Wedding Invitation Etiquette


Wedding invitations are like a hanger in the theater’s wardrobe - it all starts with them, therefore, when preparing for the wedding it is worth invitations to pay special attention. Etiquette in wedding invitations should be respected from the beginning to the actual celebration.

Of course, one could use simpler methods of inviting to a wedding than those that exist traditionally. For example, you could call or write a message in a contact. However, thanks to the classic wedding invitation, you can immediately show the status of the event that you are preparing for loved ones. The wedding portal has prepared useful tips for you.

Standard Wedding Invitations

What information should be in the invitation?

  • Tell about what topics the event will be, what do you expect from relatives and friends invited in terms of a dress code.
  • Fully describe where the event will be held so that there are no "lost" guests.
  • With the help of invitations you can approximately control how much guests should wait, because everyone who receives a cherished invitation must inform whether he will come to the celebration or not.

Custom Wedding Invitation

When invitations are sent?

It is believed that wedding invitations must be sent no later than two months before the celebration itself. True, this does not always work out, because sometimes between the offer itself and the celebration it may take 2 weeks.

Do not forget that the invitation must necessarily indicate the period by which the potential guest must inform whether he is going on holiday or not..

So that guests can answer as quickly as possible, insert a special R.S.V.P card in the envelope, which will indicate the return address or phone number of the sender.

Invitations in delicate colors.

Invitation Type

Of course, the invitation should look the most solemn. Therefore, do not limit yourself to a classic envelope, but look at other interesting options, for example, such:

  • Invitation in a box
  • Scroll Invitation
  • Invitation in a bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Vinyl Record Invitation.

There are great options for making DIY wedding invitations, which will save your wedding budget. You can find them at

Scroll wedding invitations

Invitation text

In whatever beautiful form your invitation is made, do not forget that the most important thing is to convey information to the guests simply and beautifully, so pay close attention to the text. Printed invitations on beautiful paper will look much more interesting than a regular print on a printer.

You can try another option: write an invitation by hand, however, for this you need to have a calligraphic handwriting. You can turn to a calligrapher, because the handwritten text has a special energy.

Wedding invitation with photo

Number of invitations

Typically, invitations need to be sent one at a time to a married couple. If there are those in the family who are over 18 years old, they will be sent invitations separately. Children do not receive invitations, and whether it is possible to take children with them to the wedding should be indicated in the invitation sent by the parents. True, you can use this idea: make a few children's invitations, having previously indicated in them what kind of entertainment awaits young guests. It is also considered good form to invite an unmarried guest accompanied by a lady or a man.

Creative wedding invitation

Remember that the invitation should reflect the nature and style of your couple. This is exactly what will remain with the guests after your celebration, the memory of the wedding is formed, starting with this small postcard.