Wedding chest - we pack gifts of young


Wedding is a bright and memorable event. And it’s no secret that not only global things, but also very small details make it memorable. One of these small but important details is the wedding chest.

I must say, is not yet a very common phenomenon in our, so to speak, strip. The wedding portal suggests taking notes.

Where did the money go?

Cash gifts are a whimsical thing. Mostly because when giving a little lost, where to put them. In the plan, put on the table, pass «from hand to hand» a young couple. And then they where to give a gift. Volumetric pockets in wedding dresses are usually not provided. Fold a bunch on the table? Somehow not solid.

Wedding chest

In such a situation, a wedding chest will be an excellent magic wand. Its main semantic load is «venue» cash gifts. In a sense, a wedding chest is reliable and pretty «Treasury Department» newlyweds.

Wedding Gift Box

Send you wishes!

In addition, the wedding chest easily becomes a receptacle of wedding wishes for the newlyweds. Of course, at some weddings this role is assumed by a special wish-board. But, you must admit, it’s more pleasant and reverent to get miniature notes and postcards with warm words from the chest, almost like in ancient times..

Wedding Gift Keeper

Historical moment

The history of wedding chests dates back to the 14th century. It was then in European «bridal fashion» such things appeared. True, characteristic «chest» fit for them a little. These were, rather, large and weighty lari. They were created from expensive tree species, encrusted with precious stones and intricate carvings. We can say that such a chest could, in itself, be a great gift.

Ancestor of wedding chests

By the way, such massiveness is explained by the fact that wedding gifts in those days were, most often, voluminous and bulky. Furniture and household items, clothes as a whole wardrobe.

Modern look

Today the situation is the exact opposite. You must admit that most gifts, especially those that we used to consider useful, are compact and miniature in size. A variety of certificates for purchases, passports for equipment, keys to cars and apartments, money envelopes. And, logically, for these presentations, a huge chest with an oak lid and a weighty padlock is useless.

Gift box - an indispensable wedding accessory

On taste, look and color

Therefore, today's appearance of wedding chests is noticeably different from its predecessors. Shape and appearance can be completely diverse. Starting from chests in their classical sense, continuing with neat little boxes with a slot, ending with stylized knitted string bags. Wooden, with skillfully carved patterns. Thick cardboard, covered with thin leather and decorated with fluffy fringe or national embroidery. Or maybe you see your wedding chest strewn with multi-colored beads and artificial pearls. The wedding site considers the chest to be a relevant option, stylized as a marine theme, generously pasted with intricate shells, snow-white small corals, smooth pebbles «just» from the coast. Wedding «box for wedding gifts» it can easily be a frame of painted wire, twined with satin ribbons and fresh flowers.

Treasury of the bride and groom

There are a lot of options for decorating wedding chests. The main determining factor, or rather two, is the fantasy and the overall style of the wedding event. Otherwise, the scope of your ideas and methods of their implementation is not limited.