Invitations made with your own hands


"Not like everyone else", can only be done with your own hands, then you will be sure that you will not see this again at anyone else. You need a little imagination, time and the help of friends. Among them, for sure, there will be creative people, and the time spent on crafts will be fun and will bring a lot of pleasure. We offer some ideas for making wedding invitations to give a boost to your creative thought..

The form

Stock up on sheets of thick paper: a paper or a sketchbook. Cut the rectangle of the desired size, fold it so that one part is 3-4 cm longer. The short side is the top. On the protruding part, write the date, time and place of the wedding. Decorate the top simply and tastefully. The easiest option is to draw flowers. Usually, this is a symbol of love - roses, but if you have other favorite flowers or the wedding will be decorated with certain types of flowers, then use them.


A very delicate composition can be depicted using blooming apple twigs, for example, in the form of a wreath and rings on this background. Flowers of irises, roses on high stems passing to the inside of the invitation card, too, will look elegant. You can fill the entire sheet with randomly scattered hearts and print text on their background.

The main emphasis in the design of cards can be done on interwoven rings - a symbol of the wedding. Gold and gloss combined with ribbons, flowers and twigs.

Another option is to depict the sun and moon with silver and gold paint or paper applications. These inseparable luminaries will symbolize you, newlyweds. The sun is the husband, the main star, the moon is the wife, the faithful companion shining in its rays.

You can choose a plot picture with a religious theme, depict an angel with a flower or rings in his hands. Or maybe a cupid with arrows and a quiver that hits you in the heart.

The next version of the invitation card. A rectangular sheet of paper needs to be folded so that, as it were, the sashes and, the invitation opened by the principle of a window. On the upper part of the “wings”, depict two pigeons or your profiles, which, when closed, will touch their lips (beaks) and kiss. You can make them curly, cut along the profile line. Inside the text itself.

Ribbons, balls, swans, pigeons, your profiles, etc. can become elements for drawing on the invitation. The shape of the postcard can also be any. Most often this is the heart. Drawings can be fixed with varnish to give gloss to your creation.

Application and volume cards

Application does not require beyond the skills and talent of the artist. Only good taste. Cut out flowers, vases, rings and anything you want and come up with and stick it, having previously laid it out on paper and appreciated the composition. It is not necessary to stick all the parts completely. Some can be left loose and bent specifically to give volume. Not only paper parts can be glued, but also ribbons, flat beads, etc. You can use old postcards with ready-made flowers and elements, or you can make a volumetric flower yourself. To do this, cut the petals out of paper and cut each one vertically in the middle. Having marked the center of the flower on the card, glue the petals, overlapping the cut edges on top of each other. You will get a convex flower, similarly, you can make leaves.

Try to make a collage of photos of the bride and groom. For example, to draw a “romantic” scene or a funny, something like a comic book and stick on faces cut from a photo.

Having estimated the capabilities of your friends and distributed work, you can easily and easily cope with this task..