The wedding ceremony is necessarily accompanied by warm words from guests and loved ones. In order to keep these wishes in mind, you can capture them in one way or another. In addition to the book of wishes, cards and other things already familiar, the tree of wedding wishes is very popular. You can make it yourself or buy from professionals, but such a bright item is placed either in a separate place or close to gifts.

Ideas for Wedding Wish Tree

Decor itself can have a different look. The choice may depend on the theme of the free ceremony, as well as on the tastes of the newlyweds..

Wish Wedding Tree Template

One simple way is to draw a trunk. Congratulations will be written on leaflets, which are also drawn by guests using stamps..

Simple option drawn on paper.

To create this option, you need thick cardboard or paper, markers, paints, stamps in the form of leaflets. On the table where the decorative item will be located, it is necessary to put wet wipes, gel pens. First of all, you need to draw a blank or the plant itself. You can do it yourself, but if there is no artistic ability, then use the templates. It is not necessary to draw a bark or root on the trunk, but pay special attention to the branches.

Pattern pattern

Having placed everything you need on the table, the bride or groom should show how to fix their wishes on such an unusual subject. To do this, the finger is dipped into the paint and a fingerprint is made..

Guest prints

Already on it with the help of a gel pen treasured words are written. As for the color of the prints, the choice depends on your desire. Make a wish tree in the style of summer by offering bright green tones, in the autumn there are only yellow or neutral shades, but spring is different for its riot of colors. After all the guests leave their prints on the branches of the wedding wishes tree, use the remnants of paint for additional decor, adding a couple of dozen bright leaves. If you are not satisfied with the option of drawing with your fingers, you can pre-prepare leaflets of the desired color, and put glue instead of pens. Guests will write wishes by sticking them on the canvas. It will turn out not only beautiful, but also voluminous.

Living tree

Living tree for celebration

The living wish tree looks especially interesting. It can be both small and high. Warm words guests and family members can write on pre-prepared sheets. In order to conveniently hang them, you need to make loops from a beautiful cord. Leaflets can be ordinary or with images or even photos of newlyweds. If you want to immediately write the names of guests, it is recommended to put them in advance on the tables where the guests will sit. To create a compact composition, you will need branches, a vase, stones to fix the base in containers, paints for decor and paper with ribbons. Decide on the view. The color should match the wedding style. You can spray paint the branches or even sprinkle with salt, which will give a look that resembles a coral branch.

Decor branches with paint and salt

After the branches are ready, install them in a container and lay stones around them for fixation. We cut out paper or any other shapes from paper. To simplify the work, you can use ready-made templates and print them on a printer.

Examples of leaflet design

We insert the laces, spread around the trunk and do not forget the pens or markers.

Tree with balls

Another idea is considered to be wedding wish trees in the form of twigs with balls. The trunk should be tall and the tree itself large. Treasured words are written on balls with a marker and attached to branches. That is, you need to put a tree and prepare a set of markers. You can immediately attach the balls to the branches, especially if gel balls are used.

Where to buy a wedding tree

In the absence of time, you can choose wedding wish trees from professionals such as the host Anna Pavlova or at a holiday agency «We rummage». The price will be from 2000 rubles and above. But still, creating a tree is an exciting process that brings together future spouses. In addition, you will remember for a long time how fun it was to implement your ideas together on the days of the pre-wedding rush, and you can use the decor itself to place earrings and chains. If we managed to convince you that the trees of wedding wishes need to be done with our own hands, then we suggest watching a video lesson from the master class, which explains in detail how to complete all stages of the work. Perhaps you have your own ideas for creating this decor for the holiday. We will be glad if you share them in the comments.