Modern Wedding Invitations


In our electronic age, traditional paper, even stylized, wedding invitations may not seem interesting to everyone. Yes, and you must admit, standard purchase cards are too commonplace, but you want something exclusive, which means you have to do invitation cards yourself ... But not everyone is physically and inventive, and only a few grooms can spend as many as several hours on such creativity, and only brides working too boring ... Therefore, the wedding portal in this article will tell you how to make unique wedding invitations without spending a lot of time and money.

Modern Wedding Invitations

Video invitation

In our opinion, the most interesting and successful version of invitations is a video film. You can cope on your own and just shoot your speech - a beautiful and sincere invitation to marry. As in the case of paper invitations, you can make one video for everyone, multiply it and send it to future guests, or make individual notes for each invitee or for groups of invitees. Moreover, the texts of the speech of various invitations can differ not only in the names mentioned in them, but also in style (which can be official, sublime, emotional, comic).

Another - also quite simple - option is a video invitation - a slide show. It will take a little time to create it. You can insert your photographs from infancy, school years, youth, joint photographs, including photographs from a pre-wedding photo shoot, into the invitation, thus telling the story of your life and your acquaintance. Be sure to supplement the photos with explanatory text and end the presentation with words about how sincerely you will be glad to see guests at the wedding celebration. You can insert fragments of audio and video recordings into a modern presentation, put your favorite melody in the background, which will bring warmth and joy to the invitations.

The third option for video invitations is a full-fledged video. But if you choose this option, you will have to ask for help from the outside. You can invite a friend or professional videographer to shoot you. But first you need to compose a script for a future movie. The plot can be made in the form of an interview where the bride and groom will answer interesting and even tricky questions. «journalist» (which may also be one of your friends) about how they met and why they decided to get married, or in the form of a mini-scene where future newlyweds tell their love story using quotes from famous literary works about love, for example, from «Romeo and Juliet» or «Eugene Onegin»... In general, the flight of fantasy can be limitless!

But you need to take into account one nuance: remember that if you have chosen a stylized wedding (for example, in Japanese style or country style), the invitation should also be stylized!

It is worth considering how you will distribute invitations. It’s good if the majority of your future guests are young people (they are 100% able to use the Internet, you can send them invitations by e-mail or - the easiest option is to place an invitation on a social network) or people who have a DVD player or computer (they can be sent invitation cards on disks). But if you know that one of the guests does not have a computer or phone that accepts video messages, you will have to make traditional paper invitations.

Audio invitations

The advantage of an audio invitation over a video invitation is that it is easier to convey to any of the planned guests: today almost everyone uses voice mail. However, the audio invitation is not at all clear, unlike a paper card and a video, so you have to work hard on the text (which can also be official, emotional and comic) and the intonation of speech.

Electronic postcard

If you are not fond of animation, most likely your version of an electronic card - wedding invitations - collage. Using graphic programs, you can create a digital image - a wedding invitation - and send it to guests in the ways listed above. A mandatory element of the collage is a joint photo of the bride and groom.

Wedding invitations

Today you learned about the types of modern wedding invitations such as video, audio invitation and e-card. These methods are quite fresh and only come into fashion, at the same time they are very convenient and original..

If you decide to apply them, remember that they must contain the same required elements as traditional paper invitations (see article «Do it yourself wedding invitations: compose a text») It will be good if you make mini-cribs for elderly guests with the address and time.

Be sure: such extraordinary invitations cannot but be remembered by your guests! Fashionable and beautiful wedding for you!