to make a wedding album on their own, then we can offer a lot of creative ideas for the implementation of what was conceived. The style of the album can be done:

To the tone of the wedding.
In accordance with the image of the bride.

Scrapbooking Cover Decor

Scrapbooking translated from English means «scrapbook»: scrap - clipping, book - book. This type of creativity involves the use of paper, paints, stickers and other decorations with which skillful hands turn a wedding album into a work of art. Using this technique, ordinary wedding photos are transformed into unusually decorated memories..

But the hobby for scrapbooking is not a cheap hobby. To create wish books, special materials are used that do not allow the paper to turn yellow or fall apart over time. To create a unique wedding album, the newlyweds will need:

Paper of different types. This is a special cardboard without chemical additives, which gives an excellent opportunity for a book to be stored for a wedding for a long time..
Stamps: ready-made phrases and inscriptions, without which a memorable story will not be created.
Various adhesives from PVA to a special glue gun that leaves no residue on paper.
Decorations: flowers, beads, beads, letters, buttons, stickers, glitter, eyelets, decorative powder and the like.

Original wedding scrapbooking albums

Decoration with bows and ribbons

It’s easier and cheaper to decorate the guest book yourself with colored satin ribbons and bows to match. A wide ribbon can be gently glued onto the colored cardboard of the cover together with a strip of beautiful guipure, and then a smart satin bow can be tied on top, in the middle of which you can glue a decorative flower, pearl, several rhinestones or other decor. The bow is selected either according to the color of the main ribbon or a contrasting shade.

Wishes book decoration with satin ribbon

Openwork lace

Great idea - to use lace lace to create a book of wishes for a wedding! The newlyweds choose the color of patterned sewing to their taste. As a rule, this is lace of pastel colors, which is glued to the dark background of the cover. But elegantly, glamorous and strict looks dark blue, snow-white or bright red lace against a contrasting background. The cover is completely covered with lace or glued with stripes, decorating the wedding album on top with a variety of decor.

Openwork lace for decorating a wish book

Decorative flowers

Decorative flowers under the style of a wedding or a bride’s bouquet on the guest book will look stylish and original. They can be purchased in specialized stores for scrapbooking or made independently. Flowers and buds are cut from organza, silk or cambric, so as not to burden the cover with dense fabrics. They are made curved and soft, avoiding straight and hard lines. Flowers and buds are best done in the same color scheme, and it is advisable to use an identical fabric with the dress of the bride, avoiding variegation.

Flowers on the book of wedding wishes

Alternatives to the wish book

If the newlyweds want to deviate from tradition, then you can come up with original alternatives to the wedding album, for example, make wishes from sea stones. Relatives and relatives on large pebbles are inscribed with an indelible marker, and then such an unusual wish is placed in a beautiful glass vase and kept by the newlyweds. After the wedding, these pebbles organically fit into any interior.

A bottle of congratulations is also in demand at modern weddings. It is done in two ways: wishes are left on small pieces of paper and thrown into an originally designed champagne bottle or written on pre-cooked corks, which are put together by guests in a huge glass glass. In the first version, the bottle is sealed, and the young people open it only on their anniversary - the first or fiftieth.

The most unusual option for wedding wishes is a puzzle. This is a good idea for puzzle lovers, as well as a great topic for drawing young people when guests assemble this puzzle. To create it, a lot of effort and time will not be required. It is necessary to order the manufacture of empty plates, which will subsequently be assembled into one picture. Plates are ordered on any subject with an empty back side on which wishes are written. An interesting idea would be a puzzle with a photo of the newlyweds.

Alternatives to the wedding wish book

Video: a review of wedding books for wishes

Wedding albums and books can be made in the form of an uncomplicated folder, an extravagant world map or a complex mosaic. But any choice of the newlyweds will amuse and remind you of the most important and bright day of their love for more than one year after the wedding. Watch in the video different design options for the wish album: